Friday, July 22, 2005

Psyonically Bionically Forget How You Feel

I'm kind of relieved that I had already decided to just do some mp3 links today. The thermostat in here reads 98 degrees, which is too damn hot and just so happens to also be the name of a very shitty band. My air conditioner is fucked beyond repair, and the smack-freak in the apartment downstairs just overdosed for the third time this week. Ho hum. Needless to say, my environment is taking quite a toll on my creative process. For today, I hope it will suffice if I just link you to some sounds that might help drown out some of the annoyances in your immediate environment:

At Fifteen Minutes To Listen, you can download "Serious", a decent track by Nas and AZ. In addition to that, they are also featuring Sean Price and Count Bass D mp3s, and a link to Common's video for "Go". If your tastes are along completely different lines, they are also offering mp3s by David Bowie and Iron Butterfly:

Can I Bring My Gat? is offering some mixes by a British producer named Dobie. Even though you've probably never heard of him, it's a good time to wake up:

I sincerely hope that you're already hip to Dan the Automator's work, but if you need a crash course (or a refresher), Freemotion has quite a few of his mp3s up right now. Many of the tracks are from his solo efforts, but his projects with other artists (Handsome Boy Modeling School, Deltron 3030, Nathaniel Merriweather, Dr. Octagon) are equally represented. Link to Freemotion on your right.

Diplo is one of the hottest up-and-coming producers happening right now. You can cop a few very diverse joints of his at The Low End Theory:

Go visit my friend Treat and download those Danja Mawf mp3s (I especially like the song "Question"). While you're there, take a minute to read some of his posts. The man is intelligent and has good taste in music:

This should keep you busy for a while, but I do have one more suggestion that I don't want to overlook. Captain's Crate is currently featuring Merry Clayton's version of Neil Young's classic song "Southern Man". Clayton is a funky lil' songstress from New Orleans, and you can trust that her flavorful rendition is not to be missed:


haze said...

thanks for the shoutout. Peac.e

Scholar said...

Dj Haze: The shout-out was truly deserved. I've been pimpin' tracks off your blog for a minute, so it was the least I could do. Peace.