Saturday, November 26, 2005

I Need No Shackles To Remind Me

Download "Writer's Block" by Fatlip at Mp3 4U:

Moistworks has posted some excellent tracks in the past few days. Don't sleep on the two Omegha Watts tracks that are available for download. They are also currently hosting "Prisoner of Love" by James Brown, "Now That I'm Free" by Wynona Carr, "Chained" by Mavis Staples, "Hey" by The Pixies, and many more tracks related to the subject of bondage vs. freedom:

If you aren't already hip to Briztronix, download a couple of their tracks and read a brief bio here:

Five tracks highlighting the production and lyrical skills of El-P are available at You can also download Blockhead's Downtown Science and Ten by Clouddead in their entirety. The latest post (as of this writing) also features a few free mp3s by The Game:

Several Zion I tracks are available in mp3 format at

That new Raekwon joint "State of Grace" (produced by the RZA) is further proof that the Wu dynasty lives on---download the track via Spine Magazine:

Earfuzz is offering two funkadocious Mandrill cuts---"Fat City Street" and "Two Sisters of Mystery":

Three tracks from I Self Divine at We Eat So Many Shrimp:

Yeah, yeah---a lot of us have visited MOMA in New York, but the real question is---have you seen MOBA yet? The Museum Of Bad Art will introduce you to a whole new world of visual displeasure, as it features a number of works in totally poor aesthetic taste:

So you may have already heard, but ex-FEMA director Michael Brown has started a new firm to assist with disaster preparedness. Here's the thing "Brownie"---you fucked up royally when you were actually in a position to employ some of your ingenious ideas. Now that you've been terminated, my advice is to just collect your little unemployment check, ride some horses with Dubya, and leave the rest of us the hell alone...:

Cindy Sheehan returns to Crawford, Texas to resume her efforts to protest the war:

Navtones car navigation systems have decided to recruit a handful of celebrities to be the voices that deliver their automated driving instructions. Burt Reynolds, Dennis Hopper, and Mr. T have already signed contracts to participate. You're going the wrong damn way, fool:

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

You May Not Be In The Mood To Learn What You Think You Know

So the news story that's stuck in my head (at this particularly strange point in time) is perhaps the most relevant sociopolitical event I have witnessed in my lifetime---William Shatner plans to sell his fuckin' kidney stone on eBay. I was kinda thinkin' at first that I might be interested in having some of what Captain James Tiberius Kirk is smokin' these days. I mean---damn---who wants that shit? A kidney stone is something you pay to get rid of---not something that you purposely acquire. However, upon deeper reflection, I came to realize the sad truth---William Shatner's calcium deposit is probably worth a fuckin' fortune. I can just see the highest bidder now---some pencil-necked Trekkie geek with unresolved anger issues towards his mother, alien abduction fantasies, and an unhealthy obsession with bodily excretions. Don't try to outbid this imaginary dude either---if the stakes get too high, he's prepared to pawn his Battlestar Galactica lunchbox and everything. Word has it that Jimmy Kimmel came up with the whole idea when Shatner appeared on his show. The proceeds will supposedly go to charity, assuming that eBay's pesky regulations concerning the sale of human body parts doesn't stand in the way:

Free Tacoma is currently offering MF Grimm's "Street General":

If you haven't already seen the "Hold Ya Head" video (Notorious B.I.G. and Bob Marley), you can check it out here:

I don't think I've ever needed to mention this before, but I'm a huge fan of Bigg Jus. It always seemed to me like El-P and Mr. Len got more shine, but Jus has always been my favorite ex-Company Flow member. Freemotion just posted 3 mp3s from his latest effort, Poor People's Day, and I can't urge you strongly enough to go cop those tracks (link to your right). Then, you can go to and download another song from the album, "Illustrations of Hieronymus Bosch...That 1467 Shit": If you dig the track, and find yourself wondering who the hell Hieronymus Bosch is, you can check his artwork and bio at Bosch Universe: I know advertising is bullshit, but if you like Jus, please buy his stuff. Dude needs your twenty bucks so he can eat next week...

Download Prince Paul's "Sucker for Love" at MP3 4U:

"So You Wanna Stay Down" and "(At Your Best) You Are Love" by The Isley Brothers are available at The Number One Songs In Heaven:

Cop a couple of dope tracks at Spine Magazine---"God Is Back" (Sadat X/Spencer Doran mix) and "Black Opera" (Supernatural/Raekwon):

Soundtrack to the film Derailed (produced by the almighty RZA) hit the shelves today:

I'll try to hit you up again before the holiday, but I have a lot of dysfunctional people to feed on Thanksgiving, so shit's getting pretty hectic. Peace and absolute gratitude to all of my dedicated readers...

Friday, November 18, 2005

Puttin' Pieces Together That Don't Even Assemble

Just like you, I sometimes feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and incongruent with my environment as a whole. I guess we all have our own unique ways of dealing with that sensation, and that speaks to the individual nature and diversity of human beings. For myself, music is quite frequently my main means of escapism, but at other times, my imagination carries me through the heaviest of days. I often ponder what it would be like to start this whole shit all over again---to reinvent myself, my identity, my history on this earth. Sooner or later though, reality catchs up with me---which may just marginally separate me from the legally insane...

Anyway, if I had a penny for every time I've envisioned boarding a plane, flying to a foreign city, and leaving all of my struggles behind...I'd be rich as hell, bitch. It's really too bad that I'm so fuckin' cautious, grounded, and enslaved by my daily existence, because that probably means that I'll never truly realize this dream. However, if I ever completely flake out, and go into some bizarre fugue state, I finally have a resource to guide me...How To Vanish In America is the website for anyone who truly desires to pull a disappearing act---Makaveli-style. Perhaps we'll meet again next lifetime:

Okay---so now, for all things somewhat resembling the real world...

Freemotion's most recent post includes 3 stellar tracks---"Ones We Miss" (Lone Catalysts), "Rock On' (Pumpkinhead), and "Flow On" (Lords of the Underground/Pete Rock remix). Linkage to your right.

This site is counting the number of days/hours/minutes/seconds until George Bush's last day as president:

Moistworks posted a couple of classic songs the other day---"We Travel the Spaceways" by Sun Ra, and "I'm A Pilgrim" by The Soul Stirrers. Notice how the latter is just in time for Thanksgiving and shit, jive turkies...

No Frontin' just so happened to post a couple of songs I played the hell out of when they came out---"Aerodynamic" (Daft Punk/Slum Village remix), and "A Day in the Life" (Handsome Boy Modeling School/RZA/Mars Volta/Tim Meadows/AG). If either of these songs has eluded you up until this point, go get your download on---link to the right.

Utilize this service to discover a wide variety of music that's in alignment with your personal tastes. Type in the name of an artist or song that you're currently diggin', and a personalized station will be created to expose you to music that's similar to your selection(s):

Checkerboard Chimes is featuring a couple of recent 50 Cent joint is with Mobb Deep, while the other cut features the Hollywood gangsta with Young Buck. Closer to my personal taste is the live Cannibal Ox song, "From the Planet of Eat", also available for download:

Afterwards, if you're still fiendin' for some Can Ox, you can stream a couple more joints at Call Me Mickey:

Download a couple of Reanimator joints at Diggin' Music. You may also want to cop those Supastition mp3s before they expire. Link in this general direction-------->

Third and final installment of the MF Doom interview trilogy is now available at Loosie:

Occasionally, I like to spotlight an artist who's unknown, unrecognized, unappreciated...but still dope as hell. Today that person is Rudy W. Rudy classifies himself as hip-hop, but his instrumentals encompass much larger territory than the scope of that particular genre might allow. Like a lot of things that are pretty fuckin' great, his style simply defies words. Besides having created some serious musical gems, Rudy can also add to his list of credentials that he writes some ridiculously ingenious song names. Sample titles include "Faking Retardation To Get In Line At Disneyland", "Theme For When Alex Melts Into A Capri Sun", "Little Kids Are Always On Shrooms", and "My Troll Can Beat Up Your Troll":

On a personal note---I feel at liberty to alienate my readers upon occasion to send a personalized message to a friend...Brea, I miss you...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Beyond The Flyest...

My technical drama appears to be over---at least temporarily. HP was able to con me into their $99 extended contract bullshit, if that's any indication of how often my PC decides to be wack. Here's the thing though---I'm gonna be grown about the whole situation. I'm gonna just suck it up---quit bitchin'---and hit you with the links:

"The Bizness" is a dope lil' hip-hop joint by Defari. Download it for free at MP34U:

The Number One Songs In Heaven is featuring "Under the Street Lamp" by Joe Bataan. If you aren't familiar with his work, his style is primarily a combination of R&B, soul, and Afro-Cuban music. If you're a fan of any of these genres, I'd highly recommend checking out this track: My man also took a stab at hip-hop when he released "Rap-O, Cap-O", but we're not going to even begin to discuss that shit...

An interview with Jean Grae here:

At Marathonpacks, the song "What You Want" (The Roots w/Jaguar Wright) is currently available. This track "ain't the freshest", but since it was released on a soundtrack, I'm posting a link for any Roots fans who haven't already copped it:

For a host of different reasons, the media seems to really enjoy blaming hip-hop for just about every societal ill plaguing our collective existence. This article (which has appeared in numerous publications) faults rap music for the "code of silence"on the streets. Allegedly, hip-hop is encouraging a lack of cooperation with law enforcement---Lil Kim's recent perjury charges are cited as one example. That argument's just great, except as far as know, snitches always got stitches. My guess is that personal safety concerns and tangible reasons to mistrust police outweigh anything that your favorite MC could possibly say:

Download "Remember My Name" by Fort Minor here:

Scenestars is featuring "Aid Dealer", a track from the latest Coldcut LP, Sound Mirrors:

If you haven't already copped it, download "Whatchu Want" by Biggie and Jay-Z at Spine Magazine. This is from the upcoming Duets album. Unlike many of the other tracks, this is actually a duet---I still can't understand why so many of these cuts have 3 MCs. Back in the day, we called that type of shit a trio---what gives?:

Video footage of Biggie and Tupac freestylin':

Download "Oh Daddy" by Beanie Sigel and Young Chris at Am I High?:

Microsoft plans to update its security features to detect and remove part of the copyright protection tools installed on PCs when certain Sony music CDs are played:

Download "Fly That Knot" by Talib Kweli and MF Doom (produced by Kanye) at Straight Bangin':

US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is drafting new anti-piracy legislation. Read the details here: Gonzales states in this article that he's crafting this bill to further illustrate the Bush administration's ongoing efforts to suppress piracy. And that, kids, speaks volumes about the days and times in which we live in America. It's perfectly fine for large numbers of people to die (or be injured) in a ridiculous war, but dammit---don't you dare even fuckin' think about illegally copying a CD. You got that, dummy?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Apology For An Accident

Sorry for the lack of updates, but my $#@^&! computer is having issues again. My PC has some kind of weird virus----bird flu, maybe? Anyway, I'll get the problem resolved ASAP, so check back soon. Meanwhile, pay a visit to some of the sites I'm souled on...or read some of the truly stupid archives from posts I've written in the past. Peace and hair grease.....................scholar

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Haven't You Heard? The Quest Has Just Begun...

I've been inexcusably lazy about posting lately, so I figured it might be nice if I hit you up with a few music links. I'm guessing that I can only get away with posting stoned felines for so long---so here you go:

I'm really delayed in calling this to your attention, but you can still download "Doo Rags" by Nas and 'Put Me Under" by The Game if you visit Am I High?:

Freemotion continues to bless their readers with frequent updates of quality mp3s. In addition to the many other stellar joints that are currently available, you can download ?uestlove's "Sample Lesson Mix"---link to your right. That mix is also available at The Smoking Section: It would be a massive undertaking to repeat all of the music they are hosting...suffice it to say that they are usually worth a daily visit. These dudes are pretty gangsta, mainly because they evidently have no fear of the fuckin' RIAA...

The Low End Theory was recently updated---this latest post offers several quality mp3s, as well as other links that may be of interest to you. Most of the tracks are instrumentals, including beats by Madlib, Hi-Tek, DJ Presto, and more. Linkage to the right.

Straight Bangin' just posted some songs that have been sampled by Little Brother. Download tracks by The Stylistics, The Floaters, and Arthur Verocal:

You can cop several joints from Craig G's album Now, That's More Like It at Eric's Archives:

Scissorkick is offering Bonobo's "Change Down/The Sugar Rhyme" and "Hey Mr. Bundle" by Flevans. If that wasn't dope enough, today they also posted some Five Deez:

If you're a fan of Eminem, you may want to check out Spine Magazine, where you can download the mp3 "When I'm Gone" from his forthcoming album, Curtain Call. Supposedly this is Shady's retirement record, and from the way it sounds, maybe it is time for him to give it a rest. Sorry, but I believe this may be one of the sappiest rap songs I've ever heard. Part of the chorus is as follows: Don't mourn/rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice/just know that/I'm lookin' down on you smilin'...The death metaphor seems a little too heavy under the circumstances. My guess is that most of us will live to see Shady rehashed, regurgitated, and recycled in some way, shape, or form--- way before the fat lady sings. Please stop cryin' like a bitch...I swear it'll be okay:

It's pretty safe to say that this is sappy, too, but I can't front on Neil Diamond's 12 Songs. I've never really appreciated his music much at all---in fact, I've been known to ridicule him mercilessly. All I can figure is that the beauty of this project is further proof of Rick Rubin's sinister superpowers. You can stream snippets from the entire album at Neil's official site. Trust me---the Jewish Elvis really outdid himself this time:

Gotta go, but let me apologize in advance for any typos or illogical nonsense I may have inadvertantly thrown into the mix. I swear, I'm tryin' to cut down on the Jesus Juice, but I've got twelve more steps to go before I'm fully recovered:

Wondering Why I Haven't Posted For A Few Days?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ten Thousand Fools Proclaim Themselves Into Obscurity, While One Wise Man Forgets Himself Into Immortality

Right or wrong, many people believe that the overwhelming presence of war, hurricanes, floods, fires and diseases is a signal that the end of days has finally come. If civilization as we know it is crumbling into extinction, then doesn't it follow that hip-hop may also be in danger? My inner optimist tells me that the art form will prosper as long as humanity still has a voice, but my pessimistic personality is quick to point out these signs of impending doom:

**People are seriously calling Kevin Federline a rapper. For anyone fortunate enough to not recognize the name, he's the insignificant other of the equally annoying Britney Spears. Lots of blogs have been linking people to sites where you can stream some of his "music", but I don't really see the point. Sample lyric: "Back then they called me K-Fed/but you can call me Daddy instead." Whatever you say, retarded one...

**Hip-hop karaoke is apparently the thing to do in NYC. This sucks for rap music because once something gets played on a karaoke machine, it automatically loses it's aesthetic value and/or it's street credibility. Notice how there isn't any opera or crunk karaoke available at a dive bar near you. Maybe this shit's fun---I don't know. I can't imagine anything dope about dorky white guys murdering Black Star tracks, but maybe I'm just bitter after having seen a dozen or more drunken biker chicks do terrible Pat Benetar impersonations:

**MCs (at least those who get a lot of press) have been caught saying some dumb-ass shit lately. I'm just gonna talk about one recent example, but believe me, there are plenty more. By now, everyone has heard about Cam'ron's recent carjacking incident. Killa Cam got shot and lived to tell about it, which further proved his gulliness to the legions of internet thugs who already worshipped his ass (as they would say, no homo). Please don't get your pink underwear in a knot if you're a fan, because anyone who's been reading this blog for a while knows that everyone gets clowned at some point. Anyway, in the aftermath,Cam has said that he's still reserving judgment about who's responsible, but he seems to be alluding to the fact that "the man" might have something to do with it. As he is quoted in this article, he appears to have drawn a comparison between his own situation, and that of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.: Let's hope that shit's a misprint, because that analogy may work on one level, but overall, it completely fails to ring true. As long as the majority of his rhymes revolve around whips, jewelry, and fat asses, the Feds aren't gonna worry that his message to the youth will shake up the status quo. Not to say that he's never written anything of importance, but if I was the government, I'd be more worried about silencing people like Mos Def, Chuck D, dead prez and Saul Williams, who are actively encouraging people to think along revolutionary lines. I would never--ever--even think about wasting a bullet on Cam. Jesus---even Kanye has more fire for the Bush administration.

**The Black Eyed Peas are the final example that I offer as a sign of rap's imminent demise. While Behind the Front (1998) was a great hip-hop joint, Monkey Business(2005) doesn't even qualify as decent pop music. "D-E-F, that's right we def"...

So hip-hop sucks and all, but since my love is pretty much unconditional, my admiration continues...

Less appreciative of hip-hop culture is the mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman. Dude was recently quoted as saying that graffiti artists should have their thumbs cut off. Yeah, and while we're in the process of eliminating offensive body parts, can we also remove Dubya's head and Rush Limbaugh's tongue? :,1280,-5390726,00.html.

The city of Denver has decided that it's cool to possess marijuana. Should we expect any less from the "Mile High City"?:

In Japan, almost everything is available for purchase in a vending machine. The list includes, but is not limited to, porn, dumplings, beer, hot dogs, and toilet paper. Truly creative citizens may find a way to use all of these items simultaneously:

Freemotion has been extremely generous this past week, offering new mp3s every fuckin' day, whether we deserve it or not. I'm not going to spoil you by telling you everything that's available. Check it out for yourself---permanent link to your right.

"Grandpa's Bag" by Otis Goodnight can be downloaded at MP3 4U:

Stylus Magazine posted a feature on three MCs of the female persuasion this week. Download mp3s by Ladybug Mecca, Psalm One and Yarah Bravo:

Xanax Taxi is offering several versions of "Summertime"---this includes the efforts of Miles Davis, Marcus Miller, Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, Sarah Vaughn, and more...

If you've never heard "It's Good To Be Careful (But It's Better To Be Loved) by Shack, it's currently available at Moistworks---along with some other classic soul singles on Stax:

Finally, get some free mp3s by L.A.Ment. On a couple of these tracks, they received a little help from guests DJ Babu and Evidence : Enjoy...

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Way Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

You may have to forgive me. I'm feelin' extra grouchy today, because Pusha Man brought me some real junk weed. I can't particularly trace the origins of this bullshit I'm smokin', but it tastes like it was born and raised under a bed in some hillbilly's trailer. Yep---tastes like it was cultivated amongst dirty socks, beer bottles, and whatever other unmentionables might be breeding in that particular geographic territory. Had I been afforded the pleasure of smoking something a bit friendlier, I would probably be in a much better mood. Instead, I'm all strung out on some glorified catnip, and quite a few things are pissing me off. Here are just a few examples:

**Met a girl today who asked about my interests. Music immediately entered into the conversation. As soon as she learned about my affinity for rap music, this clever genius informed me that she could relate to this, largely because she's "a huge fan" of Masta P and the Furious Five...

**George Bush---who, incidentally, doesn't like black people---"honored" the death of civil rights activist Rosa Parks on the same day that he nominated Samuel Alito. Since many fear that Alito is a racist pig, the irony of these events occuring simultaneously has been apparent to many, including Jesse Jackson:

If you haven't yet formed an opinion about Alito, please allow me to bias your opinion with this:

and if that isn't convincing enough, try this: .

**As if the prisons we know about aren't fucked up enough, information gets leaked regarding the CIA's "secret prison system":

I could go and on, but this isn't a fuckin' counseling session, right? Let me hit ya with some flava for ya ear, and then I'm gonna just ease on outta here like a pimp with a limp:

Diggin' Music is forever giving me an education on independent hip-hop. Props to you, Slade.
I've been listening to Asamov's "Gone Head" all afternoon, but I would recommend downloading everything else that's posted, too. Permanent link is to your right.

Am I High? posted "The Flyest Angel", a track by Nas and Pharrell. You can also download a $100 remix of the track---for me, it's the better of the two versions. If you haven't overdosed on Black Album remixes, there are also a couple of those available:

Jehst mp3s at The Broke BBoys:

"Giant in the Mental" by Showbiz & AG at Looking For The Perfect Beat:

Tracks by The Socialist can be found at Freemotion. Link to your right.

A great selection of joints are currently available at Straight Bangin'. Download recent tracks by artists such as Nas and Papoose, as well as a number of classic cuts by Willie Hutch, Bobby Byrd, Bobby Womack, etc:

At U Mean Competitor, you can download "Face Off" (Ghostface & Scarface) and "Face to Face (Ghostface & Babyface): While you're there, see if you can figure out the whole Michael McDonald /Epcot Center thing.