Saturday, November 26, 2005

I Need No Shackles To Remind Me

Download "Writer's Block" by Fatlip at Mp3 4U:

Moistworks has posted some excellent tracks in the past few days. Don't sleep on the two Omegha Watts tracks that are available for download. They are also currently hosting "Prisoner of Love" by James Brown, "Now That I'm Free" by Wynona Carr, "Chained" by Mavis Staples, "Hey" by The Pixies, and many more tracks related to the subject of bondage vs. freedom:

If you aren't already hip to Briztronix, download a couple of their tracks and read a brief bio here:

Five tracks highlighting the production and lyrical skills of El-P are available at You can also download Blockhead's Downtown Science and Ten by Clouddead in their entirety. The latest post (as of this writing) also features a few free mp3s by The Game:

Several Zion I tracks are available in mp3 format at

That new Raekwon joint "State of Grace" (produced by the RZA) is further proof that the Wu dynasty lives on---download the track via Spine Magazine:

Earfuzz is offering two funkadocious Mandrill cuts---"Fat City Street" and "Two Sisters of Mystery":

Three tracks from I Self Divine at We Eat So Many Shrimp:

Yeah, yeah---a lot of us have visited MOMA in New York, but the real question is---have you seen MOBA yet? The Museum Of Bad Art will introduce you to a whole new world of visual displeasure, as it features a number of works in totally poor aesthetic taste:

So you may have already heard, but ex-FEMA director Michael Brown has started a new firm to assist with disaster preparedness. Here's the thing "Brownie"---you fucked up royally when you were actually in a position to employ some of your ingenious ideas. Now that you've been terminated, my advice is to just collect your little unemployment check, ride some horses with Dubya, and leave the rest of us the hell alone...:

Cindy Sheehan returns to Crawford, Texas to resume her efforts to protest the war:

Navtones car navigation systems have decided to recruit a handful of celebrities to be the voices that deliver their automated driving instructions. Burt Reynolds, Dennis Hopper, and Mr. T have already signed contracts to participate. You're going the wrong damn way, fool:


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