Thursday, November 10, 2005

Haven't You Heard? The Quest Has Just Begun...

I've been inexcusably lazy about posting lately, so I figured it might be nice if I hit you up with a few music links. I'm guessing that I can only get away with posting stoned felines for so long---so here you go:

I'm really delayed in calling this to your attention, but you can still download "Doo Rags" by Nas and 'Put Me Under" by The Game if you visit Am I High?:

Freemotion continues to bless their readers with frequent updates of quality mp3s. In addition to the many other stellar joints that are currently available, you can download ?uestlove's "Sample Lesson Mix"---link to your right. That mix is also available at The Smoking Section: It would be a massive undertaking to repeat all of the music they are hosting...suffice it to say that they are usually worth a daily visit. These dudes are pretty gangsta, mainly because they evidently have no fear of the fuckin' RIAA...

The Low End Theory was recently updated---this latest post offers several quality mp3s, as well as other links that may be of interest to you. Most of the tracks are instrumentals, including beats by Madlib, Hi-Tek, DJ Presto, and more. Linkage to the right.

Straight Bangin' just posted some songs that have been sampled by Little Brother. Download tracks by The Stylistics, The Floaters, and Arthur Verocal:

You can cop several joints from Craig G's album Now, That's More Like It at Eric's Archives:

Scissorkick is offering Bonobo's "Change Down/The Sugar Rhyme" and "Hey Mr. Bundle" by Flevans. If that wasn't dope enough, today they also posted some Five Deez:

If you're a fan of Eminem, you may want to check out Spine Magazine, where you can download the mp3 "When I'm Gone" from his forthcoming album, Curtain Call. Supposedly this is Shady's retirement record, and from the way it sounds, maybe it is time for him to give it a rest. Sorry, but I believe this may be one of the sappiest rap songs I've ever heard. Part of the chorus is as follows: Don't mourn/rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice/just know that/I'm lookin' down on you smilin'...The death metaphor seems a little too heavy under the circumstances. My guess is that most of us will live to see Shady rehashed, regurgitated, and recycled in some way, shape, or form--- way before the fat lady sings. Please stop cryin' like a bitch...I swear it'll be okay:

It's pretty safe to say that this is sappy, too, but I can't front on Neil Diamond's 12 Songs. I've never really appreciated his music much at all---in fact, I've been known to ridicule him mercilessly. All I can figure is that the beauty of this project is further proof of Rick Rubin's sinister superpowers. You can stream snippets from the entire album at Neil's official site. Trust me---the Jewish Elvis really outdid himself this time:

Gotta go, but let me apologize in advance for any typos or illogical nonsense I may have inadvertantly thrown into the mix. I swear, I'm tryin' to cut down on the Jesus Juice, but I've got twelve more steps to go before I'm fully recovered:

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