Friday, November 18, 2005

Puttin' Pieces Together That Don't Even Assemble

Just like you, I sometimes feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and incongruent with my environment as a whole. I guess we all have our own unique ways of dealing with that sensation, and that speaks to the individual nature and diversity of human beings. For myself, music is quite frequently my main means of escapism, but at other times, my imagination carries me through the heaviest of days. I often ponder what it would be like to start this whole shit all over again---to reinvent myself, my identity, my history on this earth. Sooner or later though, reality catchs up with me---which may just marginally separate me from the legally insane...

Anyway, if I had a penny for every time I've envisioned boarding a plane, flying to a foreign city, and leaving all of my struggles behind...I'd be rich as hell, bitch. It's really too bad that I'm so fuckin' cautious, grounded, and enslaved by my daily existence, because that probably means that I'll never truly realize this dream. However, if I ever completely flake out, and go into some bizarre fugue state, I finally have a resource to guide me...How To Vanish In America is the website for anyone who truly desires to pull a disappearing act---Makaveli-style. Perhaps we'll meet again next lifetime:

Okay---so now, for all things somewhat resembling the real world...

Freemotion's most recent post includes 3 stellar tracks---"Ones We Miss" (Lone Catalysts), "Rock On' (Pumpkinhead), and "Flow On" (Lords of the Underground/Pete Rock remix). Linkage to your right.

This site is counting the number of days/hours/minutes/seconds until George Bush's last day as president:

Moistworks posted a couple of classic songs the other day---"We Travel the Spaceways" by Sun Ra, and "I'm A Pilgrim" by The Soul Stirrers. Notice how the latter is just in time for Thanksgiving and shit, jive turkies...

No Frontin' just so happened to post a couple of songs I played the hell out of when they came out---"Aerodynamic" (Daft Punk/Slum Village remix), and "A Day in the Life" (Handsome Boy Modeling School/RZA/Mars Volta/Tim Meadows/AG). If either of these songs has eluded you up until this point, go get your download on---link to the right.

Utilize this service to discover a wide variety of music that's in alignment with your personal tastes. Type in the name of an artist or song that you're currently diggin', and a personalized station will be created to expose you to music that's similar to your selection(s):

Checkerboard Chimes is featuring a couple of recent 50 Cent joint is with Mobb Deep, while the other cut features the Hollywood gangsta with Young Buck. Closer to my personal taste is the live Cannibal Ox song, "From the Planet of Eat", also available for download:

Afterwards, if you're still fiendin' for some Can Ox, you can stream a couple more joints at Call Me Mickey:

Download a couple of Reanimator joints at Diggin' Music. You may also want to cop those Supastition mp3s before they expire. Link in this general direction-------->

Third and final installment of the MF Doom interview trilogy is now available at Loosie:

Occasionally, I like to spotlight an artist who's unknown, unrecognized, unappreciated...but still dope as hell. Today that person is Rudy W. Rudy classifies himself as hip-hop, but his instrumentals encompass much larger territory than the scope of that particular genre might allow. Like a lot of things that are pretty fuckin' great, his style simply defies words. Besides having created some serious musical gems, Rudy can also add to his list of credentials that he writes some ridiculously ingenious song names. Sample titles include "Faking Retardation To Get In Line At Disneyland", "Theme For When Alex Melts Into A Capri Sun", "Little Kids Are Always On Shrooms", and "My Troll Can Beat Up Your Troll":

On a personal note---I feel at liberty to alienate my readers upon occasion to send a personalized message to a friend...Brea, I miss you...


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