Saturday, December 31, 2005

So I Smoke A Little Too Much...

I guess that I've finally spent enough time celebrating the birth of Black Jesus---I should now be able to comfortably resume my abnormal blogging routine...

Truthfully, I haven't fucked with my computer much at all since my last post. The holidays have afforded me one of a myriad of excuses I employ to stay forever blunted---and besides that, many of the blogs/sites that I frequent have been posting sporadically (or not at all) for the past couple of weeks. The more diligent bloggers have been presenting their Year End Lists, an idea I entertained briefly, but quickly dismissed as futile. In my somewhat schizophrenic opinion, it's damn near impossible to enumerate the significance of a year's worth of recent music. Music tends to evolve with us over time, therefore its ultimate value can't be readily assessed. Some of the joints I was diggin' in January or February have overstayed their welcome, and now make me want to poke my eyes out with very sharp objects and shit. It's predictable then that some of the stuff I'm listening to in heavy rotation right now will also not withstand the test of time. This is part of why I am enjoying Treat's 1990's retrospective so much (see permanent links section). Yes, it's taking him long as hell to finish posting this series, but once the "recency effect" is controlled for, truly classic material becomes increasingly more evident. I have a feeling that Juelz Santana and Young Jeezy won't be such a hot commodity 15 years from now---but hell---Dionne Warwick's the psychic, not me...

I know---I'm pretty much rambling at this point. However, what is the point of a blog if not to have a forum for your stream of consciousness bullshit? But go ahead and say it anyway---shut up, Scholar...linkage, please:

Can I Bring My Gat? is featuring a producer who is truly deserving of greater recognition in the hip-hop community---J. Rawls. You can download 3 tracks that he produced---one song with J-Live, and two with Lone Catalysts:

Solesides ("the funk from Quannum") is featuring a link you can follow to download a Skew mix of DJ Shadow tracks. I copped this myself, and it's pretty damn good:

Freemotion's most recent post offered a plethora of worthwhile mp3s. My personal favorite is Blueprint's cut "Half Smokin", but there should be a little something for everybody. Link to your right...

Random thought interlude---Rapidshare fuckin' sucks. Anyone who spends a lot of time downloading music ought to relate. You can only download a limited number of songs within a certain time frame, it frequently errors out or is too busy to work properly, and they've started that annoying pass code bullshit. Some of my favorite blogs are heavily utilizing their services, but I'm hoping this particular trend reverses itself in 2006...

You may want to visit Ear Fuzz to cop Build An Ark's version of "You Gotta Have Freedom". If you're unaware of this project, now isn't the time to be nappin':

The Smoking Section continues to be an excellent source for downloading music. Amongst other things, they are currently offering all of the yearly "rap up" tracks MC Skillz (aka Mad Skillz) has released so far (2002 until the present):

At Think Tank, you can now cop mp3s by Immortal Technique, Blackalicious, Percee P, and Lyrics Born:

Not everyone has love for Canadian hip-hop, but that's not really surprising. For the most part, American audiences haven't embraced foreign rap in general, which is sometimes understandable, but often quite limiting. Anyway, Eric's Archives is offering a few mp3s by John Smith, who's a pretty witty (albeit nerdy) lyricist. Click here to expand your musical horizons:

Now I finally have an incentive to give up my Barbies and Bratz once and for all---the Ghostface doll is coming soon, children...Wu-Tang is still for the babies:

Last, but not least, I Know You Got Soul is offering links to download some classic jazz and soul material---Randy Weston's Mosaic Select, The Baby Huey Story, and Billie Holiday's Lady in Satin are just a few examples:

And by the way---Happy New Year's, bitches...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Some Birds Don't Deserve To Be Caged

I'm going to resist the urge to pathetically apologize for the recent lack of posts. If you've been following along, you already know that I'm a terrible blogger, and my inclination towards procrastination and laziness tends to resurface from time to time. With that said, let me get straight to the linkage before I have a chance to decide that I'd rather watch sumo wrestling, or read The Bible in Portugese:

The Rookie is featuring a couple of my favorite Supernatural joints--"Mind Tricks" and "Buddah Blessed It". Be sure to cop these if you've never had the pleasure:

"U Don't Know" by Bukue One is available for download at MP3 4U:

Freemotion posted a lot of great hip-hop mp3s this past week. Pay them a visit to download original tracks and remixes by Souls of Mischief, DJ Krush, Blackalicious, Das EFX, A Tribe Called Quest, etc. They are also featuring 4 new tracks from Aceyalone's upcoming effort, Magnificent City. The magic link is to your right...

How many more ridiculous VH-1 reality shows must be conceived before Chuck D finally decides to clock Flavor Flav's crazy ass?:

Rest in peace to the SW:

My man Treat Williams is finally back from...well, whatever he was doing, I guess. Check out his selection of dope hip-hop joints from 1992, as well as some classic cuts by X Clan. Permanent link to the right.

Soul Shower is the place to be if you're looking for funky and/or soulful Christmas mp3s:

At, you can currently acquire some dope tracks featuring indie rapper, Despot. Read more about him here:
( Also at Sassbucket---a Blockhead remix of Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones Part II" and "Outro (Red Bandana)" by The Game. All of these tracks are worth checking out, so get to coppin' while you still can:

I've said it before, but hear me again---Irma Thomas is one of the greatest female soul singers of all time. Props to The Number One Songs In Heaven for posting a couple of her songs ("Wait, Wait, Wait" and "Ruler of My Heart"):

Finally, this site is pretty interesting visually (at least from this particular stoner's perspective). Enter a subject keyword, and Dreamlines will create a customized vision for you. Maybe it is just the weed (?)...see what you think:

Thursday, December 08, 2005

You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Kills You

I don't know exactly how I manage to accomplish this, but every year I end up broke as fuck right before Christmas. As a result of this unfortunate truth about my economic situation, my loved ones frequently receive some pretty cheap-ass stuff . I could go on an extended rant about how unnecessarily materialistic this whole season has become, but venting my frustrations won't effectively resolve my dilemma. Problem is, my people are greedy bastards---and they really don't want my philosophical bullshit in exchange for a gift. Last year, I scraped up the funds to buy my little sister this blinged out ring that I purchased from a quarter machine at the grocery store. Do you think she was appreciative? Hell no...she went and had the damn thing appraised, and was pissed to learn that shit was 100% plastic. What can I say? It's the thought that counts, and my thought was that plastic is a hell of a lot cheaper than gold...

Anyway, this year--- I ain't even gonna stress. Everyone's getting a tampon angel, and they're gonna like it. I can make like 50 of these bitches for under $ can I resist? Normally, I'm far too gangsta to even consider doing crafts, but necessity is the mother of all invention. These Kotex tree ornament things weren't my idea, but you can bet ya life that they'll be totally unique when I get finished with them. I know that there must be at least one other poverty-stricken bastard who reads this blog---this how-to link is just for you. Even your baby mama will be impressed if you make her one of me:

Moistworks just posted an impressive selection of jazz tracks. Some of the featured artists include Sun Ra, Joe Henderson, Thelonious Monk Quartet (w/John Coltrane), and Charles Mingus:

So Much Silence is offering a few hip-hop Christmas classics in mp3 format---"Christmas in Hollis" (Run-DMC), "Christmas Rappin" (Kurtis Blow), and the original and remixed version of "Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa" (De La Soul):

"Feelin' Like a Woman" by Millie Jackson is available for download at Headphonehaus:

Initially, the thought of Self Scientific with Bun B sounded about as appealing as cottage cheese with maple syrup, but as it turns out, "King Kong" is a dope-ass joint. Cop it at No Frontin' (link to your right).

With only a handful of days until his scheduled execution, the life of Crips founder Stanley "Tookie" Williams rests in the hands of "The Governator". Will Arnie make his day? :

At Cuban Links, you can download two more tracks from the Biggie Duets LP---"Just A Memory" (ft. The Clipse) and "Hustler's Story" (ft. Akon, Scarface, and Big Gee):

Download Edwin Starr's "Harlem" at The Number One Songs In Heaven:

I would type more, but I'm currently on a mission to score some feminine hygiene products. Later...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

I Love You Like A Fat Kid Love Cake

Who says 50 Cent is too thugged out to be romantic? The title of today's post is one of his more touching quotables---and there's just no denying that this brotha knows how to kick it to the ladies...

Anyway, Mr. Cent has been all over the internet this past week, partly due to the Q-Unit mash-up project. Even if you haven't actually fantasized about hearing 50's lyrics blended with Queen's music, you still cannot resist the temptation to download "Bohemian Wanskta"---right? The whole concept is pretty amusing, considering 50's intense homophobia...the idea of pairing him with one of rock's gayest icons is, well---twisted genius at it's best, you might say. The cover art is also pretty hysterical---see Curtis Jackson sporting Freddie Mercury's facial hair (and download the album) here: If that isn't enough 50 remix madness for you, you can also score a mashup mp3 by DJ Crook Air at Breath of Life:

If you are part of the 95.9% of people who don't like 50 Cent or mash-ups, I'm sure this whole thing is getting on your fuckin' nerves, but I do have one more link to share---3 Futuro mash-ups are available for download at Free Tacoma:

Bonus tracks from AZ's AWOL LP can be copped at Clockwork:

Moistworks is currently offering a few "OG funk instrumentals". Download tracks by Joseph Henry and the Soul Command, Floyd Morris, and Eric and the Vikings here:

Get some live Blockhead ish at Diggin' Music. Permanent link to your right.

Silence Is A Rhythm, Too posted three Run-DMC joints for free download---"It's Like That", "Slow and Low (demo)", and "It's Tricky":

A few new albums are up for download at I Know You Got Soul--Afro Blue: The Roots and Rhythms of Jazz Vol. 2, Looking Up (Freddy Hubbard), and Further Explorations By The Horace Silver Quartet:

Finally, I highly recommend checking out "Ike's Mood" (cover version) and "Funk Box", both of which are available at Spine Magazine. These tracks are from the upcoming Dirty Old Hip Hop LP, the new Visioneers project (overseen by Marc Mac of 4hero):

For those of you who don't visit this site for the music links, I realize this post might be a bit disappointing. For the past few days, I've been purposely taking a hiatus from my obsessive exploration of politics and all things strange. I'm working on clearing my mental with herbal therapy, if ya catch my meanin'...I have absolutely no idea what's going on in the world, but for this particular moment, ignorance is pure bliss...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's Been Five Years And Some Change, And This World Is Getting So Strange

I have been meaning to do a post for the past few days, but I've been doing less important things, like watching that stupid-ass Barbara Walters special on ABC the other night. I already realized that this past year has been kinda fucked, but the fact that Camilla Parker Bowles was chosen to be the most fascinating person of 2005 made me seriously contemplate suicide for no less than an hour. Life really is getting dismal, isn't it?

Maybe it's just sour grapes, or some sort of twisted haterism...Admittedly, I'd like to be featured on the list next year, and I think I understand the formula that they use. All I need to do is wear a halter top on TV, defend a pedophile, fall in love with an ugly person, jump on couches, and do everything I can to destroy our country's foreign relations...I might also start practicing Scientology, because that will make me seem spiritually edgy---and hell---it just can't hurt to try:

Breath of Life has 3 excellent tracks posted this week---"Dazzlement" by Cherrywine, "Stay In My Corner" by The Dells, and "Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me" by Mary J. Blige:

Lots of free downloads are available at The Charivarious Section. Recent posts include links to albums by dead prez, Big L, Gangstarr, Mobb Deep, Talib Kweli/Mos Def, and De La Soul:

Two joints from Atmosphere's You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having are available at So Much Silence:

Fifteen Minutes To Listen is featuring "Love Fights Back" by 2Mex, as well as "My Mom" by Chocolate Genius (today's image and title quotation). The latter may be one of the saddest songs I've heard all year:

Ted Turner (founder of CNN) proclaims that George Bush may just be idiotic enough to start a nuclear war:

Cowabunga is a new mp3 blog that seems to be off to a pretty good start. So far they've featured tracks by Casual, Freestyle Fellowship, Lord Finesse, KMD, 9th Wonder, and many more:

"Trumpets of Zion" and "Yeah, Yeah We Know" by The Primeridian are available at Ear Fuzz:

Televangelists are reportedly opposed to the proposition that cable consumers be allowed to create their own programming packages by selecting the specific channels they want to watch. The concern appears to be that they will lose viewers if the heathens are allowed to opt out of channels that exclusively air religious programming. As one pastor describes it, "we want to reach the unchurched". Let's remember that these are the same assholes who don't want anything darker than Disney to air on television---on network or cable TV. In other words, I should be prohibited from watching shows like Weeds or The Boondocks---instead, I must be forced to watch red-faced, bloated hypocrites preach "the word". Funk dat shit. Be a revolutionary, and shoot your fuckin' TV already---then consider it a mercy killing: