Saturday, December 17, 2005

Some Birds Don't Deserve To Be Caged

I'm going to resist the urge to pathetically apologize for the recent lack of posts. If you've been following along, you already know that I'm a terrible blogger, and my inclination towards procrastination and laziness tends to resurface from time to time. With that said, let me get straight to the linkage before I have a chance to decide that I'd rather watch sumo wrestling, or read The Bible in Portugese:

The Rookie is featuring a couple of my favorite Supernatural joints--"Mind Tricks" and "Buddah Blessed It". Be sure to cop these if you've never had the pleasure:

"U Don't Know" by Bukue One is available for download at MP3 4U:

Freemotion posted a lot of great hip-hop mp3s this past week. Pay them a visit to download original tracks and remixes by Souls of Mischief, DJ Krush, Blackalicious, Das EFX, A Tribe Called Quest, etc. They are also featuring 4 new tracks from Aceyalone's upcoming effort, Magnificent City. The magic link is to your right...

How many more ridiculous VH-1 reality shows must be conceived before Chuck D finally decides to clock Flavor Flav's crazy ass?:

Rest in peace to the SW:

My man Treat Williams is finally back from...well, whatever he was doing, I guess. Check out his selection of dope hip-hop joints from 1992, as well as some classic cuts by X Clan. Permanent link to the right.

Soul Shower is the place to be if you're looking for funky and/or soulful Christmas mp3s:

At, you can currently acquire some dope tracks featuring indie rapper, Despot. Read more about him here:
( Also at Sassbucket---a Blockhead remix of Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones Part II" and "Outro (Red Bandana)" by The Game. All of these tracks are worth checking out, so get to coppin' while you still can:

I've said it before, but hear me again---Irma Thomas is one of the greatest female soul singers of all time. Props to The Number One Songs In Heaven for posting a couple of her songs ("Wait, Wait, Wait" and "Ruler of My Heart"):

Finally, this site is pretty interesting visually (at least from this particular stoner's perspective). Enter a subject keyword, and Dreamlines will create a customized vision for you. Maybe it is just the weed (?)...see what you think:


T Havas said...

Don't even worry about where I was. I'm bliddack.


Hot120 said...

Thanks for the joints man!

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