Sunday, December 04, 2005

I Love You Like A Fat Kid Love Cake

Who says 50 Cent is too thugged out to be romantic? The title of today's post is one of his more touching quotables---and there's just no denying that this brotha knows how to kick it to the ladies...

Anyway, Mr. Cent has been all over the internet this past week, partly due to the Q-Unit mash-up project. Even if you haven't actually fantasized about hearing 50's lyrics blended with Queen's music, you still cannot resist the temptation to download "Bohemian Wanskta"---right? The whole concept is pretty amusing, considering 50's intense homophobia...the idea of pairing him with one of rock's gayest icons is, well---twisted genius at it's best, you might say. The cover art is also pretty hysterical---see Curtis Jackson sporting Freddie Mercury's facial hair (and download the album) here: If that isn't enough 50 remix madness for you, you can also score a mashup mp3 by DJ Crook Air at Breath of Life:

If you are part of the 95.9% of people who don't like 50 Cent or mash-ups, I'm sure this whole thing is getting on your fuckin' nerves, but I do have one more link to share---3 Futuro mash-ups are available for download at Free Tacoma:

Bonus tracks from AZ's AWOL LP can be copped at Clockwork:

Moistworks is currently offering a few "OG funk instrumentals". Download tracks by Joseph Henry and the Soul Command, Floyd Morris, and Eric and the Vikings here:

Get some live Blockhead ish at Diggin' Music. Permanent link to your right.

Silence Is A Rhythm, Too posted three Run-DMC joints for free download---"It's Like That", "Slow and Low (demo)", and "It's Tricky":

A few new albums are up for download at I Know You Got Soul--Afro Blue: The Roots and Rhythms of Jazz Vol. 2, Looking Up (Freddy Hubbard), and Further Explorations By The Horace Silver Quartet:

Finally, I highly recommend checking out "Ike's Mood" (cover version) and "Funk Box", both of which are available at Spine Magazine. These tracks are from the upcoming Dirty Old Hip Hop LP, the new Visioneers project (overseen by Marc Mac of 4hero):

For those of you who don't visit this site for the music links, I realize this post might be a bit disappointing. For the past few days, I've been purposely taking a hiatus from my obsessive exploration of politics and all things strange. I'm working on clearing my mental with herbal therapy, if ya catch my meanin'...I have absolutely no idea what's going on in the world, but for this particular moment, ignorance is pure bliss...


Jose (Jealous Ones Still Envy) said...

Glad your back. This blog was down last night when I checked. Thought you were gone. look forward to reading evry day.

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