Saturday, April 29, 2006

If I'm A Slave, Then I'm A Slave To The Rhythm

You know that I'd probably love to talk shit for a minute or two, but I've got more links than Mr. T has in his entire jewelry collection. With that said, let us proceed...

I discovered a lot of excellent posts on music blogs this week, but one of my absolute favorites was featured on Soul Shower. The theme was Otis Redding songs covered by artists of the female persuasion. Download Patti Drew's take on "Hard To Handle", and the Ann Peebles version of "Respect". If you love me at all---and I mean, how could you not?---be sure to check out "Good To Me". That song explains everything about why I just can't get me enough Irma Thomas:

Many people merely associated the song "Respect" with Aretha Franklin, failing to realize that Otis wrote (and recorded his own version of) the track. In much the same way, Aretha popularized "Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)", despite the fact that it was written by the legendary Stevie Wonder. Stevie's version of the song is equally wonderful, and luckily for you, it's available for download at Funky 16 Corners:

So Cynical is hosting yet another track from Stepfather, the latest effort from People Under The Stairs---"More Than You Know":!AE5DFBAC704449AD!847.entry.

Miblog Weighs A Ton is featuring a couple of classic tracks by the group Pleasure---"Thoughts of Old Flames" and "Reality". As an added bonus, Nordy added a few mp3s that contain a sample of those songs. "It's Supposed To Bubble" by UGK and Questionmark Asylum's "Hey Lookaway" both contain elements of "Thoughts Of Old Flames", while a sample of "Reality" can be easily detected in De La Soul's "Church" ( a 9th Wonder production):

If you haven't seen Immortal Technique's video for "4th Branch", I implore you to check it here. Thankfully, it's saturated with revolutionary political content---and I would have expected nothing less:

I know that I must have at least a handful of Murs fans hangin' out in cyberspace, so this one's for you. Download "Bad Man" and "Silly Girl" at So Much Silence:
Then, head over to Caffeine-Headache to cop "Dark Skin White Girls" and "L.A.":

Also at Caffeine-Headache, you can download a couple more joints from The Coup's Pick A Bigger Weapon LP---"Laugh/Love/Fuck" and "I Just Wanna Lay Around All Day". After copping all these free mp3s, you'd better be planning to buy this shit, or Boots Riley is going to kick my stupid ass:
Before that happens, I must give props to O-Dub at Soul Sides for posting some older Coup tracks. Download "I Ain't the Nigga (Original mix)", "Dig It! (remix)", "Fuck A Perm (LP mix)", and a remix of one of my personal favorites---"Takin' These":

The Sole Life recently posted a track I used to keep on heavy rotation---"A.V.E.R.A.G.E. " by Kazi (produced by Madlib). I remember coming across this joint on a Fat Beats compilation, and imagining that this cat might actually become a force to be reckoned with in the indie hip-hop universe. Not so, my friends. His musical offerings have been somewhat scarce ever since, and in my opinion, he's done nothing to even remotely parellel the level he achieved on that particular track. Despite this fact, nothing can do a damn thing to tarnish my admiration for this joint, so props to Boogs for putting it out there. Included in the same post is another excellent track---"Mission Impossible" by Kali Wild:

Hilarious video advertising for an imaginary musical compilation---Folk Songs Of The Far Right. There's just no valid excuse for sleeping on musical gems like "Papa's Got A Brand New Bagdhad" there? :

Without really knowing what the fuck this is, I've become addicted to it. Apparently, I:Cube and RZA got all techno with each other on a joint called "Can You Deal With That?". Then, Dave at 33/45 screwed it down (not in the biblical sense), and the end product is what's been callin' me back like crack ever since. Download my latest drug of choice here:

More justification for my shameless promotion of the Soul Sisters/Funky Divas: Download the mp3 for the Lyn Collins version of "Mr. Big Stuff" at The Stepfather Of Soul. I recently posted a link to fellow Sister Vicki Anderson's "answer" to the Jean Knight version, but this rendition is every bit as necessary, as Lyn puts her own lil' funky spin on things:

Speaking of Vicki Anderson, peep this classic footage of her performing "Yesterday" (The Beatles) in 1971 at the Olympia Theatre:

I find myself having sort of mixed feelings about Kelis, and I have a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to a lot of contemporary R&B joints. I've already expressed my viewpoint on P Diddy, which is far from favorable. And yet, despite the fact that this track contains all three of those elements , I still can't help fuckin' with "About To Hate Me"---download it now at lemon-red:

If you still have love for MF Doom's ex-homeboy MF Grimm, you can download "Watch Out" at Straight Bangin':

Silence Is A Rhythm, Too just posted two songs entitled "Let's Stay Together". One is by Al Green, while the other can be attributed to Cee-Lo Green and Pharrell. The similarity between these joints doesn't go much further than sharing a name, except that both are quality tracks:

Another stellar Sample Wednesday at Palms Out Sounds---this week featuring songs sampled in Mos Def joints. Download songs by Gil Scott-Heron, Fela Kuti, David Axelrod, Aretha Franklin, Minnie Riperton, and more:

While we're talkin' Minnie Riperton, she's another female soul/R&B artist who's had an influence on hip-hop. Besides Mos Def, her songs have also been sampled by/for Eminem, Pete Rock, Slum Village, No I.D., The Pharcyde, Tupac, ATCQ, Freeway, J-88, Sadat X, and many other fine artists. This list is far from exhaustive, and her music will undoubtedly be influential for many more decades to come. Go here to learn more about her legacy:
Download two of her songs at Pardon My Freedom---"Reasons" and "Everytime He Comes Around":

Undoubtedly, Mom taught you that expressing your artistic vision on walls is an immoral and punishable offense. As it turns out, though, this can be quite a viable art form:

I've always loved the music on this joint---download the instrumental to Cormega's "American Beauty" at Spliff Huxtable:

Clockwork recently posted a nice selection of mp3s. Amongst other joints, you can cop "Doobie Ashtray" (Devin The Dude), "Doin' My Job" (T.I.), and "Impeach The President" (DJ Green Lantern/Saigon/dead prez/Immortal Technique):

Part 3 of the Five Deez series has been posted at Ear Fuzz: Also at the Fuzz, you can download a couple of tracks by The Emotions---"Blind Alley" and "If You Think It". Many are aware that RZA utilized the latter on "Verbal Intercourse", but in general, this group has been sampled on a ridiculous number of hip-hop joints. If you question their impact, just ask Brand Nubian, EPMD, Redman, Gang Starr, ODB, Ice Cube, and a zillion other artists who've enjoyed the fruits of their musical labor:

Download a wonderfully eclectic mix of tracks at Feed Me Good Tunes---"Song Of Innocence" (David Axelrod), "The Needle's Eye" (Gil Scott-Heron), "624 (Part 1)" (Fat Jon + Nujabes), "Brownsville (YNQ remix)" (DJ Rels aka Madlib), and some other stuff that I don't personally care for as much:

If you haven't been witness to the reggaefication of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon LP, you can now cop all of the songs on the album, as conceived by the Easy Star All-Stars. If the thought fails to nauseate you, get your download on (courtesy of The Late Greats):

I am neither a big fan, nor a hater of Natalie Cole's music. I appreciated a lot of her early stuff, but like so many artists, she lost herself in the 1980s. Anyway, I've always dug her song "Annie Mae" (released in 1977), which you can currently download at Feel It:

Well, this post is coming to an end, and I guess it's time to explain the whole NWA thing. If you're a hip-hop fan, then you know all about clean versions---recordings that edit out curse words and "objectionable" content for the benefit of MTV, Wal-Mart, Clear Channel, and fanatical religious types. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the opposite process was applied to your favorite recording---explicit content in, and everything else out? At Binky The Doormat, you can download a version of Straight Outta Compton in which only the expletives remain:

By way of a parting shot: "Yo...turn off the radio."---Ice Cube

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

All You Jive Turkies Clap Your Hands

As you know, I've been in somewhat of a funky mood lately (in more ways than one). What better way to satisy my current mental state than listening to the groovy (that's right---I said it) sounds of The Ohio Players? I don't particularly feel like pretending to be a history teacher today, but if you aren't familiar with this group, or if you want to know more about them, this site can assist you in your quest for higher knowledge:
Also, you can download two of their songs at When Apes Rule The Earth---"Jive Turkey" and "Streakin' Cheek to Cheek":

I realize that I promised to quit with the whole Gnarls Barkley thing, but I smoke entirely too much ganja to be 100% reliable. Check out this video of them performing "Crazy" on Top Of The Pops:

Speaking of the song "Crazy", I don't think I'm quite ready for people to start doing shitty cover versions of this track quite yet. I knew that it was inevitable eventually, but damn...If you must subject yourself to the torture, MOKB is featuring two such renditions---one by Ray LaMontagne, and the other by The Kooks. They should both be charged with attempted murder as far as I'm concerned, but I'll let you be the judge and jury on this one. A better reason to check this post is that another Dudley Perkins joint from his latest LP is also included. Download "Come Here My Dear", and "Funky Dudley" (if you slept on it the first time):

Diddy Wah recently posted three quality soul joints. Download "Use Me" (Bill Withers), "Somebody's On Your Case" (Ann Peebles), and Otis Redding's version of "Louie, Louie":

While we're discussing Otis and cover versions, his version of The Beatles' song "Day Tripper" is available at Some Velvet Blog:

As I stated in my last post, music is the most effective way I know to get my mind right in times of insanity/chaos/distress. Ever wonder what truly crazy muthafuckas listen to when they feel out of sorts? Check out the playlist on George Bush's iPod, and you'll be one step closer to an explanation:

Breath of Life did an excellent post on the music of James Brown this week. Download "Funky Drummer", his version of "Georgia On My Mind", and the Digital Johnson remix of "I Got You (I Feel Good):

Peep this YouTube of the NYC Breakers doin' their damn thing on a vintage Soul Train episode:

One thing that just doesn't make sense---shouldn't we want a really intelligent person to act as our Secretary of Defense? Aren't we afraid that the terrorists and Commies will get us if we put a silly retard in charge? This list of Donald Rumsfeld quotes should secure your confidence in the fact that our collective safety is in the hands of a complete moron:
"I believe what I said yesterday. I don't know what I said, but I know what I think, and well, I assume it's what I said." And people talk shit about weedheads...??? I'm scared of you, Donny.

Excellent video of Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, performing live at this year's SXSW:

In my last post, I mentioned my enthusiasm for "Grand Imperial", a new Aceyalone joint. That track, as well as "Everything Changes" (ft. Mystic) are available at callmeMICKEY:

Also at callmeMICKEY, you can indulge in a couple of recent joints by Kool Keith (aka Mr Nogatco), two tracks from Mobb Deep's Blood Money LP, and "Vomit" by MF Doom. I can't fucks wit the new Mobb Deep apologies. They've become a parody of their former selves. I don't particularly like the Kool Keith stuff either, although I tend to shift my perspective on his music upon deeper listening. "Vomit" is pretty dope...don't think I've ever made that statement before:

"I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes)" by Nina Simone has been posted at To Die By Your Side:

Peep The Coup's video for "Ride The Fence":

At The Late Greats, you can download two classic tracks by A Tribe Called Quest---"I Left My Wallet in El Segundo" and "Vibes and Stuff":

Miblog Weighs A Ton is featuring some new, rare, and non-album joints by Little Brother:

I Guess I'm Floating recently posted "Budo" (Miles Davis), "One Love" (Bob Marley), and "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix:

Unconventional Science recently remixed Aesop Rock's Bazooka Tooth LP. Download Bazooka Science in its entirety at Recluse Records: .
Discovered via Analog Giant:

Part 2 of the Five Deez series at Ear Fuzz has been posted. I hope you're all following along:

At the aforementioned Analog Giant, you can download several mp3s by a few of the artists on Battleaxe Records. Cop tracks by Abstract Rude, Moka Only, and Swollen Members:

Download Masta Ace's song "Hold U" (ft. Jean Grae) at Said The Gramophone:

This blog has been around for several months, but I just checked it out for the first time yesterday. Visit Get On Down With The Stepfather Of Soul! Fuck a description---the title says it all:

Alright, that's all for now bitches. My mom's callin' me and's after dark and all.

In case you were wondering, Nancy Grace is still living inside my television. I'm starting to think that my friends are secretly feeding her Snausages while I'm away...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Music Is The Art Of Thinking With Sounds

It just so happens to be one of those days. My personal rhythm seems to be out of synch with the motion of the cosmos, and I need music to help restore my inner balance...

You think I'm crazy, don't you?

Originally, I thought I might talk about politics in today's post. I sometimes enjoy being lied to, so I turned on CNN to see what's not exactly happening in the world. Is it just me, or is Nancy Grace's show on at least 23 hours a day? Even if you like Nancy Grace, you have to admit a couple of obvious truthisms about her: 1) She shows up more frequently than Jesus, Elvis, and Ryan Seacrest combined. 2) Her hair usually looks like it was styled by angry weasels.

I can't explain why or how, but Nancy Grace started this terrible downward spiral. Her omnipresence and bad hairdo evidently triggered something deeply rooted in my psyche, and now it seems that only music can save me. I don't know if the same sounds fix you when everything feels fucked up, but I'm willing to share what's goin' on in my headphones:

Sharon Jones' incredible cover version of "I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In" is available at Moistworks:

I don't give a fuck if you like mash-ups or just might need this one. Download "Can I Kick It Like That?" (Pharrell vs. ATCQ) at Soul On Ice:

Silence Is A Rhythm, Too recently posted "Grand Imperial" by Aceyalone. I felt really schizophrenic about some of the tracks on his latest LP (Magnificent City), but I haven't changed my mind about this joint for a second. Fuckin' impressive...

This week, Sample Wednesday at Palms Out Sounds featured songs sampled on Bad Boy productions. Yeah---Sean Combs, Puff Daddy,Puffy, P Diddy, and (just) Diddy all pretty much suck ass. However, don't you dare front on this post. The majority of these tracks were sampled on classic Biggie joints, and that somehow compensates for the fact that Pee Shitty had anything to do with it. Download songs by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Kool & The Gang, Diana Ross, Herb Alpert, The Ohio Players, Zapp, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Mtume, and more:

When Apes Rule The Earth recently did a post on Barry White, and referred to him as "the McDonald's of love". That shit made me laugh. Countless love children in suburbia, the ghetto, and the trailer park are living proof of the cross-cultural sexual appeal of his recordings. Whether you consider that a gift or a curse, there's no denying the man's unique placement in musical history. There are several of his songs available for download, including "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe". The drums in that particular track have been sampled on joints by De La Soul, Nas, Big Daddy Kane, NWA, Eric B & Rakim, Ghostface, etc. :
Another recent post featured three songs by The Meters---"Just Kissed My Baby", "Jungle Man", and "Come Together" (a ridiculously funky Beatles cover): "Just Kissed My Baby" has been fundamental to tracks by EPMD, Special Ed, Public Enemy, Bomb The Bass, Ultramagnetic MC's, Lord Finesse, and more.

For people who really like Nasir Jones, you'll be hyped about Rebel To America---an mp3 blog solely dedicated to Jigga's new best friend:
All credit for this discovery goes to Straight Bangin':

If that gets you reminiscin' on the Illmatic days, you can download Nas' "Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park) at Cacophony and Coffee:

Both parts 2 and 3 of De La Soul's "Ego Trippin'" are available at Evan's Song A Day:

Analog Giant recently posted underground hip-hop joints by artists such as M1 (of dead prez) and Five Deez. Also included are tracks from Stepfather, a forthcoming release by People Under The Stairs:

Speaking of Five Deez, you can cop "What Happens (Remix)" and "Time Is Night" (a Fat Jon instrumental) at Ear Fuzz:

I know my backpack is pullin' extra weight right about now, but fans of Chicago's independent hip-hop scene may want to check out those Pugs Atomz tracks at The Broke BBoys:

Hopefully you already know a thing or two about Bernard Purdie---the man commonly recognized as the most recorded drummer in the world. In addition to his own catalogue of music, he's recorded with Aretha Franklin,BB King, Hall & Oates, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Roberta Flack, Nina Simone, and too many other artists to mention. You can download his track "Hap'nin" at Last Night An MP3 Saved My Wife:

Lately I've been sleepin' on the happenings over at Spliff Huxtable, so I'm not going to link to a specific post. Tracks/instrumentals produced by Diamond D and DJ Spinna have been featured recently:

You can download "Do The Funky Penguin (Part 1)" by Rufus Thomas
at Joe de Vivre. The drums on this track were sampled on a number of old school hip-hop joints, but younger heads will immediately recognize it as an element in "The Grain" by Ghostface Killah:

Classic hip-hop throwback joint---download "Critical Beatdown" by Ultramagnetic MC's at Banana Nutrament:

The Sole Life is featuring a couple of essential recordings by Roy Ayers---"Searchin'" and "The Memory". "Searchin'" has been a particular favorite of hip-hop producers, having inspired tracks by Mary J Blige, OC, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Erykah Badu, Abstract Tribe Unique, Ed OG, etc. You can also cop "Mysterious Vibes" by The Blackbyrds, which has been sampled in tracks by Paris, Masters Of Illusion, and Kurious:

Hopefully you'll find something to help you out when you're having a fucked up day. Be easy...

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."---Aldous Huxley

"Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue."---Plato

"When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest."---Henry David Thoreau

"Music is my religion."---Jimi Hendrix

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Little Bit Of Funk And A Dash Of Soul


As you may know, Dudley Perkins (aka Declaime) has a new LP called Expressions (2012 a.u.). Download the joint "Funky Dudley" at Music For Robots:

In my last post, I included a link to a song by Vicki Anderson, one of James Brown's incredible Soul Sisters. Today, you can download a track by another one of the Funky Divas----"We Want To Parrty, Parrty, Parrty (Parts 1 & 2) by Lyn Collins is available at Filthy Choice. You may also want to check out "The Birthday Party" by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five:

Speaking of James Brown, you can currently download the mp3 for "Since You Been Gone" (w/ Bobby Byrd) at Breath of Life. They are also featuring "African Exchange Student" by Kenny Garrett and "Din Da Da" by The Roots, so be sure to pay them a visit:

In 2004, Death in Vegas released a compilation LP as part of the Back To Mine series. One of the joints featured on the album was "My Sweet Lord", as sung by Nina Simone. Download the mp3 at Mars Needs Guitars:
At Nah Right, you can cop "Problem"---a DJ Khaled track featuring Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss:

Cable & Tweed is hosting three mp3s by Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings---"How Long Do I Have To Wait For You?", "Your Thing Is A Drag", and "Fish in the Dish":

Soul Shower recently posted "The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)" and "Rather Be With You" by The Dells:

At La Blogotheque, you can download "Lovin' You" by Minnie Riperton and "I Am the Black Gold of the Sun", as performed by The Rotary Connection:

Another Lupe Fiasco joint, "Make Sure", is available at Miblog Weighs A Ton. Because they're ill like dat, they also posted the song that's sampled on the track---"T Plays It Cool" by the legendary Marvin Gaye:

At Motel de Moka, you can download "You Got Me Floatin'" by Jimi Hendrix and "If You Want Me to Stay" by Sly & The Family Stone:

This is the last time I'm fuckin' with Gnarls Barkley---I swear. I won't mention those dudes again---at least not until the remixes and unreleased joints start leakin'. Anyway, "St. Elsewhere", "Feng Shui", and "Just A Thought" are available at Kwaya Na Kisser:

Cop "Ringin' Bells" by Masta Killa at

Dilated Choonz posted a classic old school track that you'll definitely want in your collection (if it isn't already). Download "La Di Da Di" by Doug E. Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew ft. MC Ricky D (aka Slick Rick):

Since I didn't really have time today to feature a female soul singer, I decided to pull a no-brainer, and do a brief tribute to hip-hop's most favoritest chick of all...Mary Jane. I don't mean those girls that hung out with Rick James, bitch. I'm talkin' Mary J. Wanna. Lots of people have had a relationship with her, but few loved her as madly and deeply as Cypress Hill:
Download "I Love You Mary Jane" (w/Sonic Youth) at A Best Truth:


Today, I'm going to hand this section over to Ian at Notes From A Different Kitchen. As usual, he included some excellent links in this particular post. See for yourself why I keep him on my daily blog rotation:


I don't know why I haven't talked about him until now, but Justin Bua (aka BUA) is one of my favorite contemporary urban artists. If you aren't familiar with his work, pay a visit to his website...and be impressed:


Since I'm always talkin' smack about Jesus sitings on everyday objects, I couldn't resist linking this video. Somehow, I slept on the guy who had Jesus on his dental x-ray. One can only hope that the dentist was able to repair his "holy teeth":

Alright then---I wrote this entire post on borrowed time, and now I have to give it back. Be easy...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Baby, I Refuse To Be Blue...

As you can see, Jesus and I returned home safely from our fantastic vinyl voyage. I didn't find anything as spectacular as I'd hoped, so I won't waste your precious time bragging about what I bought. Perhaps because I believed in Him, Jesus managed to guide me towards a few really good deals. Like my mama always said, leanin' on a pimp with a gangsta limp definitely has its advantages...

Anyway, I've actually accomplished a couple of things since returning to the crib. First of all, I updated my list of permanent links (aka Sites I'm Souled On). Be sure to pay my peoples a visit...

Secondly, I sat down at my computer for a very short while to see what's been happenin' on the internets. This is what I found...

At Feel It, you can download Parliament's song "All Your Goodies Are Gone". This track has been sampled on joints by artists such as Buckshot and Poison Clan, but it's perhaps most widely recognized as an element in Salt-N-Pepa's "Everybody Get Up". Originally, the song was recorded by The Parliaments, a group formed by George Clinton in 1955, many moons prior to the inception of Parliament or Funkadelic. That version is also included in the post, as well as an absolutely amazing rendition by a female singer named Joni Wilson. I would suggest copping all three mp3s:

If you're interested in learning more about George Clinton, and/or the evolution of funk music, there are a few books you may want to consider reading: Where'd You Get That Funk From? George Clinton, Black Power, and the Story of P-Funk (by LLoyd Bradley); Funk (Third Ear: the Essential Listening Companion Series) (by Dave Thompson); and Funk: The Music, The People, and The Rhythm of The One (by George Clinton). I'm not going to provide your lazy ass with links to Amazon, because they make plenty of money without my humble endorsement. Remember the library and the independent book store in your neighborhood? Wouldn't it be revolutionary in the almighty age of the internet to consider choosing one of those options? That shit would be like...whoa...

While we're on the subject of funk...In a recent post, I talked about the influence of James Brown's Soul Sisters on soul, funk, and hip-hop music. I happened to come across the mp3 for Vicki Anderson's "I'm Too Rough For Mr. Big Stuff" at WFMU's Beware of the Blog. This song was included in an older post, but the download link is still valid, so get it while you still can. There are some other tracks in the same post that you may want to check out also, such as "I'll Bring It On Home to You" by Carla Thomas:

I also found a post on Lil Mike's Last Known Thoughts and Random Revelations that I've been sleeping on for over a month. Included are joints by Isaac Hayes, more songs featuring Carla Thomas, a few tracks by Sam & Dave, some classic material by The Staples Singers,"Passion" by Shirley Brown, "Chained and Bound" by Otis Redding, and many other musical gems. Again, despite my tardiness, the download links are still valid:

Moistworks recently attempted to explore the history of relations between Blacks and Jews in the United States, and included songs by Louis Armstrong, Paul Robeson, Al Green, Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer to support this theme. I have mixed emotions about the article itself, but any post featuring Nina Simone's version of "I Shall Be Released" is somehow worth mentioning:

A recent survey of Iraqi women indicates that the majority of them feel that they were given greater respect under Saddam's rule than they've had since Iraq was "liberated". As far as I know, Reuters was the first to report this, but I chose to link to a more concise article on another site:

Perhaps part of the reason why our benevolent "freedom" mission has failed so miserably is because George Bush is fucking stupid. If you think that's a harsh or untrue statement, consider this video as evidence. Then, ask yourself this deep question: Even if George Bush, Jessica Simpson, and a turnip had been the only candidates in the 2004 presidential election, would Dubya have really been the wisest choice?:

While we're on a political tip for a second, let me mention that you can cop a couple of Paris joints over at B Sides Wins Again---"Lights, Camera, Revolution" and "The Hate That Hate Made (Power of God Mix)". Definitely an opinionated MC, Paris is loved by some, and dismissed by others as being a poor substitute for KRS-One and/or Public Enemy. That said, do with this as you will:

Not too long ago, the internets had a love affair with DangerDoom, a project pairing MF Doom and DangerMouse with Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Soon, you will be hearing a great deal about Adult Swim's latest collaboration, this time with Stones Throw Records. The album is slated for a September release date, and will feature tracks by Madlib, YNQ, J Dilla, MF Doom, Dudley Perkins, etc. Read more here:

R.I.P. to both Proof of D-12 and June Pointer of The Pointer Sisters. All of my readers know how fucked up I felt when Jay Dee passed away, but I'd be lying if I pretended that the death of either of these individuals had a similar personal impact. Out of respect for their many fans, however, I am linking a couple of sites who paid tribute to their legacies:
**Lil Mike's Last Known Thoughts and Random Revelations has posted a fairly detailed retrospective of The Pointer Sisters, accompanied by a generous number of mp3s:
**Head over to The Rap Up to read more about Proof''s death, and a few of his tracks are also available for download:

In some circles, Lupe Fiasco appears to be hip-hop's man of the hour. Here are just a few places where you can learn more about him, and cop some mp3s:
"Trials and Tribulations" and "Glory" are available at Nah Right:
Ear Fuzz has posted three joints from the mixtape Fahrenheit 1-15 Vol. 2/3:
At Miblog Weighs A Ton, you can download the Fort Minor mixtape joint "Spray Paint", which featured Lupe and Ghostface. Speaking of Ghost, you can link to a crazy number of his mp3s by checking out this same post. As Nordy points out, he's one of today's most "overblogged" artists, being mentioned at least as often as Mr. Fiasco, Gnarls Barkley, Cam'ron, and T.I. :

Palms Out Sounds just posted their best Sample Wednesday ever, featuring a wide selection of songs by David Axelrod. I've talked about his work on this very blog, but most heads interested in jazz/funk/soul recordings, and/or the production side of hip-hop, have undoubtedly heard his name from a variety of different sources. His musical vision has been reflected in the work of such artists as Madlib, DJ Shadow, Dr. Dre, Pete Rock, Lauryn Hill, Showbiz & AG, and The Beatnuts, and that's just a few:

Speaking of samples, the song "Don't Change Your Love" by The Five Stairsteps & Cubie has inspired a ridiculous number of hip-hop joints, including tracks by LL Cool J, Blackalicious, Ice Cube, Pete Rock, Nice & Smooth, ATCQ, Common, Slick Rick, Masta Ace, De La Soul, Chubb Rock, Organized Konfusion, and many more. Download the mp3 at Dilated Choonz:

Yet another Candi Staton track is available for download---"Sure As Sin". I personally like this song better than the one I linked last time. Get your hands on this track via Captain's Crate (see post on 4/12):

The tracks on Aceyalone's latest LP, Magnificent City, will soon be released as instrumentals. As many of you know by now, RJD2 is the mastermind behind the music on the album. Download the instrumental version of "Heaven" at Scissorkick:

Havas has updated A Three Minute Record with a variety of songs by artists/groups starting with the letters E and F. Download joints by Eazy E, Eric B & Rakim, El Da Sensai, The Furious Five, and more. E is here:, and F is there:

Cop "Them Klingons" by Five Deez at

I happened to mention the legacy of O.V. Wright in a post recently, and was pleasantly surprised to see that an excellent selection of his songs was posted over at Soul Sides. Also, gratitude to Oliver Wang for keeping Souled On's link on his blogroll. Truly an honor:

Go grab those Neptunes remixes posted at Analog Giant:

Still fiendin' for some fresh music by The Coup? Pardon My Freedom is featuring "My Favorite Mutiny" w/ Black Thought and Talib Kweli, a song that was leaked several months ago. You can also download "We Are the Ones", which has received considerably less circulation up to this point:

A couple of nice hip-hop joints are up at No Frontin'. Check Madlib's remix of "Car Horn" by Common, as well as "Sing It Shitface" by Edan:

Spine Magazine is always worth a visit, but make sure you don't sleep on "I Got Rhythm (Take the Lead Mix)" (Lena Horne + Q-Tip). This mp3 was one of the links posted there on 4/11:

Ear Fuzz blessed us with a couple of stellar joints by The Chambers Brothers---"When The Evening Comes" and "New Generation":

Download "These Arms of Mine" by Otis Redding at People Of Paper:

Finally, I've said it before, but diss tracks don't generally interest me that much one way or another. As an exception, I rather enjoy "Shots Fired", another musical bullet aimed squarely at the dome of 50 Cent. I can't specifically justify why this Jadakiss and Styles P joint is any better than the rest, but the beats are definitely part of its formula for success. Cop the mp3 at The Rap Up:

Parting words provided by Chuck D:
"I think goverments are the cancer of civilization"...

Monday, April 10, 2006

Me And Jesus The Pimp In A ' 79 Granada Last Night

As it turns out, there are two justifiable reasons for the title of today's post. Surprisingly, annoying religious conservatives wasn't part of the equation (this time). As many of you already know, this is the title of an incredibly dope joint by The Coup. Ever since this track first came out, it's been a necessary staple of any and all road trips---every bit as essential as gasoline, blunts, and Mountain Dew (aka liquid crack). I'm getting ready to leave on a crate diggin' mission for a couple of days, so the timing seemed appropriate. Additionally, there have been some new Coup mp3s floating around the internets lately. Since I personally waited around like a smack fiend to get my hands on a copy of their latest LP (Pick A Bigger Weapon), I wanted to make sure my readers had a chance to sample the goods. That said, please go forth and purchase that bitch if you likes what ya hear:
Straight Bangin' posted two tracks from the album---"Ass-Breath Killers" and "Sho Yo Ass":
And just in case you have an aversion to songs related to the backside, you can cop "The Stand" at Street Knowledge:

Download "Fury" by Prince (from his 3121 LP) at Awesome Until Proven Guilty:

Silence Is A Rhythm, Too is featuring a couple of songs by Van Hunt---"Hot Stage Lights" and "Hole In My Heart":

At Analog Giant, you can download a live RJD2 set from Radio 1:

In an impressive display of excellent sportsmanship, Moistworks recently rivaled their competition by posting numerous songs on the theme of winners vs. losers. Some of the artists featured are Eddie Holman, Curtis Mayfield, Brothers of Soul, James Carr, William Bell, Bettye Swann, Joe Hicks, etc:

Big Static has three Roots Manuva joints available for download. Cop "Awfully Deep", "Colossal Insight", and "Witness the Fitness":

I Guess I'm Floating doesn't generally fucks wit hip-hop, but they recently made an exception for heads like us. Here's a list of the basic ingredients: 2 Blackalicious joints; a pinch of Gnarls Barkley ("Just A Thought"); 3 parts MF Doom (Four Tet's remix of Madvillain's "Money Folder, "Dedicated" w/ Wale Oyejide, and a semi-rare DangerDoom track called "Doomage" w/ Brother Ali, Non-Prophets, and Slug); and 2 tablespoons of Dert remixes ("Get 'Em High" by Kanye West and "Dreams" by The Game, mashed with two different songs by Jose Gonzalez). Grammatically speaking, this whole paragraph is a nightmare, but you'll go cop some of dat shit if you have any idea what I'm talkin' bout:

Some Velvet Blog did a great Sunday post on songs that were sampled on various joints by A Tribe Called Quest. Download tracks by Funkadelic, Little Feat, Billy Brooks, Average White Band, Ronnie Foster, and The Chambers Brothers:

Also at Some Velvet Blog, you can download the mp3 for the funky/hippy/love thang classic, "Aquarius/ Let the Sunshine In" by The Fifth Dimension. This song has been sampled frequently, perhaps most prominently on Mos Def's "Sunshine":

People who actually read this shit already know that I've been trying to call some attention to female soul singers whose songs have been sampled in hip-hop joints. The sista of the day is Gwen McCrae, and elements of her amazing sound can be heard on tracks by Big Daddy Kane, Mobb Deep, Main Source, Afrika Bambaataa, Lord Finesse, Biz Markie, X-Clan, Common, and that's only scratching the surface.
Read more about her musical legacy here:
Download her song "Move Me Baby", courtesy of the good people at Dilated Choonz:

Tuwa's Shanty just did a post on Eddie Bo, another funky predecessor of today's hip-hop music. If his jams are tight enough for the likes of Pete Rock, Camp Lo, DJ Quik, Fat Joe, and NWA, why not give him a try? Cop two of his finest tracks, "The Thang (Pt. 1)" and "Sissy Walk":

In my last post, I linked to "I Can Sing A Rainbow/Love Is Blue" by The Dells. That song, as well as "Run For Cover" are currently available at The Number One Songs In Heaven. Some of my friends wanna have jokes when I throw some Dells into a mix at the crib, but my peoples are just silly sometimes. They have no idea how integral this group was to those joints they love by Ghostface, MOP, Prince Paul, John Legend, and Madlib/Quasimoto. I don't give a shit what anyone says---dorky is the new fly. Get hip, suckas:

While you're on that trip, be sure to download "It's Not Easy Letting Go" by Candi Staton: Thugs beware...this little song might just make ya ass cry.

Alright soon as I grab my toothbrush, me and Jesus are up out of this muthafucka. The transmission's blown in the Granada, so I guess we're rollin' in the Toyota again.

Indulge in these joints, and above all---be easy...

Friday, April 07, 2006

Forget The Half-Steppers...Eject The Rest

Remember when Ice-T was seriously least on wax? neither. I'm pretty sure I was still dead back then. In fact, I don't even think my grandparents had met yet when the Original Gangster (O.G.) was bangin' and creating havoc in the streets. As an old school MC, he was in the company of artists and crews such as NWA, Kool G Rap, Public Enemy, and Too $hort. For quite some time, however, he's been more likely to be mentioned in the same breath as considerably less thuggish types---I'm talkin' Benjamin Bratt, Jerry Orbach, and Dan Florek. These days, he's definitely more cop than cop killer---nah'm sayin'?

Anyway, please don't start cryin' like a bitch. I may be a sarcastic asshole, but I do know a hip-hop legend when I see one. Your mama may have been wearin' Pampers when he dropped his last hot record, but damn it...Ice-T still deserves props for his undeniable contribution to the history of rap music. Here at Souled On, the architects are given the utmost respect. With that spirit of nostalgia fully intact, go forth and:

***Visit his official website:

***Head over to Eric's Archives to download Ice's classic joint "High Rollers". This track is from the era when listenin' to his shit was still "like jumpin' rope on a razorblade". It's one of several tracks posted from the Yo MTV Raps CD, which is ancient as fuck in 2006 (as hip-hop years go, anyway). You can also blow the dust off of a few other classics while you're there---reminisce on some shit by Stetsasonic, Kid N' Play, and Steady B: "You said it wasn't art, so now we gonna rip you apart.":

As far as payin' homage to the architects, we can dig even deeper into music's roots than that by checking out some classic soul/funk and R&B songs that have been sampled in contemporary hip-hop joints:

Ear Fuzz is featuring two songs by The Delfonics--"Trying To Make A Fool of Me" and "Ready Or Not (Can't Hide From Love)". The first of these two tracks was sampled on joints like Gang Starr's "Love Sick", "Gangster Beat 4 The Street" by Eazy-E, and "Gotta Have Money" by Ed OG. The latter of the two has been an even more popular sampling choice, providing the foundation for "Ready Or Not" by The Fugees, Diamond D's "Step To Me", "Bring It Right" by Afu-Ra, Missy Elliott's "Sock It To Me", and a host of other tracks that my blunted brain can't conjure at the moment:

Straight Bangin' also recently posted a few songs that have been resurrected for the sake of hip-hop. "I Can Sing A Rainbow/Love Is Blue" by The Dells was sampled on joints like "Shakey Dog"by Ghostface Killah, Prince Paul's "Open Your Mouth", and "Red Light" by the Smut Peddlers. "Special Lady" by Ray, Goodman & Brown inspired Da Brat's "Sittin' On Top Of The World" and "Black Woman" by the Jungle Brothers. "Cross Country" by Archie Whitewater is familiar to most hip-heads as the sample in Common's "Chapter 13", and was also used in an intro track by Akinyele. Finally, "You're A Big Girl Now" by The Stylistics had a fat-ass impact (pun intended) on the track "Big Girl" by Nasty Nas:

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I think it's a crime of the male-dominated music industry that women often don't get their proper respect for their invaluable contributions to rap music. This is not only true of worthy female MCs, but also of the "soul sisters" whose records have provided essential ingredients for many of today's most celebrated hip-hop joints. I've already recently spoken on the neglectful oversight of Marva Whitney, Lyn Collins, and Vicki Anderson. Today, I'd like to go beyond the women who lived the majority of their careers in the shadows of the almighty James Brown, and pay tribute to a couple of other musical heroines:

Melba Moore's legacy includes her decades of work on television, radio, and Broadway. While she is a celebrity in her own right, she paid her dues performing backing vocals for artists such as Dionne Warwick, Ashford & Simpson, and Aretha Franklin. Hip-hop fans should recognize her song "Facade" in the Jadakiss joint "Gettin' It In":
Read more about Melba at Soul Tracks:
Download her song "The Magic Touch" at 2 Minutes of Bliss 2:

The second female in the spotlight today is Ann Peebles. Despite being born in St. Louis, Peebles would later come to represent the sound of Memphis soul. Her songs have been sampled on tracks by Wu-Tang Clan, Talib Kweli/DJ Hi-Tek, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, and The Beatnuts:
Check out her Wickipedia page here:
Download two of her songs---"I Still Love You" and "A Love Vibration" at Feel It:

Before I quit talking about sampling sources, I want to mention one more elder who deserves some respect---this time a brotha. OV Wright's songs have been mined numerous times for hip-hop tracks, especially joints by the Wu fam (Ghostface, Raekwon, Cappadonna, Meth & Redman, etc.). "Let's Straighten It Out" is just one of the many classic songs that he's recorded. It acted as the backbone for "America Is Dying Slowly", a widely slept-on joint by the Wu-Tang Clan:

Download Mr. Wright's version of "Let's Straighten It Out", as well as a worthy cover by Luther Kent at Tuwa's Shanty:
Stream a number of O.V.'s tracks, and read a brief bio here:

Alright---since I've used way too many words already, the rest of this post will (hopefully) be all about economy of expression. Let's get brief...

Phish & Chips is featuring a couple of Blackalicious interviews (in mp3 format), accompanied by a few of their songs you can download:

UK street artist Julian Beever has been trippin' out my third eye with his mind-boggling 3D chalk creations for a minute now. These images have definitely made their rounds throughout the internets, but just in case you really are the last to know:

I'm also guessing that by now you know that DJ Shadow's gone all crunk and shit. Can I Bring My Gat's got the mp3s to prove it: I've been droppin' Ghostface's name an awful lot lately. The only words I seem to have used more frequently in recent posts are "and", "the", and "by". Anyway, I can't help that another track by that guy is available for download---cop "Underwater" at The Rawking Refuses To Stop:

One more thing about that guy before I proceed. As a general rule, I don't fuck with many forums. Occasionally you come across someone who has something intelligent to say, but more often than not, the stupid people prevail. This week, a lot of "geniuses" were pondering the meaning of the title of that guy's latest LP, Fishscale. Apparently the whole crack/cocaine theme of the album was lost on many of its listeners. To prevent this type of misunderstanding in the future, I'm linking a relatively useless resource, The Crack Slang Dictionary. Don't get it twisted. I'm not endorsing crack up in here, so don't go tellin' your daddy on me. I ain't intentionally smokin' nothin' that will make me look a fried, hot mess. However, I found myself somewhat intrigued when I came across this particular reference tool. Where I'm from, we don't call the crackity-crack "hamburger helper", "cat's pee" or "square time Bob". Shit's street educational, son. I'm just sayin'...

Cee-Lo Green has a new project called Lovestink (ugh) with Plantlife's Jack Splash. The "Gangsta Boogie" mp3 has been making
an appearance on a variety of different sites, but why not cop it via Gorilla vs. Bear? :

Visit the most recent Catchdubs post (4/05) to link up with a mad variety of remixes, blends, mash-ups, etc:

Some people have the audacity to wonder why I think that most conservatives are total pricks. Can I present Rush Limbaugh calling an alleged rape victim a "ho" as evidence? He and Bill O' Reilly must be having a secret competition to see who can be the biggest media fucktard:

So Much Silence posted an interview and mp3 by Doodlebug (aka Cee Knowledge). In case you didn't know, he's one-third of the holy trinity of Digable Planets:

Moistworks has a couple of remixes of "Callin' Out" by Lyrics Born available for free download:

As I mentioned in my last post, the blogger formerly known as Treat Williams is now the mastermind behind A Three Minute Record. His latest post mentions Souled On in a way that is creative, intriguing, flattering...and weird. I expect nothing less from Havas. Dude is my muthafuckin' blogger hero and shit:

Trees Lounge returns from a moment of silence with 100 songs you can download about the state of Louisiana. Featured artists include Irma Thomas, Muddy Waters, The Neville Brothers, Lil' Wayne, Leadbelly, The Meters, and 94 others I don't have time to mention:

I regret not linking this blog a lot sooner, but I never claimed to be Jesus---okay? Chasing Red is a very smart blog with an impeccable list of featured artists/mp3s. If you can appreciate music by Bill Withers, dead prez, Stevie Wonder, Alice Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, and/or Curtis Mayfield, this site should be part of your regular rotation:

I also want to direct some traffic towards 33/45, an eclectic mp3 blog that has demonstrated some considerable potential. Check this recent post, featuring songs by Rasputin Stash, The Bar-Kays, and Rene & Angela:

My fingers are all crippled and shit after typing for so long, but I can't sign off without thanking Free Hip-Hop Now for linking Souled On:

I sincerely appreciate all of the sites and blogs that have helped to increase my readership. Their support has definitely inspired me to keep this damn thing going. More importantly, it means that I haven't had to entertain any stupid ideas about how to attract a larger audience. Consequently, I have scrapped all plans to promote a "Tell Your Grandma About Souled On Day". For this, I think we can all be genuinely grateful...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Back Like Deja Vu


There doesn't seem to be a more relevant artist to start with today than Ghostface Killah. Due to the recent release of his Fishscale LP, it seems as if all eyes are on Pretty Toney. Here are just a few of the sites that have featured Mr. Starks recently...

1) Neile's Life posted mp3s for "Shakey Dog", "Back Like That", "The Champ", and "Be Easy":
2) At, you can download "All That I Got Is You", "Wildflower", a live version of "Nutmeg", as well as some audio of Ghost politickin' with the crowd at one of his shows:
3) Download "Iron Maiden", "The Champ", and "Hide Ya Face" at So Much Silence:
4) O-Dub posted "The Champ" and "The Sun" over at Soul Sides:
5) "Jellyfish" and the classic Wu cut "Cash Still Rules/Scary Hours" are available at Disco-Not-Disco:
6) Finally, Am I High? has a joint from Ghost's side posse, Theodore Unit---"Work" (featuring Solomon Childs). While you're there, you might also want to check out "Bankhead" (T.I. w/ P$C & Young Dro) and "The Hiznit" (Hittman w/ Dr. Dre):

I know for a fact that this list isn't completely exhaustive, so if you have a link you want to share, drop some knowledge in the comments section...

I also have a few things lined up for my people who don't appreciate Toney as much as I do:

Stylus Magazine recently posted a few hip-hop mp3s, but the article that Dave Pullan wrote to accompany these joints is so fuckin' offensive it's unbelievable. I'll let you read his words for yourself, but be forewarned---his perception of hip-hop is highly uneducated...and well...racist. If you agree, please take a moment to school this "brotha" (using this term rather loosely) on a thing or two. The tracks that are up for download are Common's "The Light", "100% Dundee" by The Roots, and "He Comes" by De La Soul (featuring verses guessed it...Ghostface). Whether or not you should download these joints after reading Pullan's commentary is between you and your Jesus:

Carlos Mencia did a parody of "Gold Digger" with Aries Spears, taking some serious jabs at Mr. Kanye West. I won't front. I dig a lot of Kanye's music, but some of his more annoying traits as a human being make him vulnerable to criticism and satire. Peep the video at Nah Right:

Freemotion continues to serve up some of the finest tracks on the internets. Their latest post included "Revolution (Part 1 & 2)" by Nina Simone, as well as tracks by Lady Sovereign, Yap Zeeland, and Cool Calm Pete:

In addition to the illness I already mentioned, Am I High? also posted "On My Shit" by The Clipse. Everybody scream FIRE!!! :

Speaking of The Clipse, download that crack they call "Me Too" (feat. Pharrell) at Gorilla vs. Bear. I'm definitely hooked on the shit, and the addiction's so strong that I'm planning to go through my Aunt Bessie's drawer when she ain't lookin'. Also included in the post are two other dope joints---"Angeles" (Ghostface and MF Doom) and "Seeing Thangs" (David Banner, produced by DJ Shadow):

My homie T. Havas got all homocidal and shit, and ended up killing Treat Williams. Hopefully my readership is savvy enough to realize I mean the blog, and not the actor. Anyway, Havy's back in full effect with a new site, A Three Minute Record. He's already posted some great music to get his party started right...cop joints by De La Soul, D-Stroy, D Flow, and Doug E. Fresh:

One of my favorite soul songs ever is Curtis Mayfield's "Blue Monday People". Download it at Koopa's Hideaway and thank me later. Also not to be missed is B.B. King's "Chains and Things", a classic song that was sampled on RZA's "Can't Lose" and "A Bird in the Hand" by Ice Cube:

While we're talkin' samples, Palms Out Sounds posted a variety of quality songs for this week's Sample Wednesday: Additionally, Remix Sunday blessed us with alternate versions of songs by Ghostface (who's evidently more popular than Jesus right about now), Lord Finesse & Big L, and many more: Some of you may be wondering why I link Palms Out so often. If these guys ever quit bringin' the heat, I promise not to mention them in my posts anymore, but the consistent quality of their selections is virtually unparalleled in the audio blog universe. Blame them, not me...

Before I end the discussion on hip-hop samples, I wanted to mention that Yusef Lateef''s incredible song "Eastern Market" is heavily sampled on MF Doom's "Who You Think I Am?". You can pick up both joints, as well as Lateef''s equally stellar track, "Bishop School" at Twelve By Twelve: Diamond D, Kool G Rap, Cormega, and numerous other artists have also sampled Lateef''s work...time to get familiar.

Many thanks to another fine mp3 blog, 2 Minutes of Bliss 2, for linking Souled On:

The blog formerly known as Cowabunga has since become Funkaholics. Go peep the fresh design, as well as mp3s by Common and Da King and I:

At Thee Review you can download "The Renaissance" by Black Market Militia (w/ R.A. the Rugged Man):

A Best Truth has an interesting mix of mp3s to choose from---"The Fat Albert Theme", "You've Really Got A Hold On Me" (Smokey Robinson & The Miracles), "You Sexy Thing" (Hot Chocolate), and a plethora of other odds and ends:

Whether or not you guessed it, I fucks wit Jimi Hendrix. Cop "Who Knows?" (from his Band Of Gypsys LP) at Aquarium Drunk:

This joint ain't the freshest, but whenever it starts getting warm outside, I find myself reachin' for my copy of 8Ball & M.J.G.'s "Just Like Candy". Download the mp3 at We Eat So Many Shrimp: For all the babies and bad-ass toddlers who won't recognize, Cameo's song "Candy" provided the foundation for this track.

Fans of Bay Area hip-hop may want to download Mavrik's "Walk Around It" at MP3 4U: Or not...what the hell do I know?

Lots of good things have been going on at Dilated Choonz. "You're All I Need" by Mary J Blige and Method Man is available in mp3 format:
Another song that the duo performed together, "Love At First Sight" can be downloaded on this page:
Additionally, check out "Thoughts of Old Flames" by Pleasure:
and Madlib's remix of "The Things You Do" by J-88:
Is it necessary to point out that the Choonz have been killin' it lately?

MP3 Enema (umm...whoa) posted Prince's "Lolita", a track from his 3121 LP: It's okay to love the song, but please don't put it in your ass.

Hit The Rap Up to download joints by The Game ("Walk Wit Me") and Pimp C ("Pouring Up"):


The artist of the day is Safori. Some of the common themes that he explores are African culture, jazz music, and eroticism. If I continue on in this manner, I will feel as though I'm doing a book report, so excuse me while I shut the fuck up now:


Damn---and I thought Republicans were incapable of being wrong. At least that's what they tried to make us all believe. Regardless, Condi's admission that we've made some "tactical errors" surrounding the war in Iraq is possibly the best evidence I've seen that the world soon will end:

Check this audio/video of Noam Chomsky talking about his book Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy: Pay attention to what this dude says---he's probably way smarter than you...


Let's finish things off with video footage of one of the greatest comedians in the history of humor. Peep this interview with Richard Pryor (R.I.P.) that took place on the set for the movie Stir Crazy. He's high as hell up in that muthafucka, but that doesn't stop him from making incredibly profound statements, such as "Charlie Chaplin's dead...and fuck it". He also gives props to Gene Wilder for getting him some female attention. Pryor contends that Wilder had mad skills when it came to attracting "pussy and some pretty white boys". Who knew?:

"I ain't no movie star, man. I'm a booty star."---Richard Pryor

"That's all for now, bitches."---Scholar