Monday, April 10, 2006

Me And Jesus The Pimp In A ' 79 Granada Last Night

As it turns out, there are two justifiable reasons for the title of today's post. Surprisingly, annoying religious conservatives wasn't part of the equation (this time). As many of you already know, this is the title of an incredibly dope joint by The Coup. Ever since this track first came out, it's been a necessary staple of any and all road trips---every bit as essential as gasoline, blunts, and Mountain Dew (aka liquid crack). I'm getting ready to leave on a crate diggin' mission for a couple of days, so the timing seemed appropriate. Additionally, there have been some new Coup mp3s floating around the internets lately. Since I personally waited around like a smack fiend to get my hands on a copy of their latest LP (Pick A Bigger Weapon), I wanted to make sure my readers had a chance to sample the goods. That said, please go forth and purchase that bitch if you likes what ya hear:
Straight Bangin' posted two tracks from the album---"Ass-Breath Killers" and "Sho Yo Ass":
And just in case you have an aversion to songs related to the backside, you can cop "The Stand" at Street Knowledge:

Download "Fury" by Prince (from his 3121 LP) at Awesome Until Proven Guilty:

Silence Is A Rhythm, Too is featuring a couple of songs by Van Hunt---"Hot Stage Lights" and "Hole In My Heart":

At Analog Giant, you can download a live RJD2 set from Radio 1:

In an impressive display of excellent sportsmanship, Moistworks recently rivaled their competition by posting numerous songs on the theme of winners vs. losers. Some of the artists featured are Eddie Holman, Curtis Mayfield, Brothers of Soul, James Carr, William Bell, Bettye Swann, Joe Hicks, etc:

Big Static has three Roots Manuva joints available for download. Cop "Awfully Deep", "Colossal Insight", and "Witness the Fitness":

I Guess I'm Floating doesn't generally fucks wit hip-hop, but they recently made an exception for heads like us. Here's a list of the basic ingredients: 2 Blackalicious joints; a pinch of Gnarls Barkley ("Just A Thought"); 3 parts MF Doom (Four Tet's remix of Madvillain's "Money Folder, "Dedicated" w/ Wale Oyejide, and a semi-rare DangerDoom track called "Doomage" w/ Brother Ali, Non-Prophets, and Slug); and 2 tablespoons of Dert remixes ("Get 'Em High" by Kanye West and "Dreams" by The Game, mashed with two different songs by Jose Gonzalez). Grammatically speaking, this whole paragraph is a nightmare, but you'll go cop some of dat shit if you have any idea what I'm talkin' bout:

Some Velvet Blog did a great Sunday post on songs that were sampled on various joints by A Tribe Called Quest. Download tracks by Funkadelic, Little Feat, Billy Brooks, Average White Band, Ronnie Foster, and The Chambers Brothers:

Also at Some Velvet Blog, you can download the mp3 for the funky/hippy/love thang classic, "Aquarius/ Let the Sunshine In" by The Fifth Dimension. This song has been sampled frequently, perhaps most prominently on Mos Def's "Sunshine":

People who actually read this shit already know that I've been trying to call some attention to female soul singers whose songs have been sampled in hip-hop joints. The sista of the day is Gwen McCrae, and elements of her amazing sound can be heard on tracks by Big Daddy Kane, Mobb Deep, Main Source, Afrika Bambaataa, Lord Finesse, Biz Markie, X-Clan, Common, and that's only scratching the surface.
Read more about her musical legacy here:
Download her song "Move Me Baby", courtesy of the good people at Dilated Choonz:

Tuwa's Shanty just did a post on Eddie Bo, another funky predecessor of today's hip-hop music. If his jams are tight enough for the likes of Pete Rock, Camp Lo, DJ Quik, Fat Joe, and NWA, why not give him a try? Cop two of his finest tracks, "The Thang (Pt. 1)" and "Sissy Walk":

In my last post, I linked to "I Can Sing A Rainbow/Love Is Blue" by The Dells. That song, as well as "Run For Cover" are currently available at The Number One Songs In Heaven. Some of my friends wanna have jokes when I throw some Dells into a mix at the crib, but my peoples are just silly sometimes. They have no idea how integral this group was to those joints they love by Ghostface, MOP, Prince Paul, John Legend, and Madlib/Quasimoto. I don't give a shit what anyone says---dorky is the new fly. Get hip, suckas:

While you're on that trip, be sure to download "It's Not Easy Letting Go" by Candi Staton: Thugs beware...this little song might just make ya ass cry.

Alright soon as I grab my toothbrush, me and Jesus are up out of this muthafucka. The transmission's blown in the Granada, so I guess we're rollin' in the Toyota again.

Indulge in these joints, and above all---be easy...


Nordy said...

How are these people hearing the Coup's album already? I've been looking for it, but haven't found it yet.

Scholar said...

Nordy---the full album is posted at The Smoking Section, and Sandbox is shipping it next Friday.

Anonymous said...

errr, have you actually listened to the lyrics to this song? not exactly very fun roadtrip material... eek