Thursday, November 03, 2005

Way Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

You may have to forgive me. I'm feelin' extra grouchy today, because Pusha Man brought me some real junk weed. I can't particularly trace the origins of this bullshit I'm smokin', but it tastes like it was born and raised under a bed in some hillbilly's trailer. Yep---tastes like it was cultivated amongst dirty socks, beer bottles, and whatever other unmentionables might be breeding in that particular geographic territory. Had I been afforded the pleasure of smoking something a bit friendlier, I would probably be in a much better mood. Instead, I'm all strung out on some glorified catnip, and quite a few things are pissing me off. Here are just a few examples:

**Met a girl today who asked about my interests. Music immediately entered into the conversation. As soon as she learned about my affinity for rap music, this clever genius informed me that she could relate to this, largely because she's "a huge fan" of Masta P and the Furious Five...

**George Bush---who, incidentally, doesn't like black people---"honored" the death of civil rights activist Rosa Parks on the same day that he nominated Samuel Alito. Since many fear that Alito is a racist pig, the irony of these events occuring simultaneously has been apparent to many, including Jesse Jackson:

If you haven't yet formed an opinion about Alito, please allow me to bias your opinion with this:

and if that isn't convincing enough, try this: .

**As if the prisons we know about aren't fucked up enough, information gets leaked regarding the CIA's "secret prison system":

I could go and on, but this isn't a fuckin' counseling session, right? Let me hit ya with some flava for ya ear, and then I'm gonna just ease on outta here like a pimp with a limp:

Diggin' Music is forever giving me an education on independent hip-hop. Props to you, Slade.
I've been listening to Asamov's "Gone Head" all afternoon, but I would recommend downloading everything else that's posted, too. Permanent link is to your right.

Am I High? posted "The Flyest Angel", a track by Nas and Pharrell. You can also download a $100 remix of the track---for me, it's the better of the two versions. If you haven't overdosed on Black Album remixes, there are also a couple of those available:

Jehst mp3s at The Broke BBoys:

"Giant in the Mental" by Showbiz & AG at Looking For The Perfect Beat:

Tracks by The Socialist can be found at Freemotion. Link to your right.

A great selection of joints are currently available at Straight Bangin'. Download recent tracks by artists such as Nas and Papoose, as well as a number of classic cuts by Willie Hutch, Bobby Byrd, Bobby Womack, etc:

At U Mean Competitor, you can download "Face Off" (Ghostface & Scarface) and "Face to Face (Ghostface & Babyface): While you're there, see if you can figure out the whole Michael McDonald /Epcot Center thing.


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