Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Head On Straight, Mask On Crooked

I honestly had no intention of writing about DangerDoom (MF Doom + Danger Mouse+ concepts based on Adult Swim cartoons) now, or at any point in the future. Many of the blogs I read have been talking about this project for quite a while, so doing my own post about the project seemed sort of unnecessarily redundant. Yesterday, however, I happened upon a few tracks from the upcoming album that I hadn't heard yet. Being the generous soul that I am, I thought I'd make sure that my readers had an opportunity to check these out while they're available. There is no way in hell that I am even going to attempt to review these songs for you, though, as I am positive that I couldn't possibly offer anything in the way of an unbiased or objective critique. The truth is, I'm an incredibly loyal MF Doom fan. I will (reluctantly) admit that a couple of his efforts have been somewhat disappointing in comparison to his finest creations, but so far, my admiration remains pretty much undeterred. Therefore, you'll have to make your own educated decision on this one, and I promise not to intervene in the slightest...(but you really should check these out, or I'll cut you).

Links to some mp3s you can download:

We Eat So Many Shrimp posted "The Mask", featuring Ghostface Killah:

Checkerboard Chimes is offering 2 of the tracks: "Old School" w/ Talib Kweli and "Space Ho's":

At Razorblade Runner, you will find "Crosshairs". Link to the right.

Scenestars has "Bizzy Box" w/ Cee-Lo Green:

More info about DangerDoom here: and/or here:

And by the way---if you happen to like this shit, it would only be right to cough up the twenty bucks when it drops...otherwise, you'll burn in Hell for being a damn cheapskate.


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Steve said...

You got that right brutha! This will rank as one of Doom's finest. I didn't really feel that Geedorah. I bought it... but it doesn't find it's way to my CD player very often... THIS album, on the other hand... BANGIN'! And listening to it.. it almost seems like Doom is in a good mood when he dropped his versus. I think the mood of his delivery is directly proportional to the health of the project. If it's a bum project (bad contracts, low advance, done as a favor) he kinda lets it show in his delivery... If things are all-good? He sounds like what you here hear. Ya heard? Hehe... yeah.. well, that's just a little something I was thinking about last night.

Keep up the fly bloggin'!
AKA GeekAustin

Scholar said...

Geek---I peeped your blog, and you're pretty fly your damn self...Thanks for reading...

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