Friday, July 15, 2005

It Takes More Than A Magazine To Kill My Vibe

Okay---so nothing political, head-scratching, or bizarre for today. The weekend is here, and it's hotter than Hell. Now would be a good time to put your brain on freeze and just kick back with some chillin' music. If you're feeling bored with everything you've already been listening to, here are a few suggestions for your ultimate listening pleasure:

As you may have heard, J-Live will be soon be dropping his new shit, The Hear After. Freemotion has a few of the tracks for you to preview (find them in the links section). So far, most of the tracks I've heard from this album have been a bit disappointing in relative terms to his previous efforts. Thankfully, my man Treat Williams posted some other stuff by J, which you may find a bit more gratifying. See Treat here:

Most people have heard Kanye West's new song "Diamonds", but if you've never heard the Shirley Bassey song that it samples, you can cop that mp3 at Stylus right now: If you've been living in the foothills of Africa, and have somehow escaped hearing Kanye's version, you can find it at Breath of Life: The title of today's post is derived from Kanye's lyrics in the song, which makes reference to his infamous feud with Vibe magazine. I respect Kanye, but dude is clearly bipolar. Last month he spontaneously recovered from his bruised ego, and did a cover story for Vibe with Common and John Legend. Talented, yet completely riddled with neuroses...

Last (but not least), The Number One Songs In Heaven has "Superfly 1990 (Mantronix remix)" by Curtis Mayfield and Ice-T available for download:

Hopefully this will be enough to placate you savages for a moment or two...

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