Saturday, July 02, 2005

A Promise to Be Free(motion)

I really want to live up to my half-assed promise to feature an mp3 blog every week, so today I'm going to urge you to check out a site called Freemotion (if you haven't already). It's one of the few blogs I visit on a very regular basis, mainly because they offer a wide variety of underground hip hop tracks. I listen to quite a few commercial rap artists, but I'm sure it's evident by now that I have an affinity for the marginalized and the obscure. Unlike a lot of other music blogs, Freemotion stays on the cutting edge musically, while still offering selections for readers more interested in mainstream artists. For freaks like me (and possibly you), their most recent postings have featured Emanon, DJ Z-Trip, Slug & Murs, A.G. (produced by Madlib's brother Oh No), C-Rayz Walz and MF Doom with the Gorillaz. For those who'd rather listen to someone scoring a little higher on Soundscan, there have been some Beastie Boys and Gwen Stefani remixes lately as well. And for the hip hop elders who haven't heard anything they've liked since Gang Starr, there are some Guru tracks that you just might be feelin'. There are frequent updates on the site, so keep checking until you find your new favorite artist/song:


Anonymous said...

yo thanks alot man i'll link you up to the site... we appreciate the love dude... keep up the good work yourself.

graham Freemotion staff

Scholar said...

The respect is well-deserved. Thanks for peeping the site.