Thursday, July 07, 2005


I sat down at my computer today to ramble on about something witty or sarcastic, but it just didn't feel the way it usually does. I am very taken right now by what happened in London this morning. Don't get me wrong---no matter how difficult life becomes, I never want to stop laughing. It's a necessary part of our survival at this time that we don't think about the horrific shit that's happening on this planet every waking hour. But just for today, instead of taking a minute or two to check out a link, take a moment of silence instead. Think about all the innocent people who have died as a result of the hatred, corruption, selfishness, greed and misunderstanding that is destroying our world today. None of us can truly feel safe anymore. We need to have peace on this earth for the sake of all humanity. We can't simply imagine the world being a better place...we have to live it ourselves. Just for the hell of it, perform a random act of kindness when the right opportunity presents itself--it's good for the soul. How can I get you to be "souled on" this idea?

Be safe and well----I promise to be back in just a minute with something to lift us up again...

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