Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Lockdown: The 33 Jones Edition

For most people, the thought of Valentine's Day tends to elicit one of two reactions: either that of optimism, with the idea that true love is some sort of attainable goal, or that of cynicism, viewing the holiday as little more than an annual bailout of the chocolate, flower and greeting card industries. My own thoughts tend toward an even darker point of view than the latter, as the yearly tribute to Saint Valentine leaves me in a state not unlike that of the waking moments after a night of heavy drinking, struggling to simultaneously remember and forget the regrettable decisions made while under the intoxicating effects of Love. Like a real life reenactment of a poorly scripted romantic comedy starring Dane Cook, the postscripts to my long term relationships typically find my significant others heading on to far greener pastures after parting ways.

Of the three relationships in my adult life that might be categorized as "serious," the first ended with my girlfriend packing her bags and flying off to Europe after a chance encounter with a pro ball player who happened to be in the U.S. while serving as a goodwill ambassador for his European team (his mission was a success, I suppose). Shortly after the conclusion of the second relationship, ex number two married a third stringer from the NFL and went on to become what they refer to as a "TV personality," her nationally syndicated talk show serving as an inescapable reminder of what might have been. As for the third, well, let's just say that she and her new girlfriend seem to be quite happy together. I offer up the details of my love life not to garner any form of sympathy, but merely as an explanation to the reader for why the following track list came to mind when Scholar asked for my selection of songs about love. If your love life has been anything like mine, pop in the following songs and commiserate. If you're lucky enough to have found some success in this game called love, just listen and use the time as an opportunity to appreciate what you've got.

Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty (YSI)
Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty (Limelinx)

Pharcyde and Led Zeppelin - Passin' Me By (Fidelski Remix)(YSI)
Pharcyde and Led Zeppelin - Passin' Me By (Fidelski Remix)(Limelinx)

Jay-Z and J Dilla - Song Don't Cry (DJ Soul Remix) (YSI)
Jay-Z and J Dilla - Song Don't Cry (DJ Soul Remix) (Limelinx)

J Dilla - Two Can Win (YSI)
J Dilla - Two Can Win (Limelinx)

Bless 1 - The End (YSI)
Bless 1 - The End (Limelinx)

Lest you be left with the impression that I'm a completely heartbroken wretch, I should note that I do have one ongoing relationship in my life that has been a near endless source of satisfaction; namely, hip hop. We've had our ups and downs over the years - her latest fling with this guy Antares has, admittedly, caused me to question what it is I see in H.E.R. - but we always end up getting back together. The women in my life will continue to come and go, Cupid willing, but hip hop will always be there for me. So with that said, here is my final selection, dedicated to the true love of my life.

The Roots featuring Common - Act Too (Love of my Life) (YSI)
The Roots featuring Common - Act Too (Love of my Life) (Limelinx)

Fresh is my friend, homeskillet, amigo, compadre, partner in crime, etc. Stop by 33 Jones and show some overdue appreciation.

Word From Your Moms:

"That word love is a very serious thing and if you don't watch out, I tell you that love's gonna get'cha." - KRS-1


Commish CH said...

yo fresh, great stuff.

Is ex #2's current dude now a balding ESPN commentator while his brother is holding down a prime spot in the Pacific Northwest? I had that guy on my fantasy team and he sucked, if that's any consolation.

33jones said...

Commish, I can neither confirm nor deny that. Though I will say that I'm not a particularly big fan of the Seahawks, and my lifelong allegiance to the Redskins was severely tested during the earlier parts of this decade. I should also add that, when I knew her, this unnamed woman was not the raving idealogue that she now seems to have become.

And Scholar, thanks for giving me a platform to ramble on once again. I do truly appreciate you including me in this.

Zilla Rocca said...

Good list, bro! Mrs. Hassenback is a tight-ass clown yo.

Scholar--I'm wrapped up in projects right now, so apologies for my lack of participation but I'm loving the cats who are chipping in so far!

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33jones said...

Ha, I feel like this spam comment is firing subliminal shots at me! Well, that's certainly not why we broke up! Ahem. Carry on.

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