Sunday, June 26, 2005

Down with the King

Ever since Dubya's been in power, he's had the luxury and privilege of leading a Republican-controlled Congress, as well as a nation of terrified sheeple (especially post-9/11). Due to this "absolute power", some political commentators have gone so far as to say that Bush has practically established a monarchy. The website President Moron begs to differ. They refer to Bush's form of government as a MORONARCHY. Since I am not a fan of George Bush or the majority of his policies, that entitlement bears a ring of truth for me. This is a great site for anyone who is feeling angry or disgruntled about our "fearless leader". I don't necessarily agree with, or endorse ALL of the content on the site, but it's absolutely worth a visit some rainy summer day. For example, the site features a counter that can tell you exactly how much time (down to the very second) until we are liberated from this particular MORONARCHY. God knows we'll elect another idiot, and the countdown will begin all over again, but that's no reason not to celebrate the dwindling number of days left in Dubya's presidency. There are several features---photos, Bushisms, news archives, etc. There is also a forum for rants, and links to other like-minded sites. Enter at your own risk....Big Brother's watching your Commie ass:

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