Saturday, June 25, 2005

Cut Your Teeth on the Razorblade

I'm not very good with schedules, but I was thinking that roughly once a week or so, I will review an MP3 blog. Out of respect for this monumental moment in the life of my blog, I have chosen one that I have much respect for, to get things kicked off properly....Razorblade Runner. The majority of the mp3s that they post are hip-hop, but they cover quite a bit of territory within the genre. Recent postings have run the gamut from commercial artists like Jay-Z and Cam'ron, to more underground selections, such as Controller 7 and Josh Martinez. If hip-hop just isn't your thing, don't hesitate to check it out anyway. They do feature other types of music, as well as provide linkage to other points of interest on the web. Unlike quite a few of the blogs I've visited, the commentaries are often amusing. So---what are you waiting for? You have nothing better to do than check this out now:

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