Wednesday, August 01, 2007

DJ Blueprint's Amazing 30 Minute Funk Workout

Ladies and gentleman, today's guest blogger of distinction is DJ Blueprint, also known as Mike from this is tomorrow. Mike has an extensive record collection that sometimes makes me more than a little jealous, so I can almost guarantee that you'll be diggin' his site like a fat soul child loves cake. He's currently celebrating his first anniversary in the blogosphere, so make sure you drop by his spot and wish him a happy birthday. I also just submitted a mix for his blog party, so keep an eye out for that in the next few days---Scholar

Souled on music was one of the first blogs i discovered and visited on a regular basis so when scholar asked me to do a guest post, i didn't know what to do. After hundreds of ideas i decided to bring you a very special guest mix. This is an all 45 mix i did on the beach in vilanova/barcelona at the new cheese records party. It was a special night because we played at a xiringuito (sort of a bar where people can relax at daytime) just 50 meters away from the sea. To let you know what i'm talking about i included a picture of the place:

Image Hosted by

dj blueprint - 30
min funk workout 3

1. the stereo's - stereo freeze (cadet)
2. m & s band - egg roll (funk 45)
3. bobby rush - wake up (salem)
4. the new process - freedom (tramp)
5. funk shone - purification pt2 (skyline)
6. nicole willis & the soul investigators - feeling free (timmion)
7. martha reeves & the vandellas - dancing in the street (tamla motown)
8. edwin starr - agent double-o-soul (ric-tic)
9. the interpretations - soul affection (bell)
10. oghene kologbo & afrobeat academy - afro confusion (rabbi)
11. marvin gaye & kim weston - it takes two (reggae version) (motown)

Image Hosted by

I just wanted to say thanks to scholar for the invite and also thanks to all the people who visit and support my little blog.

Word From Your Moms (Courtesy of DJ Blueprint):

"I can't listen to that much Wagner. I start getting the urge to conquer
by Woody Allen (1935 - )


Anonymous said...

Afro Confusion is amazing. Thank you both.

HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

Nice one!! I really dig DJ Blueprint's mixes as they pack so much quality in 30mins. Yet again, ACE!!!

Peace and SOUL,

Mingbyrd said...

Nice grip of songs Mike. That "Eggroll" track is wild.

Scholar you should invite me to do something. Holler at ya boy.

Vincent said...

Once again, I've gotta say... God damn, that DJ made my day! Great selection, Mike.
Greetings, Scholar. I finished what I feel is the absolute best thing I've ever done IMOH. Once I do a bit of preventive maintenance on ol' Bessie, I'll be dropping it in your inbox. Should be either late tonight or tomorrow...

Peace and blessings.

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