Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Voice Of Reason Somewhere In Between

Aspiring to great things requires beginning with little ones:

As many of you will have heard by now, Alice Coltrane left the earth this past Friday. She was not only the widow of one of the greatest jazz artists of all time, but was also an incredibly talented and innovative musician in her own right. Quite a few sites and blogs have posted tributes in the last several days---some of the best can be found at los amigos de durutti, audiversity, ear fuzz, BEATS and RANTS and/or floodwatchmusic.

Visit Mainstream Isn't So Bad...Is It? to download three live Nina Simone tracks---"Sunday in Savannah", "Mississippi Goddam", and "Why (The King Of Love Is Dead)".

Cop the latest Common joint circulating around the blogosphere ("Play Your Cards Right" ft. Bilal) at Between Thought And Expression.

I may have said this before, but Dee Dee is my hands-down favorite Warwick. Dionne is the only other one I can think of, and she fucked up her relationship with me when she became a "psychic friend" some years ago. Dee Dee, on the other hand, is cooler than a fan. Thanks to la case de l'affreux thom, you can download a few of her songs right now---"I (Who Have Nothing)", "That's Not Love", and "It's Not Fair".

If you're feeling adventurous, you should definitely give a listen to Bird Peterson's remix of "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" (Birdman and Lil' Wayne). Cop it via the very minimum it will make for a great conversation piece.

The number of disco tracks I can stand for longer than 20 seconds is relatively small...believe me. However, I recently listened to "Give Me Your Love" by The Sisters Love and discovered that it's a pretty spectacular recording. The Sisters have also been labeled as jazz, funk, and soul, so it may not take a gigantic leap for you to appreciate this song as much as I do. The mp3 is currently available at another night on earth.

If you haven't already copped Raekwon's Prelude To Only Built For Cuban Linx 2, there's a link to d/l it via Berkeley Place. Speaking of The Chef, you can currently download "Trees" (w/Mathematics) @ Nah Right and "Verbal Intercourse" at Moistworks. The latter post also includes some classic Nas joints, lookin' all the way back to "Live At The Barbecue".

33/45 is currently featuring several tracks by The Blackbyrds and Barry White & The Love Unlimited Orchestra.

Maybe you've heard of Jaguar Skills by now---he's the DJ who mixed over 800 hip-hop joints into a set that only lasted about 40 minutes. You can view the complete track list at MistaJam. From there you can head over to Jag's MySpace page, which includes a link you can follow to cop the entire mix.

Some good tunes have been featured over at The "B" Side lately---check out "Open Letter To The President" by Roy "C" and "Super Rappin' Theme" by Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five.

Fans of Smif-N-Wessun/ The Cocoa Brovaz may want to visit from the polo fleece to the jesus piece to cop "Like A Champion" and "Super Brooklyn"..

FPSA is featuring three tracks from Mos Def's Tru3 Magic LP, as well as a few songs from the latest John Legend record, Once Again.

Download two tracks by Junior Walker & The All Stars courtesy of Feel It.

Cop "Smile" by Trae (w/ Styles P) over at The Rap Up. Rizoh also recently posted "Not A Criminal" by Chamillionaire (w/ Kelis).

Format Magazine posted an article about hip-hop album covers that have been inspired by comics---link spotted via the almighty Spine Magazine.

Lastly, peace to Cuts & Rhymes and The Classic Soul Network for givin' respect to Souled On. They are both quality spots, so hit 'em up whenever you can...

I also recently updated the links in the sidebar---show my people some love by paying them a visit.

Word From Your Moms:

"Ten persons who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent"---Napoleon Bonaparte


Anonymous said...

thanks for the mention, and for the link to smif and wessum!

Anonymous said...

Peep this site:


Scholar said...

Ekko---sorry for the delayed response. My readers and I thank you for upping a link to that mixtape by the Chef. I've got a lot of Wu fans in the house, so that was good lookin' out.

chris keys said...

hey scholar, thanks for the link. was very proud to crack the list finally. hope you're well. chris

Scholar said...

Chris---no problem. I personally appreciate most of the music you post---just don't know if it matches the taste of my average readers. That Sisters joint was undeniable, though.

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