Monday, August 08, 2005

Who Gets More Stoned---Me Or Sly?

I have to do something today that every wise and humble human being has to do from time to time...apologize. As a result of an earlier post that I wrote called "God Bless The Dead", I believe I may have inadvertantly led some of my readers to believe that Sly Stone is deceased. I was talking about dead people throughout my post that day, and at one point, I made reference to Sly being one of my favorite people who'd "passed into the great beyond". I had intended it to be a silly drug metaphor that would blend in nicely with the overall theme of death, but now I realize that it probably came off quite differently to anyone who lives outside of my head. Thanks to a moment of complete sobriety, and a thoughtful comment from one of my readers, I now realize that my statement may have accidentally been taken dead seriously (ha).

Anyway, if there was ever any confusion generated by yours truly, I am really fuckin' sorry. I need to accept the fact that not all strange minds think alike. Sly is alive (and hopefully well)---he actually just celebrated his 60th birthday last year. I edited the previous post today, simply to ensure that I won't unnecessarily cause any further funky tears to be shed.

Speaking of funky, David's Axelrod's timeless track "Song of Innocence" (from the album of the same title) is available in mp3 format on Scissorkick: If you still don't know much about Axelrod's career, there are also some links included that should suffice for your primary education. A myriad of hip hop producers have sampled and been influenced by his work, and electronica artists (such as DJ Cam and DJ Shadow) have also relied heavily upon his catalogue as the blueprint for their own creations. They are also featuring David McCallum's "The Edge", but hopefully you already copped that one from the link I posted last week.

Funkiest of all, Outkast is about to hit us with some ragtime music. I know my credibility is pretty low after that whole Sly mishap, so I'll let you check this shit for yourself:

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