Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ladies And Gentlemen...And Lowlifes

For the past couple of days, the soundtrack to my life has been Motiv's album, From Here To The Streets. This album came out last year, and to be honest, I don't know anyone who particularly gave a damn when it was released. I can't put into words how unfortunate it is that this group continues to be relatively unknown to American audiences. I don't think I'll ever be able to reconcile the fact that truly talented musicians tend to exist in relative obscurity, while complete idiots effortlessly sell trillions of records. My speech on the commercial wasteland that is the popular music industry is bound to be a post of its own at some point in the future. Will people ever come to realize that there's an incredibly vast musical world beyond the New Releases rack at Wal-Mart? Sigh...

Anyway, Motiv is a London-based jazz/funk/hip hop collective, consisting of three horn players, a full rhythm section and a very smooth MC (Cheshire Cat). They are known in the UK for their spectacular live performances, and are an integral part of the Underground Jazz Project (an ensemble of DJs and musicians, representing a wide variety of musical genres and styles). Vitamin C has two free mp3s available from the album: It will only take a minute or two of your precious time to cop something that you just might appreciate for a lifetime.

Looking For The Perfect Beat has had some nice posts the past couple of days. The most recent is the classic cut "Mona Lisa" by the inimitable Slick Rick. If you profess to be a fan of hip hop, and you don't have any of his music in your collection, I suggest you take corrective action immediately:

If you're checkin' for something funky to help you get lifted, The Broke B-Boys are offering a great track called "Strudel Strut" by Aromadozeski Therapy (DJ Romanowski + graf artist Doze Green): I don't know exactly why, but this song gets me mega-hyped every time I hear it.

Finally, Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage posted the mp3 for David McCallum's track "The Edge". This song was produced by The Ultimate God Of The Hip Hop Sample, David Axelrod, and was later utilized by Dr. Dre for "The Next Episode":

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