Sunday, August 14, 2005

Our Freedom Of Speech Is Freedom Or Death

During the time since I published my last post, I've been stuck trying to think of something novel or original to say about one of the greatest hip hop groups ever---but what could I possibly add to the discussion of an entity that's been analyzed as thoroughly as Public Enemy? Nothing really---so I've decided to spare you a pretentious critique that will undoubtedly end up being more about my ego than their talent. Instead, let me bring it down to a personal level. PE has had a major influence on my musical taste, political viewpoint, and even my general thought structure. Back in the day, listening to their joints left you feeling changed afterwards---it gave heads something to think about and be about, dammit. Most of the corporate bullshit that people are buying into today just leaves me feeling cold and indifferent. There's nothing more pointless, generic or monotonous to me at this point than thongs, money, cars, strippers, jewelry, and senseless acts of violence. Don't get it twisted---I didn't always agree with everything PE said, and/or stood for, but they will forever be an icon to me because they've always been passionate about their beliefs and their artistry.

In order to stress my point further, I'm offering you several links to do some research on your own. Wickipedia has a very well-rounded page on the group, complete with band history, discography, further links, etc: has an interview with Chuck D, as well as an extensive collection of free mp3s ( mostly live tracks and rarities): Breath Of Life also just posted "Powersaxx" recently, which is an instrumental version of their song "Fight the Power", featuring Branford Marsalis. Not only should you cop the mp3 while it's available, but Mtume's explanation of the track's history is really interesting, as well: And of course, the group has an official website, too:

Speaking of revolutionary people, Cindy Sheehan has a blog on the Huffington Post: Political geek that I am, I've been visiting daily. That chick has some serious ovaries---no one else is holding Bush accountable in quite the same way.

Before I go, I also want to mention that ( has quite a few leftist political films/documentaries (PBS stuff, Fahrenheit 9/11, etc.) available for free download. Their motto is that the truth is free--so go get yourself an education.

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