Sunday, September 23, 2007

Souled On Samples Part XIII

It's lucky number 13, soul children. I put together some extra-special tunes for you in honor of this momentous occasion...

"Move Over"---Soul Children
(Sampled on "On The Real" by Nas)

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"Common Man"---David Ruffin
(Sampled on "Never Change" by Jay-Z)

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"Morning Broadway"---Keith Mansfield
(Sampled on "Space Ho's" by DangerDoom---MF Doom + DangerMouse)

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"What It Is"---The Temptations
(Sampled on "The Corner" by Common)

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"I'll Stay"---Funkadelic
(Sampled on "Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa" by De La Soul, "Long Live The Fugitive" by K-Solo, and "Hay" by Crucial Conflict)

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"The Look Of Slim"---Gene Harris & The Three Sounds
(Sampled on "Slim's Return" by Madlib)

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"Why I Keep Living These Memories"---Jean Knight
(Sampled on "Defeat" by Afu-Ra---prod. by DJ Premier)

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"You Roam When You Don't Get It At Home"---The Sweet Inspirations
(Sampled on "One" by Ghostface Killah)

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"Changing Face"---JJ Band
(Sampled on "Jewelz" by OC---prod. by Lord Finesse)

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"Gimme Some" ---Freddie McCoy
(Sampled on "For Pete's Sake" by Pete Rock & CL Smooth)

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Bonus mp3s:

"On The Real"---Nas (from the 12" single b/w "Star Wars")

"The Corner (Mo' Green Remix)" ---Common

"Somersault (DangerMouse Remix)"---Zero 7 w/ MF Doom (If you like a little danger in your doom...)

Spectacular visuals:

Video for the LP version of "The Corner"...

...and the Ro Blvd. remix (for my man Tony Li)

Video for "Slim's Return"...

...and one of the most informative Madlib interviews of all time.

David Ruffin performing "Common Man"--a performance thats magnitude is rivaled only by the size of his hairdo...

Word From Your Moms:

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."---Berthold Auerbach


Dan Love said...

Easy Scholar,

Lovely drop again my friend, and the video action this time around is tight. YouTube on a Sunday afternoon... doesn't get much better!

Keep up the good work and I hope that things are cool with you.



Travis said...

One of my favorite features on Souled On, good stuff and thanks for the Gene Harris track.

Satchmo said...

may the lord be with you. and also, i hate to say it, but zshare is a piece of shit. What happened to divshare??? RAAAR

Tony said...

thanks for the shout out scholar. you the man brother, keep up the good work

paul said...

brilliant again.
i had to get "What it is" off a fufustew mix as well, i couldn't find it anywhere.
apparently that temptations album is hard to come by.

Zilla Rocca said...

I'm pretty sure the MF Doom/Dangermouse remix of Zero 7's "Somersault" was the 100 millionith download on iTunes a few years ago.

Scholar said...

Dan---Hey Mr. Love. I think that's the most videos I ever put in a single post. I was worried it was overkill, so I'm glad you appreciated it. Couldn't resist the last one---nothing's better than Soul Train and big hair.

Travis---The Gene Harris was absolutely, 100% for you. Wasn't sure if you had that track or not, but you've been talking about him lately, so...

Satch---Thank you for asking the Lord to be with me, cousin. I feel blessed.

As far as Z-Share goes, I know---it's shitty. When I used divShare, I got a complaint about that. I'm too cheap to pay for anything. Now what?

Anyway, hope all's well at the couch. Holla @ me.

Tony---I haven't figured out the answer to your question yet---a shout in your honor was the least I could do.

Paul---Wow. The internet can be such a small world despite its enormity. I read Fufu all of the time---Vincent is like family 'round here. However, I actually got that track from a Canadian reader who I swapped some mp3s with a few weeks ago. He's a Temps fan and I specifically asked him for that joint because I have never owned the Solid Rock LP. I could tell it came from a mix, but I didn't realize it was Vincent's. Thanks for the props and info. Paul---and gratitude for the joint V if that was from a Fufu mix.

By the way Vincent(if you happen to read this)---I'm working on that project for you. Should have it for you in a few days.

Zilla---No shit? I like that joint a lot, but truthfully, I'm not crazy about that woman's voice. It annoys and compels me at the same time. Thought a few people might want to pick it up, though. I was sure you were going to hate on that Mo Green remix...haha.

Satchmo said... sharebee even? Every time an ad on zshare comes on and freezes my firefox i feel a little bit like mike gundy.

paul said...

Hey Scholar,

4 Brothers have just uploaded The Temptations - Solid Rock if you are interested - very hard to come by.



Scholar said...

Satch---I'll put that in my blunt my blunt and smoke it. Maybe I'll switch things up around here pretty soon. You know you can e-mail me if you want something that's causing you problems, nephew.

Paul---Thank you just doesn't seem good enough. Much, much, much appreciated.

The Gosub Routine said...

many thanks 4 the orig. joints of solo's fugitive and pete rock's 'pete's sake tracks.



Beeboy said...

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lots of zshare links i upped myself...enjoy...peace

Anonymous said...

wouls you happen to have the whole jj band - changing face track?

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