Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Souled On Samples Part XII

"Poverty's Paradise"---24-Carat Black
(Sampled on "The Birth" by RZA)

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"Darling Come Back Home"--- Jr. Walker
(Sampled on "Heartbeat" by Royce Da 5'9")

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"Seed Of Love"---Little Boy Blues
(Sampled on "Public Service Announcement" by Jay-Z and "Stay Real" by Black Moon)

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"I'd Find You Anywhere"---Creative Source
(Sampled on "Wouldn't Get Far" by The Game/Kanye West and "By Your Side" by Jadakiss)

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"If You Let Me"---Eddie Kendricks
(Sampled on "Brooklyn Battles" by Masta Ace, "Illside Of Town" by M.O.P., and "Excalibur" by Killah Priest)

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"Can't Help But Love You"---The Whispers
(Sampled on "Drop A Gem On 'Em" by Mobb Deep)

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"By The Time I Get To Phoenix"---Dorothy Ashby
(Sampled on "Start The Show" by Common/Kanye West)

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"Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing"---The Dynamic Superiors
(Sampled on "Nothing Like It" by Beanie Sigel)

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"Pain"---Buddy Miles
(Sampled on "The Pain" by Murs---prod. by 9th Wonder)

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"William Tell Overture"---Gioacchino Rossini
(Sampled on "Still Tippin" by Mike Jones/Paul Wall/Slim Thug, but then who knew about this relatively uninteresting backstory? Not I.)

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Supplemental Materials:

"Switch"---Lupe Fiasco (Bonus mp3)
Lupe has never ever been more clever than on this mixtape joint over the "Still Tippin" beat. (Yes Nichele, this one's dedicated to you...)

Eddie Kendricks in a superfly purple outfit, singing a cappella on Soul Train and avoiding questions about his departure from The Temptations:

Black Moon's "Stay Real" video:

Word From Your Moms:

"The difference between what the most and the least learned people know is inexpressibly trivial in relation to that which is unknown."---Albert Einstein


Graz said...

wow!great work scholar!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for The Whispers song. Drop A Gem is my favorite MD track and I never heard that sample before.

Peace dawg.

Commish CH said...

yo two things:
1- Thanks for the Black Moon reminder. You know I fiend for the BCC, but I had actually kind of forgoten about the 2nd BM album. I'll be diggin for it later and lacing up my Tims

2- I find weird that Mobb Deep uses a love song by the Whispers on "Drop a Gem..." Wasn't that an alleged 2Pac dis track? Has that ever been confirmed in the 11 years since?

great work brah, as per usual. One.

dennis b said...

Props man. Props.

Who did the artwork?

Travis said...

You know I'm always down for any Ace samples and I always wanted to know what sample that Black Moon/Jay/and a couple other dudes sample was from...

good work

Anonymous said...

Hey Scholar ~ you know just what I need to get my day off to a running start. When I'm not feeling the atmosphere at work....Switch! Tune it out. Motto for the year. Thanks for the shout out! As for the rest of this post......what can I say...what left is there to say.


Cooky Blaha said...

Its amazing to compare just blazes and evil dee's(?) production--that black moon beat is such a snoozer compared to the jay z version. evild dee fell off.why is that?

Anonymous said...
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Scholar said...

graz---Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon about that Primo ish.

Anon---It actually took me a while to make that connection. For whatever reason, I've never listened to a whole lot of The Whispers' material. A friend loaned me their anthology a few weeks ago and that was the first time I remember hearing the original song used on "Drop A Gem...".

Commish---"Stay Real" was actually on the third BM LP---Total Eclipse. It came after Enta Da Stage and War Zone.

I'm pretty sure that "Drop A Gem..." was MD's response to 2Pac's attack on "Hit 'Em Up'. Actually, a lot of thugged out joints contain samples of rather soft original songs. Maybe I'll write a post about that one day...kinda interesting phenomenon.

And thanks for the props, family.

Dennis---Much gratitude. The artwork is by Dane Tilghman.

Trav---I'm mainly getting the Ace samples together for you, man. I don't care for some of the material that's been sampled on his joints, but Marley Marl dug up some decent recordings for his productions.

Have I told you how much I agree with your sentiments on Bush? Guess that goes w/o saying...

Nichele---You and I both know why you're speechless. Things understood...Now I have to bring some Jay Electronica to keep you amused ;)

Cooky---I think Evil Dee's best work came in the early to mid-'90s. Then again, I think that hip-hop in general has fallen off considerably since then, so the answer to that question runs pretty deep.

Lastly---to the stupid asshole who keeps dropping racist comments here, why don't you start your own blog? Call it Souled On Stupidity or whatever---just spare me having to delete your profoundly fucktarded rants twice a day.

Travis said...

"fucktarded"....I like that, I'm going to have to use that in a sentence today.

I got the same crap last week and seen it on other sites as well.

Scholar said...

Trav---Fucktarded=brilliant. Love that word.

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