Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Heroes Have Always Been Vandals

How we feelin', soul children? Hopefully all my peoples are exceptionally fat and happy today...

Before we get things started, I want to give all due respect to Klutch, the man responsible for the title and image of today's post. I've had my eye on his work for some time now, and when I approached him about borrowing one of his images for this post, he was very gracious in granting my request. Klutch creates stencils and graffiti art on a variety of different objects--most notably, vinyl records. I'm linking you to a couple of my favorite pages on his website, but don't stop there. His entire gallery is definitely worth a look...

Biochemical Slang recently offered a generous selection of tracks that could really give you an advantage in the game of love---if you know how to use them, playa. Download songs by Bobby Byrd, Quincy Jones, The Sylvers, The Whatnauts, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Donald Byrd, Willie Hutch, Ike & Tina, The Ohio Players, and Sugar Minott.

The new UGK joint, "International Players Anthem" (feat. Outkast) is available courtesy of Nah Right. Willie Hutch's "I Choose You" is sampled on the track, and you can d/l it via the Biochemical Slang link I posted above. Project Pat's "Choose U" also featured a sample of that particular Hutch tune.

There's a new blog that many of you may want to explore---Flea Market Funk. I don't usually link to blogs in the first few months of their existence, but this one seems to have some decent potential.

Snoop Dogg took the words right out of my mouth: "Fuck Bill O'Reilly".

The most recent Sample Wednesday at Palms Out Sounds featured songs that were sampled by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. Download tracks by Joe Tex, Pleasure, Diana Ross, Lowell Fulsom, S.O.S. Band, T-Connection, and more.

Download "If It's Good To You (It's Good For You) Part 1" by Eddie Bo at The Sean Show.

Elvis is no longer King of the Dead Celebrities---check out this list of the richest deceased luminaries.

Visit Oh Word to download a podcast about the making of Rakim's "Shades of Black". This is essential listening for fans of the hip-hop legend.

Speaking of hip-hop legends, did you happen to catch Ice Cube on "Good Morning America"?

Soul/funk fans will want to head over to merry swankster to download some classic tunes by Charles Wright (of the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band).

DJ Soul and Okayplayer present Assorted Donuts: A Tribute To J Dilla, available for free (and legal) download here.

Who knew? Karl Rove can't dance worth a shit. This is an embarrassing moment for...humanity.

Flood gets extra-nice with the words, and the verbs, and the pronouns: Check out his super-literate autopsy of "Dangerous Mindz" by Gravediggaz.

A few excellent covers of Isaac Hayes' "Theme From Shaft" are available at this is tomorrow. Download versions by The Chosen Few, Bernard Purdie, Enoch Light & The Light Brigade, and Mack Browne & The Brothers.

Speaking of covers, Adam posted some quality renditions of "Georgia on My Mind" over at hahamusic. Download tracks by Maceo Parker, Ray Charles, James Brown, and Django Reinhardt.

Download JJ Brown's Re-Release Therapy (Ludacris + The Jackson 5) via The Rap Up.

The Stepfather of Soul has a couple of wonderfully eccentric soul tunes currently available for download---"Mama" by Antoinette Poindexter & Pieces of Peace and "Not Too Cool to Cry" by Renaldo Domino.

Freemotion is featuring a few joints from Main Source's debut album, Breaking Atoms.

Download "Cook-Out" by King Curtis & The Kingpins at Fufu Stew, another great site I just recently discovered.

Go to to cop a nice selection of musical odds and ends, such as Outkast's "So Fresh, So Clean (Let's Get It On B.Cause Remix)" and "Feel The Bass" by Sa-Ra (w/ Talib Kweli).

Visit Feed Me Good Tunes to download "Microphone Fiend" by Eric B & Rakim and "Pinocchio Theory" by Bootsy's Rubber Band.

Farewell to one of the hip-hop blogs I kept in regular rotation---good night Jesus Piece.

Before I go, gratitude to these blogs/sites for recently linking Souled On: incredibly extensive hip-hop site, featuring news, articles, reviews, interviews, and more.

The Passion Of The Weiss---Jeff Weiss is one of the wittiest bloggers in the universe. He's also willing to give you ingrates some free music, so what the hell are you waiting for?

soul psychadelicyde---This is another blog in its infancy, but Lily Kane is doin' the right thing so far. She's got great taste in music, and she's a card-carrying member of the Souled On family. I'm counting on you to show her some love.

bronx river parkway---an astonishingly comprehensive aggregator for hip-hop heads, primarily highlighting posts that include mp3s.

good news hood check---another rookie hip-hop blog that seems to be keepin' it gully.

DeeperLook---an insightful music/politics blog, largely focusing on racial issues. An interesting read---check it out...

NetInfoWeb 2.0---a resourceful aggregator of soul, jazz, and blues stuff.

brooklynvegan---a well-established music site with a massive list of audioblog links.

Thanks also to Oh Word, 33 Jones, Idolator, and Melatone Music for keeping me in regular rotation on your round-ups.

I know that I still haven't given props to a lot of you---cuss my sorry ass out at:

Word From Your Moms:

"When a thief kisses you, count your teeth."---Yiddish proverb


Vincent said...

Thanx for the shoutout. Wait till you see what I just stocked the pantry with this week...

Peace and blessings

vik said...

scholar -

glad you dug the bio slang friday night ladies JAMS. that i choose you track is sampled to death, but it sure is a buttery gem.

yo, you killed it with the links today. i'll def have some tunes to add to my collection.

Mikael said...


Thanks for the love. Just trying to shine it back on cats like yourself who keep me going.

blessings always.

floodwatch said...

Great links here, Scholar. Thanks as always for the feedback - it carries much more weight coming from you.

Jzzy said...

your posts keep getting worse every time you aint link up any of my postings;) haha

no just kidding, love it

Passion of the Weiss said...

thanks for the shout-out scholar, it is much appreciated. keep up the fantastic work as always.

writer said...

thanks for the check

Lily Kane said...

Thanks for the shout!! Now I gotta step my game up. =) Great post as always, makes monday at work nice and easy...although i wish i could forget that karl rove shit *shudder*

Adam said...

Thanks for the link Scholar. And yeah, I'm with Lily. That Karl Rove thing must be one of the new signs of the apocalypse ... When evil gets down, it ain't pretty...

Scholar said...

Vincent---I already left you a comment @ Fufu, but the shout was well-deserved. You're posting some unbelievable stuff---I have to say I'm in awe.

Peace and blessings right back at ya...

Vik---Yeah, that was a classic selection of tunes you posted. Nicely done, as always. At this point, I can barely remember life before Biochemical Slang.

Mikael---You're really keepin' it thorough at The Parkway. Props for all the work you put in keeping the rest of us fed. Peace, bro.

Flood---I've liked your style since day one, but you elevated to an even higher plane with that Gravediggaz post. Respect, respect, respect.

Jzzy---Good point. I actually really liked those Black Milk joints you posted last time. Things get lost in the translation sometimes, but you know I'm always up for putting The Revolution in the mix.

Jeff---You frequently articulate that which I am too braindead to think for myself. The least I can do is remember to thank you once in a while.

Writer---Sorry about failing to separate a couple of the words in your blog's title...I'm fixing it now. No disrespect---I just seriously need an editor.

Lily---Had to give you a little nudge to keep you on your grind. Now you have a legacy to live up to---no pressure, though...

Adam---"When evil gets down, it ain't pretty..."...Ain't that the truth?!

vik said...


souled on keeps me on my grind. on top of that, you've always given me a new name to look for as i dig through the crates.

keep doin what you do.


fleamarketfunk said...

thanks for the shout out. i know i'm new to this blog game, and i appreciate the mention. keep diggin'!

travis said...

nice stuff as usual, livin' large and in charge!

Scholar said...

Vik---Thanks for the kind words, fam. You definitely do your part to help me stay focused.

Flea---Thanks for stopping by. I'm really diggin' the blog, so keep on keepin' on...

Travis---I'm sure you can relate to how time-consuming these superposts can be. What can I say? I learned from the best...

tgrundy said...

Scholar: just saw this post, "Thanks!" for the mention and the kind words. Also, just want to let you know that NetInfoWeb has just gained a new feature the 'SoulSites Aggregator Page' (, over 50 soul music sites and a list of recent posts (headlines only; similar to all on one page. Always trying to improve on the byline, "Trackin' the SITES, Trackin' the SOUL!"

Anonymous said...

Hey man. Thanks for the nod.

I shouldn't have to tell you your site is perpetually dope.

Chin up,

Scholar said...

Thanks Sean.