Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fight The Powers That Be...

I can think of a billion reasons not to vote today...The whole election process seems more rigged than a professional wrestling match...I hate having to choose between dumb and dumber...My precinct is so bankrupt, they can't even afford to offer cookies and juice anymore...It's supposed be cold tomorrow...I'd rather smoke a blunt...

Over the years, I've often been guilty of using explanations such as these to excuse my lazy ass from exercising my "democratic rights". Although I understand much of the reasoning behind voter apathy in the United States, there are still too many critical issues at stake right now for me to sit on the couch eating pink Twinkies all day. I bitch about all the problems with our government, so I feel obligated to at least try to do my part to enact change.

Don't worry---I'm not gonna beat you down Diddy-style with that "vote or die" stuff. I'm just thinkin' that if I have to give up my Twinkies, the least you can do is skip "The Jerry Springer Show", painting your toenails, shaving a peace symbol onto your Pit Bull's back, or whatever else you had planned on doing...

To help motivate you to move mountains, I've included a few of my favorite songs with a political lean:

"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"---Gil Scott-Heron

"Don't Give Me No Broccoli And Tell Me It's Greens (What Happened To Our Rhythm)" ---The Last Poets

"Anger In The Nation"---Pete Rock & CL Smooth

"Can't Truss It"---Public Enemy

"Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)"---Marvin Gaye

I consider this selection of tracks incredible, but incomplete. I know that the majority of you are morally opposed (or something) to dropping knowledge in the comment box...but if you change your mind, let the rest of us know what some of your favorite political joints are. Speak your mind...

Word From Your Moms:

"Our only hope is to control the vote."---Medgar Evers

"Alright guys, I want to get out there and vote tomorrow. And not because it's cool, because it's not. You know what is cool? Smoking while you vote."---Jon Stewart

"Hell I never vote for anybody. I always vote against."---W.C. Fields


Grantlove said...

"Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for Evil."

I voted for Al Gore. We all know what happened. I no longer vote. What's the point?!


D-Kon said...

Grant, damn B. i used to feel like that too. i've been disappointed with the results of the last two presidential elections. i just don't think that being silent is the answer. even if you don't want to vote for particular candidates it cant hurt to at least vote on some of the issues. from a historical point of view, the people being complacent lends itself too easily to autocracy.

i like The Goats as far as political trax go. also used to like that group Consolidated.

Adam said...

Yeah, I'm with W.C. on this one. I felt dirty voting for Kerry in 2004. I felt dirty sending in my absentee ballot yesterday, voting for a person I absolutely despise but know he'll be less damaging than the other guy. The "lesser of two evils" thing is a pain, but it's better to have someone who's slightly with you than someone who's completely against you. It makes me sick that I have to think in those terms and vote for people I don't want in office, but that's the way it is. For now.
As for political music, I always reach for Mr. Marley's "Survival" album, especially "Africa Unite" and "Top Rankin'"

travis said...

Can't Truss It has the type of beat that makes me want to riot or something. Anarchy at it's best.

There was a Schooly D track that came to mind when I started thinking, but now I've forget which one I was thinking of.

Screaming Donkey said...

I studied Politics in the UK.
My lecturer once raised a point that I feel holds true in most two-party democracies -
"The winning party doesn't win the election. They come to power because the other party lost the election".

I'm not an expert on US politics but this statement certainly seems apparent to the results that are coming outta the latest mid-terms there.

PS: Love the Gil Scott Heron track - haven't heard that for a few years. As for Marvin Gaye, "What's Going On?" is another classic & personal favourite of mine.

Fosterakahunter said...

Check out the Bigg Jus solo track, "Super Pretzel (Diplo Damage)" from the Nephlim Modulation Systems LP entitled 'Woe To Thee, O Land Whose Child Is A King'. It is a scorcher.

JT said...

gil scott-heron always gets me fired up. "winter in america" is a fucking superb track, no question.

I am still struggling to put together this past week. did a huge cross-section of american society see sense for an important minute? still think i'm gonna wake up and see it's a mirage.

on the realistic side, it's gonna be tough for 'em to do a lot in the next 2 years, just because people are gonna start positioning themselves for the pres elections in '08, and despite the majorities in congress, it'll take a lot of work and time to undo his fucking shit.

but still, starts with one step right?

great songs for the occasion.


Scholar said...

Grant---thanks for sharing your viewpoint, even if I don't agree 100%. I can see both sides of this issue, and it all boils down to personal conviction. I'm skeptical about the voting process, too, but I know that my vote definitely won't count if I don't cast one at all.

D-Kon---I almost threw "Typical American" by The Goats into the mix. I like their music, but it's a lot like hot dogs...I crave them 3-4 days a year, but the rest of the time I can't be bothered.

Adam---A lot of my favorite political songs are reggae joints...especially tracks about governmental oppression and marijuana legalization ;)

Travis---A lot of the joints on Schooly D's Am I Black Enough For You? LP were relatively political. Were you thinking of "Get Off Your Ass and Get Involved"?

And you're right---the beat on that PE joint is completely bananas.

SD---I agree---the two-party system is a disaster for a number of reasons. That said, I'm glad that the Republicans have finally lost some of their power. I refuse to call myself a Democrat, but the GOP has been fucking up for way too long now. I despise their entire political platform.

"What's Going On?" is an undisputable classic. "Mercy, Mercy Me" is another outstanding song that fits into this category. The list goes on and on...

Foster---Nice to know there's another Bigg Jus fan in the house. I have nothing but respect for the man, but he rarely gets proper due. Excellent choice.

matt said...

great post and great selection of tracks.

As for favorite political music, i'd throw a couple tracks from the Roots latest joint in the mix. Gil Scott-Heron always brings to mind Michael Franti's Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy project. And Kool Moe Dee / Chuck D / KRS-One's "Rise 'n' Shine" sprung to mind (along w/ the Sly Stone track it samples).

On the jazz tip, the World Saxophone Quartet's recent Political Blues is fantastic. There's also Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra.

Oh, and as for dub, Mad Professor has some great stuff. And have you heard Linton Kwesi Johnson's Forces of Victory and other albums? great shit. I'll have to post on that soon.

Scholar said...

Matt---great musical selections. Can't wait until you post about Linton Kwesi Johnson---I know very little. As you probably already know, I thought that Sun Ra post was unbelievable.

Thanks for dropping by.

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"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" it's my favorite political song ever! everybody must hear it.

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