Saturday, June 24, 2006

I Remixed A Remix...It Was Back To Normal

I just posted the last phase in my trilogy of contributions over at Miblog Weighs A Ton. This time my focus was on handing over a few dope remixes that my headphones seem to particularly appreciate. Fans of Digital Underground, Run-DMC, DJ Numark and Pomo, Hall & Oates, Pete Rock, Public Enemy, and De La Soul are strongly encouraged not to sleep:



Anonymous said...


you are chained to your pc and I to my mac.

what's a personal life anyway? I've been saying for years that i'm a hermit. I guess it's good that I teach. gets me out of the house, although all too often for my taste these days.

I'll look over my links and see if there is anything you might not have run across. but my taste can be quite eclectic (i spent years listening to old country music for example) and i don't expect others to share all my tastes.

thanks for the early rap stuff- i never quite got out of the eighties with rap- but then, they didn't sing about ganstas and bling back then...

keep cool or dry depending on your location


Scholar said...

Firpo---I'd probably like a lot of your 'eclectic" links. I'm pretty fuckin' bizarre myself ;)