Monday, September 19, 2005

You May Say I'm A Dreamer (But I'm Not The Only One)

Originally, my plan was that John Lennon's picture would accompany this post. However, the vast majority of the photographs I uncovered during my search were sort of unfriendly to the eye. In quite a few of them, he looks like an awkward byproduct of the mating of Jesus with a rabbi. Disturbingly ironic, huh? Then, I kept encountering the image of him naked on a bed with his wife, Yoko Ono. Something about him posing in that fetal position was a always a little strange for me. I ended up deciding that the Souled On Image Of The Day award should be granted to Donny Hathaway, one of the greatest soul brothers to have ever walked the earth. I gave John his props in the title instead, because his lyrical talent beats the hell out of his physical appearance (any day of the week).

So, even though it seems like I'm probably high and just rambling, there really was a point to the whole John Lennon thing. I've been thinking about John a lot today, because I just read some new material by Steve Lightfoot this afternoon. "Who the hell is Steve Lightfoot?," you ask. He's your mama...either that, or he's an odd conspiracy theorist who pushes pamphlets which emphatically assert that Stephen King murdered John Lennon. Yes---that Stephen King...I've found Lightfoot to be oddly intriguing since I first encountered his conspiracy theories a few years ago. He's actually a rather intelligent dude...but damn...he is simultaneously wack as crack. Currently, he's proposing a new theory about the disaster in New Orleans. As always, he manages to be both paranoid and insightful:

Donny Hathaway's song "Giving Up" is available for free download at Fifteen Minutes to Listen:

10 tracks highlighting the production skills of DJ Premier can be downloaded at The Low End Theory. Link to your right.

No Frontin' is featuring "Barely In Love", a track from Q-Tip's unreleased project as Kamaal the Abstract:

If you cop the Q-Tip joint, it might get your mind right to listen to some Sa-Ra. Two of their tracks from last year are available at Ear Fuzz: If you like their shit, you should start diggin' for their 12" on pink vinyl.

Checkerboard Chimes posted the mp3 for "Slow Blues", a song by Vast Aire from the upcoming release Think Differently Music: Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture: And it's finally here---the RZA/MF Doom track, "Biochemical Equation".

Scissorkick is featuring Nicolay's "Light It Up":

Download Anthony Hamilton's "Can't Let Go" at Notes From A Different Kitchen. Linkage to the right.

At The Number One Songs In Heaven, you can acquire "The Saddest Story Ever Told", an extremely powerful song performed by Mattie Moultrie:

Hopefully, this shit will keep you busy for a minute. No post tomorrow, because I have less important things to do---like get high as hell in honor of the day of my birth. Don't worry about sending a gift or anything...I'm just hoping that someone in my life loves me enough to get me a busty boobs birthday cake: