Monday, September 05, 2005

Those Who Work The Hardest Get The Least

Those of you who've been hangin' with me for a minute may remember the post I wrote in honor of Independence Day. You know---the day when we all sit around a picnic table with our dysfunctional-ass families, celebrating the fact that we are fortunate enough to live in a free country. My post that day contained some silly pothead humor, but part of the underlying premise was to call into question what freedom really means in today's world. As Americans, we are asked to understand the concept of freedom in relative terms. We know we ain't allowed to do whatever the hell we want---that's not at all what American freedom implies. Be real---prisons have become a capitalistic enterprise, and even those who commit nonviolent, consensual crimes (prostitution, drug use, etc.) often face lengthy periods of detainment under today's regulations. Instead, being free in America is understood to mean living in a society that isn't run by an evil dictator who seeks to manipulate, harm, and oppress his or her people. It means being able to worship and love whomever, and whatever, one wants. appears as though freedom is becoming little more than an illusion in this country---the captain of our ship has taken on the features of a wretched imperialist, possessing one hell of a corrupt agenda. So how true does freedom ring at this particular point in time?

One of the unfortunate truths about our current socio-political climate is that anyone who speaks out against the government is accused of being unpatriotic...or even a Communist. This notion is in no way congruent with the values upon which this country was established. If you disagree with what's going on here, people often feel inclined to tell you to leave the country. That way, this former melting pot can separate out anyone who doesn't see things the George Bush way. So fuck diversity, right? Man---don't let these con artists fool you...a true patriot fights for the integrity of the nation. If you are in disagreement with current policy, now is not the time to be silenced by that kind of propaganda...

So now it's Labor Day, another holiday wrought with its share of twisted irony. As far as I'm concerned, this is a day to celebrate and honor those who bust their asses on a daily basis to provide goods and services to the American people. Problem is, a really high percentage of those individuals will have to work today, in spite of it being their so-called day. Other working class people might get the day off, but will have to go without pay. Loss of a day's wages can be pretty devastating when you're counting pennies to maintain a budget.

In actuality, this holiday is more of a cause to celebrate amongst those who have a good enough job to score the day off, with pay. I'm one of those lucky assholes now, but it sure took a long time to get there. I guess that's why now, I hate to see anyone looking down on, or disrespecting another person because of what they do for a living. Believe it or not, that single mother working at Wal-mart has enough to deal with, without being shit on by you...

So, I implore you...when you stop to get gas today, consider making eye contact with the cashier. Or get way the fuck out of your comfort zone, and smile at the attitudinal bitch who works the drive-thru window at KFC. Give the waitress at Denny's a tip for once, you greedy bastard. Put a little bit of humility and soul into Labor Day this year, and be grateful you're ass is being served...

Many thanks to all the workers who are unsung heroes in this nation...


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