Saturday, September 10, 2005

Which Road Leads To Damnation?

When disaster strikes, a perfect opportunity always arises for the Christian right to advance their hateful and misguided agenda. Because they believe themselves to be the most righteous souls on Earth, they are inclined to inform the rest of us about the nature of God's intentions. Coincidentally, God hates the same people that they do---African-Americans, gay people, poor people, Jews, and/or anyone who has a philosophy that's different from their own. In the aftermath of Katrina, a host of foolish and biased sentiments have been expressed by Christian conservatives. Some undoubtedly have more finesse then others, but most of them are on some undercover KKK shit...minus the sheets, of course. Here are just a few examples:

Barbara Bush has expressed her privileged white person opinion that many of the hurricane's survivors are now "better off": The accomodations are so superior, in fact, that even the poor women who were raped in the Superdome are astounded by the generous hospitality they've been shown.

This article on SOHH explains why some conservatives are saying that hip-hop culture is partially to blame for the disaster:

Finally, there's this crazy lady: She contends that the hurricane was God's way of punishing all of the black gangsters in New Orleans, especially the ones who listen to rap music. Her theory isn't even worth debunking, as she so obviously had her head up her ass the day her god was handing out wisdom and common sense.

Damn.....times like these really make you wonder how and why we ended up on such a fucked up planet. Scientists generally utilize evolutionary theory to explain the process of our creation. A number of religious fanatics are tending to favor the intelligent design theory of existence, despite all realistic evidence to the contrary. And now, Cyberpope is proposing his own theory-that the world was created by an entity known as Sadistic Racist Retarded Baby: As he describes it, there is no better way to explain the creation of things like hangovers, McDonald's, Dido, mullets, slavery, SPAM, televangelists, etc.

One of the reasons why I've always liked RZA is because the brotha is definitely not from this particular planet. He may hail from strange origins, but an average earthling is something he will never be. Spine Magazine is currently featuring one of his tracks---"Outlines". While you're there, you might also want to check out some of the other mp3s they've posted recently---2 NAS/DJ Clue tracks, an unreleased song by De la Soul, a couple of cuts from Fatlip's album, and more:

Soul Sides posted "Katrina Klap" by Mos Def, as well as "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People" by legendary underground crew, K-Otix: For your listening pleasure, Mista T (aka Treat Williams) also posted more tracks by K-Otix on his blog. Hook up with Treat to your right.

At Lemon-Red, you can cop "Holiday" by Roy Ayers (DJ Spinna vocal mix):

This is a pretty interesting interview with Kool Herc. He discusses a variety of topics, including the current state of hip-hop and his favorite mcs:

Before I go, I just wanna give a shout to Miss Maple. She's been one of my loyal readers for quite some time now, and she deserves to get a little bit of hype and type for her dedication. Peace, girl...


Anonymous said...

Hey Scholar, thanks for the shout out. And from someone who knows you personally, the picture you posted of yourself does do you justice. Thanks for the love,
B. Miss Maple

Scholar said...

B---I'm really glad you like the pic. Those photographers at Wal-Mart can really work some magic behind the lens. It was a good day for my 'fro, too, so you know I was stylin' and profilin'.

I'm intrigued now, Maple...and you're welcome for the love ;)

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