Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Make Your Ears Want To Bleed

So yesterday, my flu (I'm sort of attached to it now) officially made the journey from my head to my lungs. Since then, I've been blasting it with cowboy killers, unclean city air, and weed smoke. So far, however, I have not been at all successful in forcing the damn thing to leave my premises. That's right---my virus and I have been getting high as hell together, and now it's stuck on stupid, refusing to budge. Ugh.... Needless to say, I'm short on wit, and long on complaints. I respect you far too much to ask you to tolerate more of my incessant whining, so straight to the links we go...and let's do this damn thing properly:

Laura Bush recently demonstrated how she could be married to such a complete idiot. Birds of a feather flock together, so to speak. Watch this brief clip in which she screws up the name of the hurricane...twice: This is a MAJOR faux pas as far as I'm concerned---especially considering the fact that the Bush clan is still trying to pretend that they give some kind of shit about this disaster.

In this video, Taco-Man pokes fun at the Trinity of Evil Bastards---George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, and Pat Robertson:

Dave Chappelle update---you'll have to get your ass off the couch to see him this time around, but he is currently doing a comedy tour (hopefully near you):

Freemotion posted several mp3s yesterday, including tracks by Madlib, KMD, Lootpack, and The Meters. Link to your right.

Fifteen Minutes To Live has a handful of new songs you can download. Some of the artists featured are Kev Brown, Cage, and Rob Swift:

Probably because I'm a total fuckin' nerd, I've been a big fan of Blockhead's music for quite some time now. I have a deep appreciation for the production work he's done for Aesop Rock, and my vinyl copy of Blockhead's Broke Beats is scratched to hell and back. His last official release was Music By Cavelight, and his LP Downtown Science is scheduled to be released next month. Both efforts have more trip than hip in their hop (if ya know what I mean)...but it's all good music. You can download "Expiration Date" at Earfuzz:,
and "Long Walk Home" is posted on Checkerboard Chimes:

Speaking of noteworthy producers, you can cop a couple of tracks by Nujabes at Diggin' Music: Two Herbaliser mp3s are also currently available.

Spine Magazine is featuring new stuff from ODB and Redman:

Someone will probably be offended by this (I'll bet that happens a lot), but I've always thought of Obie Trice as being kinda lame somehow. However, against my better judgment, I find myself really diggin' his sound from time to time. If you haven't heard his song "Wanna Know" yet, you can download the mp3 at Razorblade Runner. Don't pass up the opportunity...this track simply has me bouncing off the walls and shit. You know where the link is...

My flu has just requested a little smokin' session. On that note, I bid you farewell...