Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sisters Got Soul

The last time my man DJ Blueprint dropped a mix over here, it was downloaded over 3,800 times. Crazy, right? It didn't take a whole lot of insight on our part to figure out that the soul children might be ready to get down with a second round.

As always, Blueprint came through with the undeniable goods. If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'---this is one of my friend's dopest mixes yet. If you accidentally slept on his first guest mix, it's still available via this post.

I have watched this guy evolve into the amazing soul juggernaut that he is today, and I couldn't be more proud of what he's bringing to the table(s). If you want to keep track of what he's up to, be sure to check him out on the regular over at his almighty throne, better known as this is tomorrow.

dj blueprint - sisters got soul mix (zShare)

dj blueprint - sisters got soul mix (YSI)

01. lyn collins - think (polydor)
02. saundra phillips - miss fatback (brown dog)
03. etta james - you got it (cadet)
04. gloria taylor - born a woman (king soul)
05. marie franklin - bad bad woman (westbound)
06. betty wright - secretary (alston)
07. yvonne fair - funky music sho nuff turns me on (motown)
08. laura lee - crumbs off the table (hot wax)
09. erma franklin - i'm just not ready for love (shout)
10. dorothy moore - here it is (malaco)
11. betty lavelle - do your duty (silver fox)
12. marie adams - get on up and do it baby (vantage)
13. jean knight - you think you're hot stuff (stax)
14. laura lee - what a man (cotillion)
15. betty harris - there's a break in the road (sss international)
16. koko taylor - instant everything (yambo)
17. mystic five - girls get out of the way and let a woman in (cunity)
18. gigi - daddy love (sweet)
19. pearl dowell - good thing (saadia/jazzman reissue)
20. marlena shaw - wade in the water (cadet)

If you're not mixed up enough yet, let me also direct you towards a new mix from another one of my funky soul brethren, Colin Dilnot. My man just celebrated his 1500th post over at In Dangerous Rhythm last week, which is quite a jaw-dropping achievement as far as I'm concerned. Shit...I'm tired after 260. Anyway, Colin also dropped an exclusive mix for Souled On this summer---check it out here.

Stay tuned...I'll be back in just a minute to share some more gems from my collection with you.

Word From Blueprint's Moms:

"Only sick music makes money today." ---Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)


dennis b said...

Nice one, man.

Kate G. said...

Hey man, I was trying to get copies of these mixes (yours and Colin's) but they aren't being hosted anymore. Can you hook a sister up?

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Awesome remixes! I wonder if you have more stuff like this in your blog!