Thursday, November 29, 2007

Question Reality...

Those of you who actually bother to read between the hyperlinks have probably noticed that I generally don't offer much in the way of self-disclosure. Besides being a very private person, I choose to remain fairly anonymous in order to keep my focus where it should be...on the music. Despite the fact that it's somewhat contrary to my nature, when Travis from Wake Your Daughter Up asked me if I would consent to doing an interview with him, I simply couldn't refuse. Travis has become much more than a blogger affiliate...I greatly respect his hustle over at WYDU and consider him to be a truly good friend. With very little persuasion, I agreed to break my code of silence and answer everything that he wanted to know.

I can't blame you for not really giving a damn, but it turned out to be a pretty interesting discussion. For example, have you ever wondered whether or not people send me underwear because they love Souled On so damn much? Ever pondered the origin of Word From Your Moms, or asked yourself why I call my readers soul children? These essential truths (and many more) came to light thanks to Trav's relentless and illuminating interrogation.

If that's not enough to convince you, I also dropped a few quality tracks exclusively at his spot to express my gratitude for the opportunity to expose myself to his readership. Okay...that sounded borderline illegal...but you get the idea...

Scholar's interview with Travis at WYDU

The unofficial soundtrack:

"Ask Me 'Bout Nothing (But The Blues)"---Bobby "Blue" Bland (zShare)

"Ask Me 'Bout Nothing (But The Blues)"---Bobby "Blue" Bland (savefile)

Dig deeper...

"The Truth"---Handsome Boy Modeling School w/ Roisin Murphy & J-Live (zShare)

"The Truth"---Handsome Boy Modeling School w/ Roisin Murphy & J-Live (savefile)

Dig deeper...

"Answer Me"---Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings (zShare)

"Answer Me"---Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings (savefile)

Dig deeper...

"Question"---Danja Mowf (zShare)

"Question"---Danja Mowf (savefile)

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"Tell All The People"---Merry Clayton (zShare)

"Tell All The People"---Merry Clayton (savefile)

Dig deeper...

"Listen To This"---The Roots/ Walking Large (zShare)

"Listen To This"---The Roots/ Walking Large (savefile)

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Word From Your Moms:

"I Am"---from Weldone Irvine's Time Capsule (mp3)

"A Word Of Advice"---MF Doom (from Fog)


taufique said...


My thanks to you has been extremely way overdue. I'm a regular to your blog for the past 4 months or so, and I've found it extremely enlightening. For years, I've wanted to search for the stuff that you write about, but only recently, through blogs like yours, have I been able to get some knowledge, and good music. My only regret is that blogs like this were not around when I was in my teens. Im in my late 20s now, and thanks to the internet and blogs like yours, my appreciation(and collection) of soulful music is growing vastly. Being in a country where this sort of music is almost unavailable (except on VERY expensive cd reissues), Im always looking forward to get updated and get some new stuff off your blog. Thanks a million!

Taufique (from Malaysia)

Anonymous said...

Great interview Scholar and as always thanks for the music.


Vincent the Soul Chef said...

That was a very interesting interview. I can go on and on with lots of kudos and accolades, but I'll just say keep on fighting the good fight! It is indeed a pleasure to be a part of the Souled On family.

Commish CH said...

Classic interview my man. Trav and you could team up on a Hip Hop Trivia Bowl and wreck shop. Do they have one of those and if they do are they serving beer? One.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scholar ~ I have to agree with Vince, interesting interview. Had it not been for the knowledge you have given to your readers, I may not have ever considered giving Wu Tang a chance. I call you the Human Music Encyclopedia. Your passion and musical enlightment has given me a desire to step outside of the box, listening to music that motivate thought, not just moves. I must say that thanks to you, I have no idea where that box is anymore (and not just because of the music ;)). Word From Your Mom is more to me than a thought for the day, it is a thought for my life. Thank you for being such a big inspiration in who I am. You are a gem in your own right, not to be compared to anything nor anyone in this life ;). Thank you for being part of mine.


What It Is said...

Hey scholar,
Travis has been telling me to check you out for a while now. But lots of people tell me to check out lots of things. Glad I finally listened. Really looking forward to looking through your archives.

The Stepfather of Soul said...

Great interview - I think you are really on target about the misunderstandings which have prevented the hip-hop generation and soul generation from getting together. It's all about respect.

thisistomorrow said...

hi there... i think the interview shows that there are real music lovers out there doing these blogs... not just people showing off their collections... i'm waiting for your mix... and good luck on your writing job, you really deserve it... mike

The Incredible Hawkes said...

Love your site man, it has inspired me to create a blog of my own (
but I can't top you choice of words and music but I hope you guys check it

Scholar said...

Taufique---Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment. One of the great things about doing this blog has been getting to know other music lovers all over the globe.

Please let me know if there are any records or CDs that I can help you find. You can write me at

Thanks for reading/listening. One love...

Anon---Gratitude and respect.

Vincent---As far as my internet crew goes, you're like my brother from another mother. Hope you're well, fam.

Commish---Actually, I think all three of us should join forces and call it something like Wake Your Slushy Soul Gutter Up. That would be one hell of a trinity. And yes-we can serve beer...

Stay up.

PK---My girl...if I can get you into the Wu, I think my work on this earth will be complete...haha. Thanks for the love. It's mutual.

Pace---Thanks---Trav occasionally knows what the fuck he's talking about..ha ha. I spent some time on your blog yesterday and your shit is hilarious my man. I'll definitely be wasting some free time over at your spot as well.

Jason aka The Good Stepfather---I'm glad that you enjoyed the interview. I guess since I love both soul and hip hop so much, I'm determined that we can all just get along.

By the way, I would be very interested in talking hip hop with you some day. I'd love to have some insight into who some of your favorite artists are.

Mike/Blueprint/Tomorrow---It's definitely all about love for the music. It's why we do what we do, right?

I've been thinking about the mix...just been sort of divided about the theme. If you have a mix you're ready for me to post over here, hit me up.

Thanks for the encouragement about my new side hustle with the writing. Keep your fingers crossed for me, bro. Be well...

Hawkes...I went over and had a bite of the classy cheese sandwich. Nice musical selections so far...I'm interested to see where you go with this. Cheese can make you constipated though, homie, so make sure you keep things flowin'...Good luck.

chrome said...

great interview. it goes without saying and you know this.

scholar is the greatest!!!!!!!!!

still trying to sort out man hours to get back into the mix of things. one day.


HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

NICE ONE! It ain't no mystery what a HIP, HIP spot this is and, most definitely, the music is the thing. A bit cliche, but if you can turn one person on to something that may change their musical world, it's worth the effort. And I'm one person that's had my musical world turned upside down thanks to the blogging community and, no doubt, "Souled On" is at the top of the list. WORD!!!

Peace and SOUL,

Anonymous said...

You continue to impress. I really liked the Sharon Jones "Answer Me" and the prior post's Charles Bradley and The Menahan Street Band's song "The World". Amazing.

Kat said...

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