Monday, November 19, 2007

Souled On Samples Part XVI

"Make The Road By Walking"---The Menahan Street Band (zShare)

"Make The Road By Walking"---The Menahan Street Band (savefile)

*Sampled on "Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)..." by

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"Star Children"---The Mighty Ryeders (zShare)

"Star Children"---The Mighty Ryeders (savefile)

*Sampled on "Love Jones" by RZA and "It Could Happen To You" by Mobb Deep/DJ Muggs

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"Life Of Fortune And Fame"---Sly And The Family Stone (zShare)

"Life Of Fortune And Fame"---Sly And The Family Stone (savefile)

*Sampled on "Game Theory" by The Roots

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"Put On Train"---Gene Harris & The Three Sounds (zShare)

"Put On Train"---Gene Harris & The Three Sounds (savefile)

*Sampled on "What Comes Around"---The Beastie Boys

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"My People...Hold On"---Eddie Kendricks (zShare)

"My People...Hold On"---Eddie Kendricks (savefile)

*Sampled on "People" by J Dilla

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"7 Rooms Of Gloom"---The Four Tops (zShare)

"7 Rooms Of Gloom"---The Four Tops (savefile)

*Sampled on "Puff Puff Pass" by Frank N Dank (if you slept when I posted this track, the mp3 link is still available here)

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"Gone Away"---Roberta Flack (zShare)

"Gone Away"---Roberta Flack (savefile)

*Sampled on "What You Know" by T.I.

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"That's What Love Is Made Of"---The Sylvers (zShare)

"That's What Love Is Made Of"---The Sylvers (savefile)

*Sampled on "All That You Are" by Foreign Exchange (Nicolay + Phonte of Little Brother)

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"Tripping Out"---Curtis Mayfield (zShare)

"Tripping Out"---Curtis Mayfield (savefile)

*Sampled on "Black Nostaljack" by Camp Lo

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"Bittersweet"---Chairmen Of The Board (zShare)

"Bittersweet"---Chairmen Of The Board (savefile)

*Sampled on "Bittersweet" by Kanye West/John Mayer (if you haven't heard this joint, which dropped out before Graduation, you can d/l it via Resonator Magazine)

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"The Road We Didn't Take"---Freda Payne (zShare)

"The Road We Didn't Take"---Freda Payne (savefile)

*Sampled on "Life Changes" by Wu-Tang Clan (from their upcoming 8 Diagrams LP)

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Supplemental Materials:

Bonus mp3s (zShare only):

In honor of the reunion of my favorite hip hop group of all time and the recent anniversary of ODB's death, a new Wu track, as well as a couple of dope remixes...

"Life Changes"---Wu-Tang Clan

"Shimmember Me (DJ Not I remix)---ODB vs. Blue Boy (an Ol' Dirty tribute joint)

"Run (Ratatat remix)"---Ghostface Killah

Curtis Mayfield performing "We Got To Have Peace" in 1972. This song is every bit as relevant now as it was 35 years ago...a timeless classic:

Word From Your Moms:

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”---Maya Angelou


Anonymous said...

Hey Scholar. The two things I truly appreciate on today's blog is 'Word from your Moms' that holds such truth and power that I felt the impact of that quote as I read it, thinking about a very special person that has done that for me ;).

Secondly, Curtis Mayfield's pants :) Dope! Where do you find these pictures. Man I love this blogspot. More comments to come as I continue my journey.


Anonymous said...

Yo Scholar,

This might sound sad and all, but I basically live for these sample posts. Good lookin out.

floodwatch said...

Damn, Scholar - still killing it, I see. I've always loved that Sylvers cut.

Stay up.

plomarty said...

Hey This is Martini

good job as usual man

Nice Curtis live video.

Take care!

Graz said...

i got too much love for the Souled On Samples...

Vincent the Soul Chef said...

Thank you Scholar for joining in on the fun with the Thanksgiving post. The turnout so far has been phenomenal! Here's hoping that you and yours have a great holiday.

Peace and blessings.

Travis said...

Oooooh, Gene Harris stuff, you know my weakness for his stuff. Thanks for that Wu joint, I've been hearing about it, but my absence from the net, I hadn't heard yet it. Hope all is well!

Scholar said...

PK---You know I have much, much love for you, too. As far as how you've made ME feel, it's nothing but positive vibes, sister.

I know you have anxieties about posting comments on here (some of which are valid), but I'm glad you're getting over that shit slowly but surely.

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” I borrowed that shit, but it's the truth either way.

It's good to know you like Curtis' pants in that pic...the holidays are coming, so now I've got at least one solid gift idea. I think you'd look superfly in those ;)

Anon---It's all good, homie. Good thing I finally got another one of these sample posts up...I'm all about trying to save people's lives and shit.

flood---Thanks cousin. Like I told you, that Grimm post you wrote recently was some high quality stuff. You never cease to amaze me. Thank goodness we're friends so I'll never have to battle wits with you.

Martini---How ya been? Thanks again for that exceptional guest post. Still don't know how you manage to dig up some of the records that you find, but since you're good enough to share them, I guess I can't be too mad at ya.

Be well, and give my regards to Jopparelli.

graz---There is no such thing as loving anything on this blog too much, homie. I'm keeping the series going because I know guys like you are counting on it.

Made any dope beats lately? Hit me up.

Vincent---Thanks for the invitation. You more than deserve the big turnout after working so diligently to pull that whole collaborative effort together. Sorry that I didn't get a link up until today, but hopefully some of my peoples will be dropping by your crib regardless.

Hope you enjoyed your holiday to the fullest.

Trav---Yeah, I can't listen to Gene Harris without thinking about a few of our conversations. Same with Eddie Harris (and some other joints that I won't specifically mention). Still looking for that other EH joint we want.

"Life Changes" is pretty dope IMO. When I first realized that they were gonna flip that Freda track, I knew RZA was going to make a killing with that beat. I have a few more leaks from 8 Diagrams if you want 'em. So far it seems as if the LP will be solid if not great...looking forward to reading/hearing your thorough assessment after it drops.

Murgs said...

Love what you've got goin' here, but you've gotta get some Gil Scott-Heron up...


Chris said...

damn no ,scholar you just beat me to that fuckin' roc boys sample, i was going to put that on volume three but still was too lazy to put it up ;)

haha well anyway, great post as always and thanks for that run remix, downloading right now.

Scholar said...

Murgs---Damn...guess I haven't put any Gil Scott-Heron up, have I? Any track in particular you want me to dig up?

Chris---Sorry, fam. I actually thought I might have been a little late with that. That's why I put up the Freda Payne song that Wu sampled for "Life Changes" before their LP even dropped, because it's crazy how fast people are coming with the samples and breaks these days. You should up it anyway, man---you'll still make a lot of people happy who didn't find it over here.

By the way, Ratatat has done some really dope hip hop remixes. I can't wait until they drop a third volume.

soup said...

tripping out over curtis (bad pun but relevant and for want of self-expression). that kind of groove puts me on the third plane

much love for the postings and words from mom

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