Thursday, November 01, 2007

Spontaneous Simplicity

Consider this whole thing a figment of your collective imagination. I had intended to focus my time and energy this week on a few upcoming projects and posts, but I made a last-minute decision to throw a little "spontaneous simplicity" into the rotation. These are just some tracks that I've been listening to a lot over the past few days---searching for some sort of rhyme or reason in the mix will only serve to confuse you. No greater meaning than sending a little love from my boombox to yours...

"Wichita Lineman"---Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (zShare)

"Wichita Lineman"---Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (savefile)

The most soulful version of this song I've ever heard...

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"I Love You, I Need You"---Otis Clay (zShare)

"I Love You, I Need You"---Otis Clay (savefile)

Baby...why do you keep hurtin' me this way?

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Puff Puff Pass---Frank N Dank (zShare)

Puff Puff Pass---Frank N Dank (savefile)

I'm usually not feelin' these guys all that much, but Dilla's gotta be up in the sky somewhere...smiling.

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"I've Got You, Man!"---The Sweet Vandals (zShare)

"I've Got You, Man!"---The Sweet Vandals (savefile)

How can you not love me for this one?

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"Dub Cutting"---Nobody Beats The Beats (zShare)

"Dub Cutting"---Nobody Beats The Beats (savefile)

I get completely lost in the rhythm every single time...

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"Nuclear War"---Sun Ra And His Outer Space Arkestra (zShare)

"Nuclear War"---Sun Ra And His Outer Space Arkestra (savefile)

Whether you think Sun Ra was a prophetic genius or a complete madman, this is just one of those tracks that every man, woman and soul child needs to hear at least once in a lifetime.

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"Threat(100 dBs Remix)"---Jay-Z (zShare)

"Threat(100 dBs Remix)"---Jay-Z (savefile)

"Be Like Hov"---Jay-Z/DJ Suss One (zShare)

"Be Like Hov"---Jay-Z/DJ Suss One (savefile)

I really wanted to drop a couple of joints from American Gangster because I don't give a damn what anyone says---this is one of the best commercial LPs that's been released all year.

Since the RIAA is probably on a mad witch-hunt for anyone who dares to leak a track or two, I decided on a couple of less worrisome options. Just don't forget to cop AG on Tuesday...

And screw a review by some boring-ass newspaper/magazine journalist...why not check out
Trav's take instead?

Supplemental Material:

Live footage of The Sweet Vandals:

Just in case you haven't seen Jay's new "Blue Magic" video yet. One of the album's weaker joints, but hell---what do you expect from the single?:

An excerpt from Brother From Another Planet about Sun Ra:

Word From Your Moms:

"It's AFTER the end of the world. Don't you know that yet?"

"The outer space beings are my brothers. They sent me here. They already know my music."

"But recently I began to feel that maybe I wouldn't be able to do what I want to do and need to do with American musicians, who are imprisoned behind these bars; music's got these bars and measures you know."

"The light of the future casts the shadows of tomorrow."

*All above quotes courtesy of Sun Ra


Captain Panettone said...

Scholar you are dropping heat like a hot potato at the moment.

I am a huge fan of The Meters take on Wichita Lineman - I first heard it on a Cosmo Baker mixtape and cannot get enough of it. I dunno, Smokey ain't too bad either.
The Young Holt Unlimited is also a good listen.

Peace and thanks,


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Smokeys take on Wichita Lineman. Another sublime version is on the Frank Cunimondo Trio LP Echoes. In fact the whole record is strong.

Madden Wachsenhoff said...

if blue magic is the weakest cut on AG then I cant wait to hear the rest of it....

I also recall seeing another video of this... something with chicks in an apartment slangin and dudes making drops into cars etc... anyone else seen this>

Anonymous said...

Yes I have seen that video, too..assumed this was the same one?! I gotta check it-
Re: Sun Ra-he was the illest.

Anonymous said...

What a surprise to see Otis Clay in the mix. He is one superb vocalist, and deserves much more attention than he gets.
Thanks a lot!


Madden Wachsenhoff said...

heres that 'other' blue magic video - i guess it was the promo... I dig this much more than the official version

DJ Yamin said...

Word! Feeling the Nobody Beats the Beats track.

Scholar said...

Paul---Thanks, man. I remember The Meters' version, but not the one by Young-Holt. I'm sure I've heard it at some point, but I can't place it at the moment.

It's funny because I'm not a huge Smokey fan, but I'm really diggin' that track. I don't dislike Smokey, but I lean more towards raw material most of the time...most of his songs are a bit TOO harmonious for my taste. Still respect him for his legendary status, though.

Thanks for taking the time to drop comments, Paul.

Be well.

Tension---I've never heard that LP, but thanks for the advice. For every record I listen to, there's 1000 more I haven't discovered yet.

dj mad wax---Gratitude for dropping that vid link. That was the first version I saw, too and you're right---it's better in some aspects.

I guess I should qualify my statement about "Blue Magic" being one of the weaker tracks. The lyrics and beat are some of the best on the LP, but I'm not crazy about the hook. Pharrell singing an En Vogue song doesn't particularly work for me. That said, I'd guess that a lot of other heads will prefer it to the rest of the LP, most of which isn't nearly as readily accessible. Just boils down to personal taste, but if you're a Hov fan, you'll probably like most of AG.

Anon---I think Sun Ra was ill, too. Apparently a lot of jazz purists disagree, but Ra was on a whole different level.

Inge---I'm a big Otis Clay fan. I posted another one of his songs a while back. I'm guessing you liked that a whole lot better than "Candy Licker"...

Ben---You're welcome. I'm pretty impressed with everything I've heard by Nobody Beats The Beats. Drops From Above is a pretty solid LP all the way around.

Anonymous said...

lovin this post.

dig even dipper on the 100dbs track...

did you know that's a sample of a punk band?

Anonymous said...

dipper = deeper. i need coffee, goddamn

AC FRESH said...

Sun Ra is dope. They say he's music 24/7 like KRS-ONE says "your not just doing HipHop - You are HipHop" and Sun Ra gets his inspiration from the cosmos; DJ Q-Bert and Mix Master Mike thought the some way and they created some dope-ass styles. Sun Ra Sun Ra Sun Ra So Dope

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by looking for the sweet vandals. thanks for the youtube footage! love it!