Friday, December 14, 2007

As The Incense Burns and The Turntables Turn...

What's good, soul children? Hopefully all my peoples are feelin' fat and happy right about now. As for myself, I'm already making preparations for a very lazy weekend. To hell with productivity...sometimes it's more clever to endeavor to do nothing whatsoever. Screw whatever it is you think you have to do and get mellow right along with me, fam. These joints are already so hot, you ain't even gotta burn 'em...

"No One Could Ever Love You"---Freddie Scott (zShare)

"No One Could Ever Love You"---Freddie Scott (savefile)

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"I'll Understand"---The Soul Children (zShare)

"I'll Understand"---The Soul Children (savefile)

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"Ran It In The Ground"---Bloodstone (zShare)

"Ran It In The Ground"---Bloodstone (savefile)

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"Good To The Very Last Drop"---Millie Jackson (zShare)

"Good To The Very Last Drop"---Millie Jackson (savefile)

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The first wave of American Gangster remix projects have been released, and I've listened to quite a few of them over the past few days. The results run the gamut from pretty damn good to awfully fuckin' terrible...but I suppose that's to be expected. I'm of the mindset that the best mixes have yet to make an appearance on the internets, but meanwhile, here are a few I'm kinda diggin' right now....

"Hello Brooklyn 2.0 (Beirut Remix)"---Jay-Z/Lil' Wayne (zShare)

"Hello Brooklyn 2.0 (Beirut Remix)"---Jay-Z/Lil' Wayne (savefile)

"Pray (MIDIMarc Remix)"---Jay-Z (zShare)

"Pray (MIDIMarc Remix)"---Jay-Z (savefile)

"Success (Grinehouse Remix)"---Jay-Z/Nas (zShare)

"Success (Grinehouse Remix)"---Jay-Z/Nas (savefile)

"Party Life (Marvol Remix)"---Jay-Z (zShare)

"Party Life (Marvol Remix)"---Jay-Z (savefile)

"No Hook (Beirut Remix)"---Jay-Z (zShare)

"No Hook (Beirut Remix)"---Jay-Z (savefile)

"Say Hello (DJ Doc Rok)"---Jay-Z (zShare)

"Say Hello (Dj Doc Rok)"---Jay-Z (savefile)

Feel free to share your thoughts on these---the good, the bad, and the ugly. Since I have an obsession with collecting remixes, you're also encouraged to contribute to my depravity by dropping suggestions on any dope AG reduxes I may have overlooked. My future therapist thanks you...

Word From Your Moms:

"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side."---Hunter S. Thompson


Incredible Hawkes said...

Hello Brooklyn (Bionik Remix)

Success (Bionik Remix)

Zilla Rocca said...

Hey Scholar:

I might have a "Blue Magic" remix coming at you by this weekend/early next week.

Anyway, I'm really feeling the Midimarc remix of "Pray" and the Grinehouse remix of "Success." The rest of the joints sound like beats Jay would've picked or they don't work in the context of the song.

Good lookin regardless.

Leck said...


What's good? Checking out the site as usual this week and thought I'd actually leave a comment. (Not sure if I have ever before) Yeah... it's kinda shameless cause I just wanted to leave a link for one of my A.G. remixes. LOL

Anywayz... Here goes. - Pray

I'll comment more often since I am definitely a regular around this piece. I'm leck1music at MySpace

Zilla Rocca, what up?

paul said...

Did I mention you are the man?
L'Chaim, and many thanks.

Ponytone said...

I often take a detour down the avenues of Souled On, and I like your work, sir. If you're ever out in the countryside, make sure you visit the lush, dewy meadows of Ponytone

Anonymous said...

Hello know I love that. The remix is O.K., but I'm feelin' the original version.

Pray is also becoming a Jay-Z favorite of mine...Can't wait to see the movie ;).

By the way, I'm also feelin' I'll Understand..I know you asked for comments on the Jay-Z remixes, but just had to let you know I'm actually checkin' it all out.

Be cool; stay warm,

graz said...

woah...great tracks! u did it again scholar!

Raquel Laneri said...

My first visit. Love the tracks. Love your blog. I will be visitng for sure in the future!

N&N said...

Damn... thanks for posting the Beirut mixes, I listened to the whole joint and it's just a great piece of work... almost exactly my kind of beats.... Not the first time I found something more than interesting on this Blog. Thanks for everything, Scholar, it means a lot.

Travis said...

I was like a junkie searching for a piece of rock with the Black Album remixes. So far for this one though, I haven't "hit the pipe" as of yet. I've only heard one so far.

I'm sure though that once I get a taste of some more, I'll fall off the wagon. This could be a little more dangerous than the Black Album remixes though, blogs and the amount of "DJ So&So's" weren't AS prevalent back then.

For now though, I'm going to check these out. Thanks for helping a recovering junkie find the glass deek

Scholar said...

hawkes---Thanks, homie.

zilla---What's up, fam? I wouldn't expect anything less than a heartfelt critical breakdown coming from you.

I'm looking forward to hearing your remix Of "Blue Magic". No one has blended the chorus parts very well in my opinion so far...they all sound a little off to me. The same thing was true of "What More Can I Say?" and "Change Clothes"...they tended to be the weakest joints on most of the Black Album remixes. I have faith that you've got the skills to flip it properly though, so hit me up with the results.

leck---Shameless drops are welcome here, as long as you're not selling penis enlargement pills or Jerry Garcia Chia pets. Love the remix.

paul---Thank YOU for helping me stay lifted, bro. Hope you've been well.

ponytone---I visited the lush, dewy meadows of Ponytone...what a wonderful place to be. I'll definitely be going that way on a regular basis.

PK---Hey girlie. You do know that these Jay-Z joints aren't in the movie, right? Maybe I'll explain the whole thing over a blunt one day...

graz---I was just thinking about you the other day, fam. Glad you're still diggin' the joints around here. One...

Raquel---Left you a comment @ your spot. Thanks again for passing through...

n&n---Thanks for the feedback on the tracks. I actually really like most of the Beirut remixes I've heard. E-mail if you want me to send you more of his stuff...

Trav---I'm so glad you suffer from the same illness. Any chance you'll go to a support group with me???

Taka said...

MIDIMarc's remix of Pray is easily the best remix. Had to go out and cop the whole thing. Thanks for putting me on. I kind of feel Marvol's Party Life, but I don't really like the original song too much.

I don't think it's important whether they sound like joints Jay would have picked; just the final product. From what I can tell, only MIDIMarc understands the importance of drum sounds.

Anyway, thanks again!

SoulKlap said...

My name is SoulKlap, I also produced a Remix album of American Gangster, aptly titled "Soulful Gangster." Here's a couple treats from it and the link to the full album....Enjoy!

Success F/Nas-


"Soulful Gangster" Album-

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