Thursday, May 03, 2007

Souled On Samples Part III

You know what time it is...

"Innocent Til Proven Guilty"---Honey Cone
(Sampled on "Testify" by Common)

"Found A Child"---Ballin' Jack
(Sampled on "Bust A Move" by Young MC and "Eva" by Ozomatli)

"Lay Away"---The Isley Brothers
(Sampled on "Receipt" by Lil' Wayne)

"Memories Of Scirocco"--- Chuck Mangione
(Sampled on "A Day To God Is A 1000 Years" by RZA)

"Can't Find The Judge"---Gary Wright
(Sampled on "Steppin' To The A.M." by 3rd Bass and "No More Talk" by T.I.)

"Pity For The Lonely"---Luther Ingram
(Sampled on "Public Enemy" by A Tribe Called Quest w/ DJ Red Alert)

"One Night Affair"---The Stylistics
(Sampled on "Lovin' It" by Little Brother)

"Let Me Prove My Love To You"---The Main Ingredient
(Sampled on "You Don't Know My Name" by Alicia Keys---produced by Kanye West)

"Six Day War"---Colonel Bagshot
(Sampled on "Six Days" by DJ Shadow)

Bonus joints:

"Testify (remix)"---Common w/ Darien Brockington

"Six Days (remix)"---DJ Shadow w/ Mos Def

Word From Your Moms:

"As long as men are free to ask what they must, free to say what they think, free to think what they will, freedom can never be lost and science can never regress."---Marcel Proust


travis said...


He's my man, my mom used to play him constantely while I was growing. That's good stuff. Thanks for the lessons

Anonymous said...

Hi scholar, Tony here. I had to say thanks for that Colonel Bagshot. Great stuff! That's actually a very rare record. Saw it on e-bay a while back but it was out of my league. Always liked your site, but this has made you a hero.


JT said...

Great picks, especially the Main Ingredient.

We need to collaborate on something. Seriously.

Also: feelings on Darien Brockington? Still warming to his tunes, but not bad so far.

soulpeeps said...

Is it just me or does Lay Away sound a little like Honey Cone's "Want Ads"?

Scholar said...

Travis---Wow...glad your blizzack. A post just isn't a post w/o your two cents.

Anyway, I wish my parents would have had the good sense to play me some Chuck. My mom likes Kenny G--be thankful.

Anon---I've never priced a vinyl copy, but I'm sure the song has been comped a time or two. Definitely an interesting track.

JT---You know I'm always down for a collaboration---I liked that idea you wrote to me about a while back. I was already plotting to recruit you for a guest spot, so maybe this is good timing.

I haven't listened to enough of Darien's stuff to form a solid opinion. I like his voice, but most contemporary R&B is a tough sell with me. That might be sort of unfair, but I stand by my old school bias.

soulpeeps---I had never thought of it that way, but I can see some similarity. "Lay Away" is a really nice song, but I don't think it's particularly groundbreaking or unique.

DJ durutti said...

great selection as per usual. And I echo the above about Colonel Bagshot -- so cool to have this track. Also love the Mos Def remix -- which, of course i had already. But not so w/ the Honey Cone track smapled on "Testify" -- one of the best from Be.

Kinda have mixed feelings about Chuck Mangione -- some of his worst stuff really isn't all that many steps away from Kenny G. Had to smile when I saw the Gary Wright, though. Had no idea about that 3rd Base sample.


travis said...

Scholar, you know I'm always checking you! It's been hetic, but I always check the site out.

JT said...

Scholar -- hit me up anytime and we'll make something happen. I have a few more [read: better] ideas up my sleeve, and I wanna hear what yr thinking too.

Scholar said...

Matt---Chuck definitely has some material that doesn't hold much appeal for me, but it's nearly impossible to avoid his name when discussing the history of sampling. I was floored when I realized how many artists have borrowed his stuff---it's practically an epidemic. I like him more than Kenny G simply because he doesn't rock an afro-mullet.

Travis---I'm guilty of the same w/ WYDU---check you out daily, but sometimes on the fly. Just good to know when you're around.

JT---Looking forward to another collabo---I'll hit your inbox very soon.

Haldan said...

great collection, scholar- stay up.

Preston said...

RIP, Luther Ingram

Dude accomplished more than "If Loving You is Wrong..." though that ain't too shabby either.

Satchmo said...

word cannot express how badly i want that Tshirt