Thursday, May 10, 2007

Souled On Samples Part IV

How we feelin' out there, soul children? My daytime hustle required that I leave town for the past few days, so try not to be pissed at me for failing to offer a more substantive post. Things will get back to normal at the precise moment when I figure out what the hell that means. Meanwhile, I'm leaving some outstanding tracks as collateral--that way you know I'll get my ass back here as soon as possible...

"Tobacco Road"---Tommy Youngblood
(Sampled on "Stunt 101" by G-Unit)

"Free Again"---Gap Mangione
(Sampled on "Iron's Theme (Conclusion)" by Ghostface Killah)

"Ain't No Price On Happiness"---The Spinners
(Sampled on "Go With The Flow" and "Spikenard" by MF Doom)

"Help Me Make It Through The Night"---Gladys Knight & The Pips
(Sampled on "Da Joint" by EPMD)

"Hurry Up This Way Again"---The Stylistics
(Sampled on "Politics As Usual" by Jay-Z)

"Twine Time"---Alvin Cash
(Sampled on "Defective Trippin" by Gravediggaz, "Chief Rocka" by Lords of the Underground, and "Let, Let Me In" by De La Soul)

"Chicago"---Graham Nash
(Sampled on "The Truth" by Beanie Sigel)

"Don't Leave Me Lonely"---King Floyd
(Sampled on "For Heaven's Sake" by The Wu-Tang Clan)

Word From Your Moms:

"When Bush says democracy, I often wonder what he's referring to."---Angela Davis


Anonymous said...

Hi Scholar. Thank you for Tobacco Road. Not much of a G U-not fan but that is a killer track.

thisistomorrow said...

man, you are posting all the tracks i wanted to post... great job as always... there's nothing else to say... mike

Anonymous said...

Hey Scholar,

I've been waiting a long time to get my chubby fingers on that Alvin Cash record. 'Preciate it and all.

Commish CH said...

"Twine Time"...nice. Chief Rocka is one of my all-time favorites. Boomshockalaka here comes the Chief Rocka! Peace.

Scholar said...

Anon---I can relate...I'm not a G-Unit fan either. The whole idea of talking about great funk/soul/blues/jazz records from a sampling perspective is to encourage heads to give some of this classic stuff a listen. Glad you liked the track.

Mike---I actually know how that feels. I have tons of songs that I'm planning to post, but I end up scrapping most of them because they turn up elsewhere. You can understand that happening if you're posting brand new records, but it is kind of odd when that happens with records that are 40+ years old. Thanks for coming through---this is tomorrow remains a personal favorite.

Anon 2---Sorry about your fingers being chubby, but I'm glad you liked the track.

Commish---Yeah, "Chief Rocka" used to be my shit. I wish I had a better copy of "Twine Time" to offer, but no luck so far.

Perttu said...

Excellent music selection once again. I just wanna add that "Tobacco Road" was also sampled on Percee P's "Put It On The Line" and Ghostface's "Pretty Toney Intro".

JER said...

man, it's good to see Angela Davis quoted.
Thanks for all your good works.

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