Saturday, May 05, 2007

Slang Meets Soul

(Above sketch courtesy of SCRITCH & SCRATCH)

In the interests of keeping things fresh and out of the ordinary around here, I decided to give vik from Biochemical Slang the absolute soul power to call the shots for today's post. I started out by simply asking him if he had any favorite sample joints/original songs that he'd like to share with some needy soul children. Everything else, from the title to the ending quote is the product of his intelligent design. Now here we stand at the funkiest intersection of the blogosphere...where Slang Meets Soul...

Al GreenThe Letter
Sampled by Tragedy Khadafi– LA, LA

David AxelrodThe Smile
Sampled by Lord Finesse– Actual Facts

All the PeopleCramp Your Style
Sampled by everybody, including Del – Made in America

Funk, Inc.Kool is Back
Sampled by everybody, including the West Coast Rap All-Stars

The SylversWish That I Could Talk To You
Sampled by Ghostface– Mighty Healthy

Ini KamozeWorld-A-Music
Sampled by Damian Marley– Welcome to Jamrock

Muddy WatersMannish Boy
Sampled by Three Times Dope
Greatest Man Alive


Ann PeeblesThe Handwriting is On the Wall

Sampled by the Wu-Tang ClanIron Flag

Word From Your Moms:

Presented by THE WATTS PROPHETS (mp3)

“A man once told me that you step out of your door in the morning, and you are already in trouble. The only question is, are you on top of that trouble or not?”
- Walter Mosley (via Easy Rawlins, from Devil in a Blue Dress)


SW9 'til I die said...

ooh wee

diggin' tha Al Green track that RZA samples on Biggie's Long Kiss Goodnight

Anonymous said...

I love that line from Devil in a blue Dress.

vee said...

Thanks for the drop!!

zilla rocca said...

The Sylvers song was also used by RJD2 for the remix to "June" with Copywrite from "The Horror EP" from a few years back.

Vincent said...

As always, a quality selection of originals... some of which I have completely forgotten about. Thanks a lot for all the support.

travis said...

That's interesting finally hearing the sample for "Greatest Man Alive". I love that song and I've always kind of wondered about it (the sample). Good stuff as always.

JT said...

Solid stuff. Biochem is a regular visit, and this is a solid contribution!

Axelrod's easily in my Top 10 of life [Tunes-makers division].

MIKE said...

jesus piece is back. good looks on all these vids.

Scholar said...

sw9---I thought vik made a good choice with that cut, too.

Anon---That's such a good movie---lots of quotables.

vee---scritch and scratch is amazing. props.

zilla---You're right, and RJ used that joint on "Here's What's Left", too.

Vincent---The Stew is the greatest.

Trav---Buck 65 and The Gorillaz sampled that track, too. Based on what I know of your taste, I'm guessing that you probably made it a point to sleep on both of those.

JT---Axelrod is a true musical genius. I was glad when vik dropped "The Smile" because I've been meaning to post "The Human Abstract" for way too long. Thankfully, one of us was on it.

Mike---Welcome back. Long live The Jesus Piece...

travis said...

Scholar, I do have the two Gorillaz albums, but I'd be lying if I said I listened to either of them much.

I had a reader that tried to convince me of the greatness of Buck 65, and sent me a bunch of his work, but I never got into it much.

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Awesome collection of videos, I wonder if you heard Demian Marley live