Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children

As you know, Mom's word is a pretty big deal around here. This time she said she was gonna kick my ass if I let Mother's Day go by without giving props to all of the amazing women in the world who raise their children with wisdom, grace, and love. It is in their honor that I present a handful of my favorite mama-themed tunes from the crates. Enjoy---and be sure to give Moms a kiss for me...

"Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child"---Kathleen Emery

"My Momma And My Poppa"---Darondo

"Mommy, What's A Gravedigga? (Uptight Crate Digga Mix)"---Gravediggaz

"Answer To Mother Popcorn (I Got A Mother For You)"---Vicki Anderson

"Motherless Child"---O.V. Wright

"My Mom"---Chocolate Genius

"Mom's Revolver"---Omega One

Family members vik and Fresh also paid respect---be sure to check out their tributes as well.

Word From Your Moms:

"Love the whole world as a mother loves her only child."---Gautama Siddharta


Derek said...

How about EW&F's "Mom" or "Mama I'm So Sorry" by The Clipse. Those are other good ones. Liked what you picked out though homie.

Anonymous said...

That Kathleen Emery song is the greatest. I've heard John Legend and the original OV version, never that one.

Scholar said...

Derek---It seems like there are an infinite number of Mom, Mama, Momma, Mommy, Mother tracks out there. I think my only true regret so far is not posting Betty Davis' "Your Mama Wants You Back".

Anon---I like John Legend's version, too---his live rendition at the Knitting Factory was pretty impressive.

O.V. did an older version of the song, but "Motherless Child" is actually a gospel song/spiritual that was written by J.W. and J.R. Johnson in 1926.

soulpeeps said...

The true challenge is when Father's Day rolls around. There are practically no positive songs honoring fathers (after Luther's Dance With My Father, what's left?). Coincidence? I think not.

Perttu said...

That O.V. Wright's song has been a favourite of mine for a while now, but it's good to hear Kathleen Emery's version. It's a different song altogether. I love how it builds steam and boils over towards the end when the horns come in. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Luther Ingram's "To The Other Man" should mos def be on that list. Dilla sampled it on "whip me with a strap" and gobstopper.


Scholar said...

soulpeeps---You're right---I can only think of a few songs that are flattering towards father figures. Never really thought of it that way.

perttu---Glad you like the Kathleen Emery. I thought it might be a bit too "eccentric" for a lot of my readers, so it's good to know someone else appreciates that version.

Anon---Thanks for dropping that link. I passed that track over because I've posted links to a couple of other sites who've featured that track recently. I'm sure that a lot of people still haven't heard it though, so good lookin' out.

lord haha said...

scholar, keep on keepin on. i think that the work you are doing is great, keeping this music alive. i'm new to computers and just skimmed through. i saw public enemy in 84 or 85, an afternoon outdoor gig on the cricket pitch of trinity college dublin, ireland. they had the full sw1 thing and it goes without saying they wer def. i had been living in brooklyn for the two years previous to the show and was just back home for a visit, i can still remember how my friends reacted on their first exposure to rap and black culture, shock and awe. flavor flav went of on how we were all brothers and all that because he saw names like mcdonalds on his way from the airport. i used to have quite a collection of pe 12s and i also remember a great fight the power cut with a spike lee spoken word bit. where can i find that.

Anonymous said...

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