Monday, December 04, 2006

Those Who Had Soul Was Told To Clap

I frequently go through phases where I get restless and bored listening to new releases. While I enjoy pursuing the occasional diamond in the rough as much as the next music fiend, I sometimes think my eardrums will explode if they have to be subjected to one more displeasing sequence of sounds. During such times, I tend to retreat into albums and songs in my collection that possess the ability to restore my faith in the power of music. Here are just a few of the recordings I've had on replay lately:

"California Dreaming"---Lee Moses
Although I'm not one to post music solely on the basis of obscurity, part of the reason why I chose to upload another track from Time and Place is because the album is so difficult to acquire. It's an amazing record that is essential listening for any die-hard soul fan, so it seems particularly unfortunate that it's not more readily accessible .

Once again, I found it difficult to select a single track from an album that verges on soul perfection. In part, my affinity for the one I selected stems from the fact that the song itself was never a particular favorite of mine. Since hearing the Moses version, however, I can appreciate this tune on a completely different level. This isn't just a song for me's an entire experience.

P.S. Pay a visit to Breath Of Life this week to download Lee's jaw-dropping version of "Hey Joe", a song that was popularized by Jimi Hendrix.

"Hurry On Now" ---Alice Russell ft. TM Juke
There's something about the soulful, jazzy vibe of this track that I find irresistible. Some of Russell's music has to catch me on the right day and time, but this song can be part of my soundtrack whenever. If you're interested, Alice has a fairly extensive discography. This joint is from an album released in 2004---Under The Munka Moon.

"An Exodus"---Pelican City (aka Danger Mouse)
Long before The Grey Album, Ghetto Pop Life, and Gnarls Barkley, DM was recording music under the name Pelican City. This particular track is from The Chilling Effect, a dark, brooding soundtrack he released in 1999.

"You Want It"---Showbiz & AG ft. Diamond D
I have been listening to my old Show & AG records a lot lately. I guess I find some comfort in their older material, because heaven and hell both know that AG's recent release, Get Dirty Radio, can't quite measure up to some of these classic recordings. Perhaps I expected too much from one of the great microphone fiends of days gone by---and even more from the album's A-list producers (Show, Jake One, Madlib, DJ Design, J Dilla, Lord Finesse, Oh No). Or maybe it's just that rapping about Lisa Stansfield and flowin' over a Culture Club song ain't exactly the best new look for Andre the Giant. Either way, thank God (or, insert deity of your choice) for the memories.

Word From Your Moms:

"The beginning and the end reach out their hands to each other."---Chinese proverb

"Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted."---Martin Luther King, Jr.

"The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself."---Sun Tzu


Anonymous said...

My peeps think I am weird cause I listen to all this old music, but man do you school me, everytime I check you out, I am guranteed an education,

Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks a lot for that Lee Moses track. That, along with the Kashmere Stage Band's cover of Ain't No Sunshine is some of the most beautiful music I've heard all year.

Btw, if you haven't heard it yet, check out the TM Juke remix of Kelis' Trick Me on Good stuff.


JBLOW said...

i thought for sure "Soul Clap" woulda been the Show & AG cut dropped in here... damn i love that song! been playing it again a lot more recently.

PS thanks for the Lee Moses.

red one said...

And more thanks for the Lee Moses. That is beautiful.

travis said...

Man, I know what you mean about the new music. Sometimes, it's almost like a "chore" to listen to some of this shit. I've been so bad this year about catching new shit, but oh well, what do you do.

Damn, I had heard of Pelican City but I had NO IDEA that it was Danger Mouse...learn something everyday

Scholar said...

kola---Most people are sheeple. Fuck the haters. Amen.

Anon---thanks for the tip on the TM Juke joint. I visit Ear Fuzz fairly often, but I hadn't seen that yet. good lookin'...Agree with you about Kashmere Stage Band, too.

j---I have so many favorites from Show & A that I eventually find myself getting somewhat random with it. That said, I can agree that "Soul Clap" is one of their nicer joints. I even liked the "off beat" mix of the track that was on their Soul Clap EP.

red one---much gratitude for always having something kind to say. Having been a blogger you know how vital this is...

Travis---you aren't missing a whole lot while you're sleeping on the new stuff. The records you've been posting over at The Daughter are much more worthy---believe me.

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