Sunday, December 10, 2006

Every Time You Put Me Down I Love You More

I'm not going to serve up one of those pathetic blogger apologies for why I didn't get this post typed up sooner. You know how it is---I'm extraordinarily busy now that it's getting closer to Jesus' birthday and all. I'm having a really difficult time deciding what to get him this year---I mean talk about trying to find a gift for the guy who has everything. I can't possibly buy him another robe--maybe some bunny slippers, but I think he prefers open-toed shoes. If all else fails, he's getting the Jay-Z doll. I'm pretty sure he's secure enough with his masculinity to accept a doll as a gift, and he's been bumpin' Kingdom Come in the Granada lately...

Thank God no one gets overly sensitive about the occasional religious satire in my posts. I can and will apply sarcasm to just about anything, but I never intend to deeply offend anyone's personal beliefs. I've sometimes been concerned about totally pissing off my readership, but yesterday, I had a major epiphany. I received an e-mail from the Christian Bloggers Association, inviting me to join them in their internet crusade for salvation. Apparently the Jesus chronicles garnered Souled On some unexpected shine with the God Squad. That enabled me to realize one very important fact--- no one gets what the fuck I'm talking about anyway...I feel so much better now ;)

A'ight then, I'm sure you want your $#@^!& links before Jesus gets back:

A few worthy soul joints are available at The "B" Side. Download "I'm Gonna Git Ya" (Betty Harris), "My Desires Are Getting The Best Of Me" (George Jackson), and "How Can I Put Out The Flame (When You Keep The Fire Burning)" ( Candi Staton).

As you may know, the new Nas album (Hip-Hop Is Dead) leaked and quickly made its way across the internets. These are the last two tracks I'm going to link from this LP---"Can't Forget About You" w/ Chrisette Michele (via Fluxblog) and "Still Dreamin" (courtesy of

Also at Sumish, you can cop "Alex", a joint from Ghostface's More Fish LP.

Nerd Litter recently posted a variety of hip-hop mp3s by artists such as Clipse, Gift Of Gab, Immortal Technique, Binary Star, Reflection Eternal, RJD2, GZA, and more.

Somehow this doesn't shock me, but apparently the U.S. imprisons more people than any other nation. Last year we reached a record high--- one out of every 32 American adults was incarcerated, on probation or on parole. Take heed---your grandma's probably next...

Download "It's My Thing (You Can't Tell Me Who To Sock It To)" by Marva Whitney at Funky 16 Corners. Also at The Corner, you may want to check out "Take Me For A Little While" by The Mirettes and "Blue Nocturne" by King Curtis.

Before Ghostface's Fishscale LP officially dropped, there was a track called "Charlie Brown" that leaked. Most sites only had a snippet of that joint to post at the time---if you still haven't found the full version, you can cop it now at The Mark Out. The same post features the song that was sampled on the track---Caetano Veloso's "Alfomega".

33/45 recently featured "Short Eyes/ Freak Freak Free Free Free" by Curtis Mayfield.

This is the time of year when most blogs are making their year-end "best of" lists. I usually make it a point to visit some sites who don't "specialize" in hip-hop to see what they are promoting as the best rap records of the year. My Old Kentucky Blog recently posted their list, complete with mp3s by Masta Killa, Hi-Tek, J Dilla, Mr. Lif, The Coup, T.I., Clipse, The Roots, Outkast, and many more. I would have to make a few adjustments if this was my rap-up, but these selections are pretty close to being on point.

I link this for the weirdness factor alone---a claymation parody of R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" series, featuring none other than Santa himself. One segment of "Trapped in the CLAUSet" can currently be seen by way of The Daily Reel.

At Tuwa's Shanty, you will find mp3s by Jerry Butler and Betty Everett, Little Milton, Ann Peebles, Little Johnny Taylor, and Muddy Waters.

All Up In Your Earhole is featuring a number of quality joints by hip-hop producer Nicolay.

Evangelical leaders are the topic of "The Word" on "The Colbert Report"---see the clip courtesy of onegoodmove.

An assortment of Roots mp3s are available by way of Le Gouter du Mercredi.

Adam at hahamusic recently posted some tasty joints with a food-like theme---cop such edible treasures as "Ham n Eggs" by A Tribe Called Quest, "Soul Food" by Goodie Mob, "Pass the Peas" by Maceo Parker, and more.

Another nice variety of sampled songs, courtesy of these two posts at This Is Tomorrow.

A couple of tracks from Hell Hath No Fury by The Clipse, as well as two remixes, can be copped at kissatlanta.

The Coup requests assistance from fans, following a terrible bus accident several days ago. It's the time of year when people are the most inclined towards charity, so why not show some love towards Boots and Pam?

Finally---visit Silence Is A Rhythm, Too to download "I'll Be Around" by The Spinners and "Time Is Tight" by Booker T & The MGs.

Until next time, be easy...

Word From Your Moms:

"I drink to sink my sorrows, but the damn things have learned to swim"---Frida Kahlo


Anonymous said...

don't know if it matters to you or not, but I read what you say. loved the god squad remark ^^

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
red one said...

Thanks for the tip about what happened to The Coup. I love their music and I'm shocked at the crash... that is serious. So yeah, just done my bit.

Scholar said...

Anon---Thanks for the words of encouragement.

red one---gratitude for your generosity. Fundraising isn't exactly my style, but I felt the need to spread the word after reading Boots' letter on Soul Sides. I, too, am a big fan of The Coup.

To all readers/visitors to this site---I removed a comment for the first time today. I hated to do it, because I'm against the idea of censoring my readers' thoughts and observation. You could call me all kinds of bitches, and I wouldn't even think about deleting what you have to say. The comment I disposed of was some lengthy advertising bullshit. I keep this blog ad-free intentionally---I'm not here to sell you shit, unless you happen to hear some good music that you want to buy. So, if I happen to remove something again, you can bet that I was only trying to prevent you from copping some bad Rogaine.

Anonymous said...

Solid linxxx roundup again, but we all know the real question is: will you get all wrapped up in the list mania that comes at the end of 2006?

Oh, and someone is needin' the Rogaine, let 'em get the Rogaine! [j/k - I don't need it anyways]

Scholar said...

JT---Viagra--maybe. Rogaine--hell no.

I have a really difficult time with the whole list thing. I did submit a "best of" list to a site who asked me for it, but most of it's probably off-base. My feelings about most records fluctuate over time, and I'm definitely not sure what the final verdict will be on anything I've been listening to for less than a year. Or it might just be that I'm lazy.

Anonymous said...

tx for the link
Hope U enjoyed the music
All the best for 2007

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