Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Can't None Of Y'All Mirror Me Back

I'm back with more musical crack for my peoples. Break it down. Inhale. Take pleasure in the intoxicating sensation that you feel...

"All I Want Is You"---Zilla Mayes
While many of you may not know a damn thing about Zilla, I'm hoping that you'll trust in her funky soulfulness because I said so ;) This is a phenomenal track that has been included on several compilations, including Master Cuts Funk Divas, Funksoul Sisters 2, and The Allen Toussaint Touch: 22 Classic Recordings Produced By The Legendary Soul Man.

"Skinny Legs And All"---Joe Tex
There are many outstanding Joe Tex songs to choose from, so I would encourage you explore his discography further if you're diggin' this particular track. Apparently Joe liked a little extra junk in the trunk. Unthick chicks need not apply...

"Encore (Smoke 'Em Out Records mix)" ---Jay-Z
This is from a mixtape called Marvin Jay---The Black Album blended with Marvin Gaye joints. Occasionally things get a bit imperfect, but I still love the overall feel of this track. Besides---who you know fresher than Hov? Riddle me that...

"Rock Co.Cane Flow (Cenzi remix)" ---De La Soul w/ MF Doom
At first I wondered why Cenzi would bother trying to fix something that wasn't even broken. The original version of this track is undeniably dope, but sometimes I have a definite preference for this particular remix. It brings a certain H.E.A.V.I.N.E.S.S. that refuses to be ignored.

Word From Your Moms:

"Modern music is as dangerous as cocaine."---Pietro Mascagni


Jim Hendry said...

goddamn, you have us hooked. More Joe Tex, please. More more more more more more.

Scholar said...

JT---It's all gravy, my brother. I promise to up something else by him very soon---just because it's for you.

Cenzi Stiles said...

thanx for having my remix up in heerrrr!!

www.sillones.nom.es said...

Well, I don't really think it will work.

Craig Chilvers said...

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