Sunday, May 21, 2006

It Was All The Same, But Then The Antidote Came


On a scale of one to ten, fresh joints by The Roots deserve at least an eleven. At callmeMICKEY, you can download "Don't Feel Right", a phenomenal track that you should cop without a second thought. Set it in's the next movement, y'all:

And for nostalgic purposes, a few classic Roots videos:


"The Next Movement":

Also recently circulating around the internets is the new Pharrell track (feat. Kanye West)---"Number 1". This particular joint doesn't impress me all that much, partly because it sounds like a recycled version of "Frontin'", but you can judge for yourself. The song is currently available at Think Tank, along with a link to Neiles Life, where you can download six other mp3s by "The Ice Cream Man":

Kanye's been disappointing me quite a bit lately, but I can't front on "Grammy Family" (w/ Consequence and John Legend) for even a second. On the real, son...dat shit is cooler than a fan. You can cop it courtesy of Spine Magazine, along with the best Obie Trice song I've heard lately ("Cry Now"), and CL Smooth's "American Me":

Ear Fuzz recently posted a couple of tracks by a group whose excellence is often overlooked---Bloodstone. Since Kanye's name has been all up in this post already, I feel inclined to mention that Mr. West sampled one of their songs on T.I.'s "Doin' My Job". Download "Tell It to My Face" and "Ran It in the Ground" here:

Download "Shakey Ground" by The Temptations at fiftyone:fiftyone:

Comfort Music is currently featuring three tracks from The Cunninlyguists' Strangestrumentals (the instrumental version of their most recent LP, A Piece of Strange). Download "Never Know Why", "Nothing to Give" and "Hellfire", sans vocals:

Music is Art is featuring "Anyone Who Had A Heart" by Dionne Warwick:

Soul Shower recently posted a nice selection of mp3s. Download "Love Ballad (L.T.D.), "The Way You Do the Things You Do" (David Porter), "Tears of a Clown" (Smokey Robinson & the Miracles), and "Come and Get Yourself Some" (Leon Haywood):

Two Ray Charles songs are available at Locust St.---"Lonely Avenue" and "I Want to Know":

Indoor Fireworks recently posted a nice selection of De La Soul joints. Download parts two and three of "Ego Trippin'", "Eye Patch", "I Am I Be", and "Area":

Speaking of De La, Cable & Tweed is featuring the Badmarsh + Shri remix of "Me, Myself, and I":

At this point, why not throw in a few De La videos? :
"Ego Trippin'":


"Rock Co.Kane Flow" (live performance, featuring MF Doom):

Download Marvin Gaye's version of "Hitch Hike" at Moistworks:
Marvin fans should also check out this live performance of "What's Goin' On/ What's Happening Brother?" (from the 1973 film, Save the Children):

Moistworks is also featuring yet another fantastic Irma Thomas song---"Time Is on My Side". The original versions of several other tracks covered by The Rolling Stones are included in the same post. Download songs by Robert Johnson, The Valentinos, Benny Spellman, The Coasters, and Slim Harpo:

Cop Method Man's "Take the Heat" (produced by Dr. Dre) at Between Thought & Expression:

A few old school reggae joints are available at Mars Needs Guitars. Download tracks by Bob Marley ("Punky Reggae Party"), Jimmy Cliff ("The Harder They Come"), and Peter Tosh ("(You Gotta Walk And) Don't Look Back"):

Cop "Rough Around the Edges" (Busta Rhymes w/ Nas) at Rebel To America:

Finally, at Mental Combat, you can download Idiot Proof''s Rhyme Vandals: 70 Minutes of Lyrical Bombing. The mix features tracks by artists such as Company Flow, Dilated Peoples, Tame One, Looptroop, KRS-One, and Typical Cats:
Part 2 is also available now. It's 66 minutes in length, and includes joints by Souls of Mischief, Talib Kweli & Rakim, The Shapeshifters, DJ Vadim, and more:


Since the final music link I posted is a mix paying homage to graffiti artists, I thought it would be appropriate to post a link to one of the most popular sites dedicated to this somewhat controversial art form. showcases graffiti from all over the globe, and includes an ample supply of information, interviews, and links to other graf sites:


Check out Will Durst's article "Impeachment? Hell No, Impalement", in which he gives an exhaustive list of reasons why we are (and should be) sick of George W. Bush:


At, you can see some of the ugliest, freakiest, and stupidest tattoos you can possibly imagine. What kind of dumbass gets a breakfast plate tattoed on the top of his head? What kind of twisted pervert gets a tattoo of Michael Jackson fondling Macaulay Culkin on his leg? Behold the insanity of it all:

End quote: "Who wants to be well-adjusted to injustice? What kind of human being do you want to be?"---Cornel West


Anonymous said...

Hey Scholar,

Nice post! I must stay that I've never heard of Slim Harpo before. But then I'm barely a dilettante when it comes to the blues.

I can't imagine what absurd cross of wires in someone's head would cause them to get an egg breakfast tattooed on their head. Doesn't it occur to them that they might go bald?? I think they may as well tattoo "STAY BACK!" on their foreheads.


Happy sunday.


Scholar said...

Firpo--I'm not very knowledgeable about the blues either. I tend to like the blues best when it's fused with another genre, which means that I've probably overlooked quite a few classic artists and recordings.

Those tattoos are an absolutely frightening commentary on humanity. In addition to the ones that are in poor taste, I'm also intrigued by those that are poor quality. I used to live in a rural area, and everyone in the cornfield had homemade tattoos. Bizarre.

Anonymous said...

hey scholar, thanks for the linkage to Mars!


Anonymous said...

albeit belated,

happy enron-robber-barons-might-go-to-prison-for-life day!


Scholar said...

Firpo---cheers to that!!!

Unknown said...

you are wonderful.

thankyou for sharing the link to musicisart, it really means alot :)

Scholar said...

Merz and m.i.a.---

Thank you both for stopping by, and props for posting such great music.