Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Herb Got My Wig Fried Like A Bad Perm...

I recently came across a couple of links that helped to justify centering today's post around the Wu-Tang Clan, but truth be told, I don't require much provocation to focus my attention on one of the greatest hip-hop groups of all time:
1) Method Man has a new song with Lauryn Hill called "Things They Say"---download the mp3 at Am I High? Included in the same post are J Dilla's mix of "Secrets of the Sand" (Mood), and Pep Love's "Pacific Heights":
2) I honestly expected to hate this, but El Michels Affair's instrumental versions of Wu classics are so dope it's fuckin' ridiculous. Mental Combat is hosting two of the joints they revisited---"C.R.E.A.M." and "Glaciers of Ice":
**If you are interested in hearing more by El Michels, O-Dub posted their cover of "Walk On By" over at Soul Sides:
**Speaking of "Walk On By", most soul fans are familar with the Isaac Hayes version of the track. His rendition provided the musical foundation for "I Can't Go To Sleep"---a Wu-Tang track on which he also made a guest appearance. Check the video here:
And download the mp3 here:
3) Most Wu fans know about this already, but you know I have to look out for my peoples still dwelling in cave-like structures. Visit their official website here:
4) Random Wu video madness:
"Can It Be All So Simple?":
"Glaciers Of Ice":
5) Whether or not you've ever seen Bill Murray, RZA, and GZA's classic scene in the film "Coffee and Cigarettes", there's absolutely no reason not to watch it right now: Pure cinematic genius...

If you haven't yet come across the new Outkast joint "The Mighty O", you can cop a high-quality version of the mp3 at Nah Right:

Bows + Arrows recently posted several mp3s for any funk fans in da house. Download "It Doesn't Really Matter" (Zapp & Roger), "Agony of Defeet" (Parliament), and "Thunder Thumbs and Lightnin' Licks" (Brothers Johnson):

Spoilt Victorian Child is featuring two versions of "Long after Tonight Is Over"---one by Jimmy Radcliffe, the other by Irma Thomas:

No Frontin' has been back in full effect since his brief blogger hiatus. Download "I-Hi" by Devin the Dude:, and "Everybody Goes" by Royce da 5'9:

Visit Rebel To America to download DJ Premier's mix of "Memory Lane" by Nas. You can also cop the original version of the track, as well as the sample source---Reuben Wilson's "We're In Love":

Download "Dynamite!" by The Roots at The Late Greats:

J-Live's joint "The Best Part" is currently available at Evan's Song A Day:
Peace to Evan for posting a link to Souled On.

Further gratitude is extended to Obi at Soul On Ice for making me one of his "Dilated Peoples":

I'm sure that my regular readers were expecting a much larger and more diverse post, but unfortunately, I have less important things to tend to right life itself. I'm still holding linkage by the ton, so expect a post tomorrow with the rest of what's good.

Until then...Blaze up whatever you like smokin'...peep those Wu all due respect to the "sites I'm souled on"...and above all, be easy.

"Rap is a gimmick...I'm for the hip-hop, the culture"---Method Man
(I love Meth, but who stole his soul and made him start doing bad TV---not to mention pushin' all that deodorant and shit?)


boog-a-licious said...

After coppin' that Wu single tape of Protect Ya Neck b/w Method Man back in the dayzie, I got opin really quick. For the next couple of years, Wu hysteria was rampant. I am fortunate to be a part of those times. Every time I pop in the first Wu, I get sentimential about how Hiphop in the early-mid 90s was one of the funniest times for me.

Haldan said...

erp, did that last comment go thru?

Haldan said...

shit - i dont think it did.

i think that meth and lauryn song just uses pieces of a song on lauryn's mtv unplugged sessions.

the guys in el michels are friends of ours over at palms out. i did a couple of remixes for them (truth and soul records) with my friend danny. or not as much remixes as new songs using samples from their masters. you can hear a couple on myspace at - i'd be happy to send you some mp3s. i also have live footage of them performing as raekwon's backing band.

also, danny just did a post on palmsout about them in prep. for their show on saturday at southpaw with the pazant bros. and latin soul legend pucho.

as always, great roundup, the best around. now you just gotta get yourself a unique look for this spot. need help?

Scholar said...

Boogs---I couldn't agree more.

Haldan---El Michels is incredible...thanks for providing more info. for myself and my readers.

The stupidest person on Earth would undoubtedly know more than I do about how to improve the incredibly bland appearance of this site. I started this blog while off work on surgical leave, and I've been flying by the seat of my pants ever since. Never really thought things would go this far, but I'm def. somewhat impaired and limited by my lack of computer savvy.

I guess what I'm saying is, yes--my pathetitic ass could truly use some help...

Blogger said...

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