Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Tragedy Of Our Day Is The Climate Of Fear In Which We Live

As usual, I'm pissed off about something. Today I'm angry that dumb-ass conservatives are crying about the most recent episode of "Boston Legal", in which attorney Alan Shore goes on an extended rant (during his closing argument) about governmental abuse of power, as well as the apparent apathy of the American people as injustice continues to prevail. Apparently, quite a few Nazi television viewers were unreceptive to this rather amazing monologue, which ironically, included the assertion that free speech (not to mention the entire Bill of Rights) is being gravely jeopardized by the climate of fear in our society.

What is it with people who don't even want such ideas to be heard? If we allow this segment of our population to control what the rest of us watch on television, nothing will be left but "Blue's Clues" and "The 700 Club". Fuck that...Even "Blue's Clues" won't last for long under this regime. Sooner or later, someone will realize that the dude in the striped shirt is gayer than the purple thing on the Telebubbies could have ever hoped to be. And did you know that if you play the theme song to the show backwards, it says "children worship Satan"??? No, not even something that ridiculously wholesome will be able to survive the scrutiny of the right-wing television police.

My point here is that I'm sick of old White guys and Stepford wives deciding what the hell is going to be on my television. ABC has received a lot of flack for airing this episode, so I'm hoping that some of my readers will drop them a line in support of the show. Let's balance the equation a bit by showing support for one of the few series that's still daring enough to venture into controversial political territory. Read an article about the conservative backlash here: You can also follow a link there to watch a video clip of the speech, or download the mp3 version (via Crooks and Liars: If you agree that there is no cause for the show to be censored for this content, then take just one moment to say so to ABC, informing them that you'd like to watch something other than "The 700 Club" every once in a while...

By now, most of you have heard E-40's "Tell Me When To Go". Now you can cop the remix (w/Kanye and The Game) at Spine Magazine:

Ice Cube is slated to play the lead role in the film version of "Welcome Back, Kotter". Let's hope he rocks a 'fro that will make Gabe Kaplan especially proud:

The Broke BBoys returned this week with their first posts in quite a while. They definitely made up for lost time, offering mp3s by People Under The Stairs, Wax Tailor, Professor X (R.I.P.), and Gnarls Barkley:

Unless you're just waking up from a long-ass nap, you should already know that ?uestlove from The Roots has a side project called The Randy Watson Experience. Currently, you can download their version of Sting's "Be Still My Beating Heart" at Best Foot Forward:

Speaking of The Roots, that picture on the new issue of Scratch Magazine is already the hottest cover of the year:

Some smooth soul ish---"Sweet Fools" by Essence is at The Number One Songs In Heaven:

A couple of Vakill tracks are available at We Eat So Many Shrimp---"Serpent & The Rainbow", and "Introducin'" (w/Ras Kass):

At one point in my life, I inadvertantly ended up with the soundtrack for the film "Lost Angels". One of my drunken friends probably left it at the crib accidentally, but that's not the point. Much of the music on that bitch wasn't exactly my style, but I popped the taped on Raheem's cut, "Self Preservation". A lot of people are unfamiliar with this joint, so join the intellectual musical elite by downloading any of the versions that are available at Gorilla vs. Bear:

Another track that's already circulated quite a bit around the internets is "Just" by Mark Ronson and Alex Greenwald. I don't remember ever linking this track before, so catch it at Scenestars if ya haven't copped it yet:

If you already want to kick my ass for posting a link to download Biggie vs. Frank Sinatra, you're really gonna want a piece of me for this one--Notorious B.I.G. mashed with The White Stripes, anyone??? See what happens when you "Hypnotize the Army" at Koopa's Hideaway:

Speaking of Biggie Smalls, the LAPD has assembled a new team to investigate his murder, which conveniently remains unsolved. Peep the article at SOHH, but don't forget to greet the underlying intentions with a healthy dose of skepticism:

Once again, O-Dub is the man, this time for posting a couple of great Beatles covers by Junior Parker and Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination and Brass:

Fans of independent hip-hop may care to know that Roosevelt Franklin (Mr. Len + Kimani) has posted an entire album for free download:
Props to Oh Word for putting me on to this:
Apparently, people have differing opinions on the effectiveness of this particular marketing ploy:
Admittedly, I still haven't listened to the album yet, because the shit didn't work after I downloaded the file. Maybe you'll have better luck...

More rare Dilla gems at Miblog Weighs A Ton:

I can't end this post without expressing gratitude to Toure' for linking Souled On at his Soul City website. As many of you will recall, I recently posted a link to his BET interview with Jay-Z and Nas. Remember? Dude asked such provocative questions, he must have had Barbara Walters turning over in her grave. I know she isn't dead, but she looks like it, which comes close enough for me. Perhaps the greater flaw in my logic is the crazy idea that Babs would be watching BET in the first place, but hey---it sounded pretty good at the time...

Anyway, since I have much respect for the man's skills as author and journalist, I am truly honored by this acknowledgement. Peep Soul City here, and order all of his books while you're at it, son:

A final thought for the day:
"I will not have my life narrowed down. I will not bow down to somebody else's whim or to someone else's ignorance."---bell hooks (

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