Sunday, March 05, 2006

Take It As A Caution Or A Warning Sign

If you're as uninterested in politics as most of my friends and family, then you probably aren't aware that the U.S. military has routinely been paying to have biased information planted in the Iraqi media:
Then, there are people who do know about this, and just don't give a shit. Either way, this isn't an issue to be uneducated or ignorant about, because it sends an important message about the state of hypocrisy in our nation. We argue that we are trying to liberate the Iraqi people, and support their right to a free press---yet we openly pay to sell them distortions and lies?

Be real for a minute. The type of dishonesty we're engaging in perfectly suits the definition of propaganda (, a tactic utilized by some of the most evil and destructive leaders history has ever known. The public is outraged when comparisons are drawn between Hitler and Bush, but damn---there are definitely some similarities. If you don't believe me, 31 of them are listed here:

Let me shut up, before my ass gets banned like Bennish:
At least San Francisco is down for impeaching Bush. Maybe if our dictator is overthrown, we'll get our right to free speech back:

But if Dubya is really as tight with God as he seems to think he is, I may as well start packing my bags for Hell: (
I'm slowly tryin' to get a decent summer wardrobe together, just in case...
I guess if I'm already damned, I might as well make fun of one more ridiculous Jesus siting. I mean, it can't really hurt...right??? Check this $20 bill being auctioned on e-Bay:
It bears an image of Christ's face on it, and as an added bonus, there's a video that illustrates its "oddly magnetic properties". Last I checked, the highest bid was $5oo. Damn...I really shouldn't have given my weed dealer that five spot with the Gary Coleman cheese stain...

MiBlog Weighs A Ton is an absolutely essential resource for music and politics...don't sleep. In addition to embarrassing/exposing George Bush and other conservatives, they've also recently posted quite a few J Dilla tracks with an R&B flavor, as well as some random joints that feature various rappers from Detroit. Check them here:

Fans of Dilla should consider helping his mama pay off those astronomical hospital bills. Buy a groovy-ass T-shirt at Oh Word to benefit the cause:

"All For U", "Solomon Jones", and "Disconnected" from Aceyalone's Magnificent City LP can be found at Think Tank:

A video clip of the Nas and Jay-Z interview on BET can be viewed at Nah Right. While you're there, you can also download live versions of two songs by The Roots---"Boom!" (w/Kool G Rap) and "You Got Me" (w/ Erykah Badu and Jill Scott). Both mp3s are from the soundtrack to Dave Chappelle's Block Party:

Another track from the aforementioned soundtrack is "Universal Magnetic" by Mos Def, a song you can currently download at Between Thought & Expression:

Haldan posted some more stellar remixes this week at Palms Out Sounds. Cop DJ Premier's take on "First of the Month" (Bone, Thugs, & Harmony), as well as the Sa-Ra mix of "Maybe" by N.E.R.D.:

Some Curtis Mayfield has been circulating around the internets this past week. Download "Give Me Your Love" at Motel de Moka:
Then go check out "Freddy's Dead", "Do Do Wap Is Strong in Here", and "Keep On Pushin'" at Tuwa's Shanty:

Big Static is hosting three mp3s by hip-hop superfreak, Kool Keith. Cop "Sex Style", "Plastic World", and "Make Up Your Mind". Play these joints for your Grandma. See how quickly she slaps you:

It was Old School Blunts Week at Some Velvet Blog. Some of the artists featured are Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Stetsasonic, Ultramagnetic MC's, and Main Source (posts 2/26-3/03):

If that's still not enough old school for ya, go cop "Do the Do" by the legendary Kurtis Blow at 20 Jazz Funk Greats:

I guess that's about it for now. I leave you with an insightful and befitting quote by Noam Chomsky:
"Either you repeat the same conventional doctrines everybody is saying, or else you say something true, and it will sound like it's from Neptune."

If that doesn't justify my rants, I ask you...what will???


Nordy said...

You da man. Thanks for the link. I recirocated in my sidebar, but I don't think the 5 people who come to my blog ever check the sidebar, so I'll make sure to mention you in a post sometime soon.

Thanks for pointing me to so many other good blogs that I normally would have missed.

Scholar said...

Thanks Nordy---and mad props for what you're doing on your blog.
Count on the fact that I will post links on the regular.

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