Monday, October 10, 2005

I Remember When I Lost My Mind

Cee-Lo reminds me of this fat girl I used to know who peed her underoos on the regular. The kids on the playground used to rip on her constantly, but I didn't give a shit what anyone said---pee girl was cool with me. Her real name was Joyce, but I' know...trying to protect her identity from any urinary investigators who may decide to probe further into this matter. Anyway, thanks to all the haters, Joyce is most likely a bulemic junkie these days, and let's just pray that she's not still dealing with that incontinence issue on top of everything else. Unlike most of the other twisted bastards I went to school with, my conscience is clear regarding pee girl. I used to pop a cap in any ass who dared to fuck with her, and yes--I'm prepared to defend Cee-Lo Green in much the same way. No--he doesn't pee his pants---not that I know of anyway. I've just heard and seen many people criticize him for being too different/bizarre to be palatable to the average hip-hop consumer. If that's the case, then the only people who should be buying Andre 3000's music are members of his immediate family, cuz that brotha's weird as hell, and everybody knows it. I'm unaccepting of most of the reasons given to scorn this man and his music...and if you hate on him unjustifiably, I'll be forced to handle you the same way I did those prepubescent gangstas who taunted Joyce. You got that? And judging by this photo, Cee-Lo's ready to battle you his damn self...

Now that I have that bit of insanity off my chest, you can go to Spine Magazine and download "Crazy", a track from Lo's new project with Danger Mouse, Gnarls Barkley:

On a political tip, get educated about Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers by checking out her Wickipedia entry: It seems Dubya strikes again by attempting to place another of his incompetent friends in a position of power. I guess that all of the public scrutiny over the immense failures of his boy " Brownie" still wasn't enough to dissuade him from repeating his mistakes. I can't figure out why so many Republicans are concerned about her being appointed. She may not have a bit of judicial experience, but she's been a conservative bitch for her whole entire life. Isn't that enough to make them absolutely love her? And Condaleeza Rice happens to be one of her very close homies---'nuff said?

This video is dope...literally. Roll it up, light it up, and cue it up. This is on some Alice in Wonderland, acid freakout shit. Enjoy:

A few more mp3 links, and I'm out:

Download a remix of "Yo Chevy" by Trill da Playa at Lemon-Red: Don't worry---you won't need to purchase a Chevrolet to enjoy this'll blow the backseat off of your Ford Escort, too....if you let it.

Cop "Live and Direct at the House of Hits" by Intelligent Hoodlum and Craig G at

A couple of tracks by Tajai (of Hieroglyphics) are available at So Much Silence:

Alright kids---in case I didn't make myself clear---today's lesson is to give Cee-Lo his propers, and don't pee on any electrical fences...until we meet again...

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