Sunday, October 02, 2005

Born Again

Those of you who know how to adequately employ your powers of perception have probably figured out that I haven't done any posts lately. I finally have all of my computer equipment, and I'm finished moving most of my precious shit into the new crib. I'd like to say that things will now be back to normal, but we both know how unlikely and misleading that shit is... Anyway, I should really be unpacking my possessions right now---you know, so I can figure out if I really need to store two or three record crates in the bathroom or not. I feel like I just emptied the contents of a mansion into a shed, and I'm truly not sure where the hell to put everything---but that's personal problem type shit, now isn't it?

Anyway, some really earth-shattering stuff has been happening in the universe since I've been away. For example, did you know that Layzie Bone recently had his finger bitten by a disgruntled fan? : I've actually missed staying current with important news items such as this, but then again, there is that old adage about no news being good news. Since world events have been pretty depressing recently, perhaps I should be relieved that I've been pretty much oblivious this past week. Thankfully, I just found this site (, which features nothing but happy things that are happening all across the globe. Perhaps this is the remedy for my toxically pessimistic viewpoint...

I'm still trying to catch up on all of the good music I've slept on lately, but here are a few gems I've unearthed so far:

The Low End Theory has a great post featuring mp3s and biographical info on talented MCs who are now deceased (Biggie, ODB, Charizma, Subroc, Big L, etc.). Catch the permanent link to your right.

Ear Fuzz has a couple of super-funky tracks by a cat named Del Jones. I don't know diddly shit about the dude, and I don't have time to find out right now. Definitely check this out though, and Google him later:

Cocaine Blunts is featuring "Should I?", an unreleased track by The Roots and Project Pat:

Cuban Links has been posting a lot of good ish lately, including "Window Shopper" by 50 Cent and a Green Lantern remix of Rick James' track "Mary Jane":

Filthy Choice has a classic Funkadelic cut from Maggot Brain, "Back In Our Minds":

As many of you already know, Prince Paul's latest offering is called Hip-Hop Gold Dust. Straight Bangin' is offering two selections from the album---"Monolith" w/ Last Emperor and "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark", a Gravediggaz track featuring Craig Gee: Additionally, Soul Sides has posted two different joints from the effort----LA Symphony's "Broken Now", and "My Mindstate" by De La Soul: There are also some excellent Curtis Mayfield songs currently available for download there, so don't neglect to check those out, too.

Diggin' Music is featuring a great post on Martian Gang, the combined efforts of DJ Real and Shin-Ski. There are a few mp3s available, as well as an informative interview about the duo:

Last, but not least, peace and thank you to one of my favorite mp3 blogs, No Frontin', for posting a link to Souled On:

Hope that momentarily cured you of your separation anxiety, my friends...

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